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Cashews are considered to be one of nature's perfect foods. It is delicious, but that's not all – it is also extremely good for you. Aside from being full of essential nutrients, cashews also have the unusual capability to drive away depression.


Here's why you must be eating more of these nuts daily: 


The Depression-Fighting Properties of Cashews 



How do cashews battle out depression? Tryptophan has a lot to do with it. For a reference, Tryptophan is an amino acid that's important for improving a person’s mood which prevents mood swings, and getting high-quality sleep every night. Depression is occasionally linked with tryptophan deficiency. Tryptophan is an important amino acid and that means the human body can’t synthesize it.


To guarantee that you're getting sufficient of this nutrient, you've got to eat foods that contain it. Luckily cashews are a great source of tryptophan. In case you've been struggling with mood difficulties, try making cashews your daily snack – you might discover that you feel a lot better. 



Cashews Contain Vital Nutrients 



Apart from tryptophan, cashews are also a good source of numerous B vitamins, which play significant roles in health and mood. Cashews also contain essential trace minerals like copper and zinc. 



Cashews Enhance Your Cardiovascular Health 



Nuts are a fatty food, but the kind of fat they have is considered healthy for your heart. Cashews, to be specific, contain certain types of indispensable fatty acids that help keep your blood cholesterol levels healthy. Cashews are also a good source of iron, which is essential for healthy blood. 



The Antioxidant Benefits of Cashews 



Cashews are rich in antioxidants, which have plentiful health benefits. Antioxidants help avoid oxidative damage all over your body, which lessens inflammation and trims down your risk of developing a number of different illnesses. Antioxidants also provide your immune system a boost. 



Cashews Offer You Healthier Bones and Teeth 



Do you want tougher bones and teeth? Cashews can help you achieve it. These nuts are rich in magnesium and deprived of magnesium, your body can't absorb calcium. Pair your cashews with a calcium-rich food like yogurt to make the most of the benefit you obtain from them. 



Cashews Can Thwart Gallstones 



Gallstones can progress for a number of reasons, but whatever their cause is, they're always disagreeable. In case you want to trim down on your risk of getting gallstones, make cashews a consistent part of your diet. The antioxidants in cashews will help preclude gallstones from emerging. 



The Takeaway 



Cashews have a load of potent health benefits. They can help in treating depression, prevent disease, and keep your bones and teeth strong.


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Cover Photo Credits: The Spruce Eats

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