Shocking Study Says A Nagging Wife Is Healthy For Her Husband

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Good health is a key to having a happy marriage. However, happiness also means living harmoniously with your partner. Surprisingly, a new study says having a nagging wife has a positive effect on the husband’s health.


According to a study from Michigan State University, men who have a nagging wife has a lower risk of developing diabetes in the future. At the beginning of the study, the researchers surveyed 1,228 married participants between the ages of 57 and 85 years old. Towards the end of the five-year study, they found out that 389 had diabetes. Since diabetes requires constant monitoring, men needed constant reminding to lookout for themselves. Also, men with a nagging wife had a higher chance of being healed in the future.


“Since diabetes is affected by social factors, I thought it would be interesting to see how marriage affects the disease rate,” professor Cathy Liu, Ph. D. told Healthline. “For women, consistent with expectations, good marital quality promotes women’s health. It lowers their risk of disease.”


A nagging wife is actually someone who cares deeply. She will always remind her husband to go to the doctor, eat better, take vitamins and take care of himself.


“The study challenges the traditional assumption that negative marital quality is always detrimental to health,” said lead investigator Hui Liu, MSU associate professor of sociology in a statement. “It also encourages family scholars to distinguish different sources and types of marital quality. Sometimes, nagging is caring.”


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