Love Kills: 17 Year-Old Dies From Stroke After Girlfriend Gave Him Hickeys

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A tragic love story took place in Mexico when a teenager died after a night of passion with his girlfriend.  




Julio Macias Gonzalez, 17, suffered from stroke during dinner with his family. This occurred after the teenager spent the evening with his 24-year-old girlfriend. 


Despite his family’s efforts to call for emergency services, Julio took his last breath before he could even make it to the hospital.


According to the hospital reports, the stroke was caused by the love bites, or hickeys his girlfriend gave him. They believe that the hickeys caused a blood clot that traveled to his brain, which led to his death. 




The family of the young boy blamed his girlfriend for his death. Mexican media reported that she immediately hid from the family and press after hearing the tragic news. 


According to Julio’s parents, they didn’t agree with their relationship because of the couple’s age difference. However, the young man was so in-love to even try to break up with her. Too bad their relationship had to end like this. 


Though blood vessels could possibly break is suction on the skin, it is extremely rare for it to lead to a blood clot. 




Though this is a rare case, it is still wise to be careful when things get hot with your partner.


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