10 Reasons Why Aquarians Are Hard To Love

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Being an Aquarius means you're creative, outgoing, and a great friend anyone can count on. But it also means you prefer your independence, can sometimes come off as detached, and are resistant to change. All of these unique traits factor into your love profile, and just how difficult it can be to love a free-spirited and quirky Aquarius. 


Aquarians are creative, outgoing and a great friend. However, they also like to enjoy their independence, often coming off as detached. Aquarians are resistant to change, too. Now how would that look like as a lover all together? The website Apost listed 10 reasons why it’s so hard to love a free-spirited and quirky Aquarius:


#1 They can’t be pinned down.


Aquarians enjoy their freedom. Telling them what to do can lead to big problems in a relationship. Though they are all in when it comes to commitment, they still need a lot of room to spread their wings.


#2 They are scatterbrained.



Aquarians are forgetful and disorganized. They’re not good at keeping up with dates on a calendar, so if you’re the type of person who’s easily when your partner forgets birthdays or anniversaries, they may not be the right partner for you.


#3 They are rebellious.



Aquarius is a rebellious sign. They often get into trouble just because they’re bored. They’re just a little immature sometimes.


#4 They overanalyze their partners.



Aquarians love to look at their loved ones as puzzles they need to solve. They are interested about understanding their partners, so asking a lot of annoying questions will help them figure things out.



#5 They don’t care what other people think of them.


While they can be compassionate to people, Aquarians tend to act without giving an F. They can do embarrassing things when they get bored so if you’re up for not taking things too seriously, Aquarians are fun to be with.


#6 They can be closed off emotionally.



Emotionally speaking, Aquarians tend to build up walls until they are sure of their commitment. And when they indeed get into a relationship, expect less confession about their inner thoughts and feelings. Their love is deep, but they won’t allow it unless they begin to trust.


#7 They love too hard.



For Aquarians, loving too hard is dangerous. This could mean a hard time getting back up when they get hurt and a total shut down. Broken trust is the hardest thing to win back. 



#8 They are always looking for the next big thing.


Aquarius is a restless sign, always chasing for the next adventure. They don’t like to get bored, so there’s got to be new things waiting ahead of them.



#9 They want it both ways.


They want romance, but they are also emotionally reserved. They are creative and like to explore, but they we settle down, they want things exactly the way they want them. Aquarians love to just keep their options open.


#10 They want to be unconventional.



Aquarians never want to be like everyone else. They like long-distance relationships just because of the fact that it gives them the feeling of being in love while having their freedom at the same time. Though they want to settle down, they also want to feel like they are not totally tied up.


Based On Materials From Apost

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