Are You AWARE Of What ENERGY DRINK Does To Your HEART? Find OUT!

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Caffeine is a drug that majority of people appear to be completely okay with. In fact, there are some people who depend on a cup of coffee to get them out of bed and to be able to go on with their day. Nonetheless, there are some significant things that you have to know before you consume your next dose of caffeine.



The Sun has published a study by Australian researchers who examined the health consequences of energy drinks. They were able to discover that drinking a mere 500 ml of a caffeinated energy drink upsurges the possibility of cardiac arrest by 20% for those who have Long QT syndrome.


For some reference, Long QT syndrome is a genetic condition that goes unobserved in most people because of its subtle symptoms. It's fairly common since 1 in 2,000 people have this condition.



Teenagers and young adults are the ones in most danger since they are the target audience of the energy drinks market. The energy drinks are obtainable over the counter; thus, educating young people about the dangers is important. 


The Hearty Soul stated in its article that another study conducted by Mayo Clinic. In this research, the partakers were given two cans (1000 ml) of energy drinks per day for just one week.


The results were really shocking with both instant and long-term effects. They learned that blood pressure rose by 8% within 4 hours of drinking, and their blood pressure was 10% higher at the end of the week. Their pulses were also augmented by 8% on the first day of the research and climbed to 11% by the end of the study. It is also worth mentioning that energy drinks have also triggered numerous deaths nationwide.




Cory Terry, a 33-year-old father who lived in Brooklyn, allegedly died after consumption of a can of energy drink. Those who knew him claimed that he never smoked, but he consumed energy drink on a daily basis.




Another victim is Ross Cooney, 18-year-old who lived in Limerick. He suffered from a heart condition. He consumed 4 energy drinks during a basketball game and died, as stated in an article from Daily Mail.


The Swedish National Food Administration has issued a warning that people must never mix energy drinks with alcohol or workout.


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Cover Photo Credits: Step To Health and Daily Mail

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