Do You Think Your Partner Is Annoying? That Could Be A Good Sign

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To have a healthy relationship, couples are careful to avoid conflicts and making the other person pissed. However, there is something about annoying your partner that makes your relationship more fun and loving. Find out why below.



1. Being annoyed means you’re already comfortable with one another

Couples in strong relationships don’t always need to put their “best foot forward” because they have already known each other too well. Whether you’re being sweet or having a bad day, your partner still loves you the same. So how about if you feel like being playful and annoying? Your partner will still have to put up with you anyway.


Strong couples don’t need to take themselves too seriously because they are already comfortable enough to be silly and make fun of each other.


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2. This also means you’re too comfortable to not let your partner just get away with it

Pointing out other annoyances that could be affecting your relationship is another story. Being annoyed by your partner and making him/her aware of that is a sign of maturity. Open communication is healthy for a couple who only wants the best for each other, so it is good that you grow together by helping each other see your blind spots.



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3. Annoying behavior ultimately means you’re secure in your relationship

Annoying behaviors also assure couples of security in their relationship. It means the other person already feels “at home” with his/her partner. As what people say, “There’s no place like home.” Being that “home” for your partner could be so fulfilling that you could just want to be that way forever.



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