A Child’s Hardheadedness Can Lead to Success in Their Future

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Is your child unreasonably single-minded? This may benefit their career as an adult. Learn more about it here.


Don’t let your persistently unyielding toddler wear you out.


A recent study backed by four decades worth of research urges parents to begin embracing their child’s stubbornness.





The study closely monitored 700 children from when they were 12 years old until they were 52. Those who showed stubborn behavior turned out to be more accomplished adults. While those who broke the rules proved to be the highest achievers in their chosen fields later on in life–even kids who often questioned and defied their parents.



Impatient kids can grow up to be results-driven and goal-driven adults


The study, published in the Journal of Developmental Psychology, found that children who broke the rules became high achievers later on in life. The same goes for those who often defied their parents. They are the ones who came out earning much in their careers when they were older.



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The 5 major traits of stubborn kids:


  • Defying parents
  • Breaking rules
  • Sense of inferiority
  • Impatience
  • Inattentiveness


Aside from these traits, researchers also evaluated the children’s academic conscientiousness as well as their sense of entitlement.



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Breaking rules evolved into responsibility

Their penchant for breaking rules evolved into a strong sense of responsibility; a trait essential to succeeding as a professional adult.


“Guess who earned the highest salaries in the end? The kids who ignored both rules and their parents,” popular blog Fatherly quipped. “So, if your kid always demands the bigger cookie, they’ll probably grow up to demand the bigger bonus.”



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These tough-willed kids became more competitive in school, going out of their way to achieve high grades. They grew up to be resilient, not backing down easily when faced with life’s challenges.


It’s also important to note, of course, that plain stubbornness isn’t an assurance of a happy and successful life. A healthy evolution of these seemingly negative traits into positive results is the product of proper guidance and encouragement.



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