You Might Have Been Wearing Your Bra The Wrong Way From The Start! Find Out Why

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Bras are such staples for women’s everyday wear that they don’t need to come with instructions. Daughters had seen how their mothers wear their bras growing up, and soon enough, the typical way of wearing the undergarment would be passed on from generation to generation.


This is why the women on the internet went on fire upon seeing a tweet from Brittany Packnett. After 20 years of using the lingerie, she got schooled by a tag from Third Love that gave her a jaw-dropping revelation of how to PROPERLY wear the undergarment. Everyone’s been wearing it the wrong way all this time!


“@ThirdLove just told I’ve been putting on my bras wrong for twenty years,” she tweeted.ROPERLYearing it the wrong way  all this time.y a tag from Third Love that gavepical way of wearing the undergarment has alread “You probably have, too.”



Here’s the instructional graphic from the ThirdLove tag:


Courtesy of TODAY Style


Like the rest of us, Brittany didn’t care about reading the instructions at first. It was when the bra she just bought didn’t fit the first time she tried it that she decided to take a look at the tag.


“Most women are wearing a band that’s too large for them and are wearing their band on the tightest hook to overcompensate for the extra room,” Ra’el Cohen, head of design at ThirdLove told TODAY Style. “But if you wear a brand-new bra on any other hook than the loosest, you’re probably in too big of a band size.”


Instagram / avokado_nz


Experts at Town Shop explain the logic behind the instruction. They said that clasping on the loosest hook actually makes the bra last longer since the fabric would end up losing its elasticity, so going from the loosest to the tightest makes perfect sense. The same thing goes with the straps — they also need to be tightened over a period of time to fit perfectly.


So how do we know your bra size? Wear a plain cotton shirt. You would know it’s the perfect size if it goes with your shirt smoothly.


So much to learn for Bra 101, right? You’re welcome.


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