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Are you already aware of the Native American symbols? These are based on the ancient knowledge of the Native tribes and it divulges a lot about who you really are as a person. Take a look at the picture below discover your Native American symbol and scroll down to know more about yourself.





#1: The Otter (20th Jan – 18th Feb)


Primary Character Traits: Strong, determined, hard-working and focused.

Strengths: Ambition is matched with the talent.

Hate: Unfaithfulness and disrespect.

Lucky Color: Violet

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Number: 19



#2: The Wolf (19th Jan – 20th Mar)


Primary Character Traits: Loner, faithful and severely independent.

Strengths: A relentless hunger to excel.

Hate: Cheaters and arrogant individuals.

Lucky Color: Red

Lucky Day: Thursday

Lucky Number: 3



#3 The Falcon (20th Mar – 19th Apr)


Primary Character Traits: Concentrated, dedicated and sharp.

Strengths: Strong will and diligent nature.

Hate: Indolence and procrastination.

Lucky Color: Black

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Number: 21



#4: The Beaver (20th Apr – 20th May)


Primary Character Traits: Warm, tender and sweet.

Strengths: Self-awareness and sympathy.

Hate: Discourteous people and hypocrites.

Lucky Color: Gray

Lucky Day: Monday

Lucky Number: 18



#5: The Deer (21st May – 20th Jun)


Primary Character Traits: Alert, sharp and responsive.

Strengths: Bravery and resoluteness.

Hate: Liars and ostentatious people

Lucky Color: White

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Number: 11



#6: The Woodpecker (21st Jun – 21st Jul)


Primary Character Traits: Driven, considerate and intuitive.

Strengths: Steadfast concentration and unshakeable commitment.

Hate: Lies, rogues, and bad-mannered people.

Lucky Color: Scarlet 

Lucky Day: Sunday

Lucky Number: 29



#7: The Salmon (22nd Jul – 21st Aug)


Primary Character Traits: Loyal, smart and imaginative.

Strengths:  Thinking out of the box and innovation-oriented.

Hate: Consistency and ordinary things.

Lucky Color: Turquoise

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Number: 6



#8: The Bear (22nd Aug – 21st Sept)


Primary Character Traits: Fierce, loving and self-aware.

Strengths: Brave and frank.

Hate: Insignificances and nit-picking.

Lucky Color: Orange

Lucky Day: Monday

Lucky Number: 23



#9: The Raven (22nd Sept – 22nd Oct)


Primary Character Traits: Sharp, determined and a shadowy sense of humor.

Strengths: Stout sense of faithfulness and an intense understanding of people.

Hate: Drama, insignificances, and pretentiousness.

Lucky Color: Blue

Lucky Day: Saturday

Lucky Number: 14



#10: The Snake (23rd Oct – 22nd Nov)


Primary Character Traits: Agile, influential and severely protective.

Strengths: Passionate, merciful and commands respect.

Hate: Deceitfulness, boot licking, and impoliteness.

Lucky Color: Green

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Number: 9



#11: The Goose (22nd Dec – 19th Jan)


Primary Character Traits: Mysterious, delightful and enigmatic.

Strengths: Vigilant and ambitious with the willpower to become successful.

Hate: Gossiping and back-biting

Lucky Color: Brown

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Number: 17



#12: The Owl (23rd Nov – 21st Dec)


Primary Character Traits: Gentle, peaceful and vigilantly kind.

Strengths: Intellectual, calm and a considerate mind.

Hate: Indolence and discourtesy of behavior.

Lucky Color: Yellow

Lucky Day: Sunday

Lucky Number: 12

Is your result accurate? Please don’t forget to share this with your family and friends for them to know what does their Native American symbol reveals about them!

Based on materials from The DailyNet

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