These 15 Photos Will Prove That The World Isn’t That Cruel After All

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As news of people committing suicide continue to spread worldwide, people are slowly convinced that the world has become a cruel place to live in. This is an urgent call for us to be reminded that there’s always still kindness somewhere. That goodness will still outshine the bad every single time.


To prove that, the website Bright Side collected 15 photos of how compassionate and generous humanity could still be:


15. This one shows 13 trucks parked side-by-side under a bridge in the US to save a man who wants to commit suicide.


© mspmetrodet/Twitter  



14. Service dogs patiently line up as a police station employee prepares their meal in China.


© laughspark  



13. A homeless man saves a person’s life by returning important documents he found in the trash. The owner, who was scheduled for a heart surgery requiring these documents, was robbed on the street.


© Mandarinman/Pikabu  



12. Maidat Café gives free spaghetti and buckwheat for the needy.


© nasur/Pikabu  



11. This goalkeeper comforts his Patizan Belgrade teammate who had been fed up of listening to racist comments from the tribunes for the whole 90 minutes.





10. “I put a note in my son’s lunch every day. Today, at a parent/teacher conference I found out that he keeps each of them.”


© slay_belle/Reddit  



9. “My roommate FaceTimes his little sister every week to help her with her algebra homework.”


© TheRylan/Reddit  



8. Genuine Kindness


© ailijones/Twitter  



7. A homeless man gave his last £3 to a student who lost her card so that she could get back home. In return, she collected £42,000 for him and other homeless people.


© Help Robbie, Preston's Homeless Hero/Facebook  



6. James Shaw Jr. stopped a person who had set a fire in a Tennessee cafe. Hours later, he started a campaign to support the victims of the tragedy,  collecting $165,000.


© GuacamoleFan/Reddit  



5. This superdog pulled out his mate from danger.


© Tectonic_Cat/Reddit  



4. Montana Brown has won her battle against cancer at age 2 and at age 15. Now, she has committed to be a nurse at the same hospital where she was treated.


© Children's Healthcare of Atlanta/Facebook  



3. David and Heather Mosher got married in a hospital where the bride was getting treated for cancer. 18 hours later, his wife passed away.


© gangbangkang/Reddit  



2. “My daughter is blind and for her 9th birthday party. We made chocolate message slabs saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ and ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ in Braille.”


© mack3r/Reddit  



1. This man helped a woman take care of her 2 small children during the entire flight and even after it:


© Jessica Rudeen/Facebook  



Based On Materials From Bright Side

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