Here’s What Does Your EGYPTIAN ZODIAC SIGN Reveals About YOU!

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A lot of people are already familiar with the twelve signs of the Western zodiac. Nonetheless, only a few have heard about the beautiful and enigmatic Egyptian Zodiac. Scroll down below, discover what your Egyptian Zodiac is and what it reveals about you!



Shu (January 26 – February 24) 


The god Shu is the one accountable for creation, thus it only makes sense that people who were born under this sign are also very imaginative. This originality comes accessible when trouble arises; Shu people are frequently called on to resolve problems. 



Isis (February 25 – March 26) 


This great goddess rules self-governance and control. People who were born under this sign are known for having excellent discipline and are capable of exercising limitation even in the most tempting situations. They’re also very calm and composed even in most taxing situation. 



Osiris (March 27 – April 25) 


The counterpart of the goddess Isis is the god Osiris that represents the sign of those who are intricate and enigmatic. Osiris himself is hard to understand and very mysterious. His people can be correspondingly puzzling and they may have a hard time finding their true tribe in life. 



Amun Ra (April 26 – May 25) 


This Egyptian sign is the god of hard work and meticulous effort. His people are known for never giving up on a duty, and for constantly following through on whatever they put their mind to. They continuously work hard even on tasks that seem unbearable; their hard work always has fruitful outcomes in the end. They are exceptional team players and make good friends. 



Hathor (May 26 – June 24) 


Identifiable directly by her cow’s head, this goddess of love and beauty directs over the sign of those sanctified with the gift of true healing. These people care intensely about the problems of other people and work hard to dismiss the sorrow imposed by this world. 



Phoenix (June 25 – July 24) 


A traditional symbol of rebirth and everlasting life, this beautiful bird ascends from the ashes rehabilitated and full of power. Phoenix people are capable of finding light in even in the dimmest circumstances. Their lives may be very puzzling but they will always overcome even the largest trials. 



Anubis (July 25 – August 28) 


Even though he may seem determined, Anubis really cares intensely for those who pass on. People who were born in this sign also care for other people. They are called to assist and help those who find themselves injured by life, and so may go into numerous caregiving occupations. Anubis people may appear solitary and enigmatic but they have kind hearts. 



Thoth (August 29 – September 27) 


Those people born under the sign of the god of wisdom are certainly drawn to occupations where intelligence is obligatory. They excel at resolving problems and determining new methods of doing things. This knowledge is often called on in rough situations. They will excel circumstances where they need to think on their feet; it's constantly a good idea to have a friend under the Thoth sign. 



Horus (September 28 – October 27) 


The victorious god of the sky is the sign of those who are outgoing and optimistic. This innate confidence will serve them very well when times are dark. They’re cheerful and have a tendency to be outgoing as well. Numerous Horus people find themselves in the middle of social situations. 



Wadjet (October 28 – November 26) 


This is the sign of the majestic cobra goddess. This goddess is connected with fairness and justice so it is usual that people born under this sign are going to be calm and slow to bet mad. They care about equality in all things and seek to find resolutions that please everyone. 



Sekhmet (November 27 – December 26) 


Loving and fiery are just two words that best describe this lioness goddess. Sekhmet people are also prepared to stand up for their ideals and fight for what they have faith in. Never cross a Sekhmet person; they’re ferociously loyal and will always support what they consider theirs. 



Sphinx (December 27 – January 25) 


The silent sphinx is the last among the Egyptian zodiacs. People who were born in this sign are adaptive; they can transform to suit any situation. Have you ever known somebody capable of landing on their feet no matter what? Possibly you actually be acquainted with a Sphinx. Even when life looks to deal them a poor hand, Sphinx people are capable of turning the situation around to benefit them. 

What is your Egyptian Zodiac sign? Is the description accurate? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

Based on materials from APost

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