Mother Creates A ‘Juvenile Detention Center’ After Finding Out Her Daughter Is A Bully

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Being a victim of bullying will leave a scar to a child forever. This is why responsible parents are making sure that their children are not mean to others. While some ground their kid or punish them by making them write an apology letter, Amanda Mitchell, from Newfoundland, Canada, discovered a genius way to teach her daughter a lesson for bullying her best friend. She established the “Mommy’s Juvenile Detention Center.”



Mitchell decided to strip Hannah’s room of all her belongings when the nine-year-old had gone too far on being mean to her best friend. The mom left her with one single outfit for Hannah to wear at school everyday for the week-long punishment and that is a shirt with an anti-bullying slogan printed on it.



She posted her project on Facebook that read: “Welcome to Mommy’s Juvenile Detention, little girl.”




Also, the mom made her daughter write 50 “I will be kind to everyone” and “I will not lie” statements each.


Amanda believed that this will teach Hannah a lesson as early as now. She said she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up to breaking the law by letting things like this go. While some parents tolerate their children by not punishing them, that is not the case in their household.




This happened when Amanda received a call from Hannah’s school telling her that the child had been acting up all week. Though Hannah has been usually well-behaved, they were surprised that she had been picking on a friend and had hurt her feelings. Hannah was also caught lying to her teachers.


Now, the young girl is remorseful about her actions and that the punishment served its purpose. Hannah also wrote letters for her friend and her teacher.




While many thought that what Amanda did was “awesome parenting” and that she was a “strong mom” for doing this to her daughter, other Facebook users thought she was extreme and borderline abusive.



After seeing the comments, Amanda lightened her daughter’s punishment by giving her four anti-bullying shirts to wear to school for the week and made her write 25 times instead of 50.




With that, Amanda told her daughter that the punishment only shows that she loves her and wants only the best for her.



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