Recharge Your Spirit with These 6 Easy Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment

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Duke University conducted a study which was published in the Journal of Medical Care that showed even with varying factors involving smoking habits, activity levels, financial situations, weight, and a variety of diseases, a person’s overall outlook about themselves and their own health was the most important factor in their longevity. The more positive a person rated themselves in terms of how they felt influenced their survival threefold.




This means that in many ways, we have the greatest power to influence how we heal. Crying is a form of healing as it is usually followed up with a rejuvenated perspective on a situation or what prompted us to break down in tears in the first place. We all have this ability to heal ourselves in this and many other ways, yet we don’t necessarily see ourselves as healers. Our body continuously forms a thousand different activities every minute of every day to help us to heal our wounds as well as our emotions.




As individuals, we contribute to all of these processes with proper care of ourselves through a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, and a sleep schedule, as well as living in an emotionally healthy environment that feeds our spiritual health.


Even if you are diligent about eating the right foods and having an exercise regimen, if your spirit is not being fed as well, all those other elements of your life will not complete you.


It is vital to also have a spiritual regimen to feed your emotional soul.


To complete the process and feel more than just a spiritual awakening within yourself, you need a connection to all that is around you as well. But sometimes, we fail to see that many people and activities that we practice are draining our spirituality and having an effect in helping us to make the right decisions in our life.


What Are the Signs That My Spiritual Energy Is Drained?


If all your other physical and diet practices seem to be in place, but you still feel like your life is not on track, think about what may be spiritually missing from your daily life. Consider some of the following warning signs of a perpetually draining spiritual energy:


  • A feeling of being an outsider either at work or in other social environments
  • Apathy towards life in general and meeting goals
  • Inability to find a purpose for your activities at work and in your personal life
  • Feeling superficial about your feelings and craving a deeper meaning to everything  
  • Chronic stress, anxiousness, and even panic attacks


There is an easy way to being to rejuvenate your spiritual side on your own with some quick and easy steps:


1. Create a Meditation Space/Room



If you want to make this a regular routine, then find yourself a space that is yours alone to perform this process where no one can disrupt your positive flow. Once you have set this area up, lie down on your back or find a comfortable chair to sit in. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose five times. Make sure you are breathing deep enough that it rests within your stomach and not superficially in your chest.


2. Focus on Your Heart Center



In meditation, the spiritual center is found in the third eye and heart chakra. These are the areas of the forehead and chest. In order to find a central spiritual space within you, your focus needs to be on activating these regions. You do this by standing or sitting with your palms together in a prayer-like pose. Hold this pose and slowly bring your hands up to the center of your forehead (do not bring your head to your hands). Then, move your hands while in the same position down to your chest or heart center. You can keep your eyes closed for this to achieve better focus and calm.


3. Generate Heat-Healing Properties



Our bodies are full of natural energy, and the healing properties in that energy need to be released in order for them to affect our spiritual being. So, move your palm pose away from your heart center just enough to gently rub your palms together. You will begin to feel a warmth emanating from them. Once this occurs, take your right palm and press it against your heart center and your left palm against your navel region. This acts to energize both chakra regions for active spiritual awakening.


4. Visualize Your Healing



Finding complete focus on spiritual regrowth takes mindful practice. So, close your eyes and try to visualize an actual interpretation of enlightenment. You can practice by creating a vision of a white lights streaming out of your outstretched palms and entering into your body through your chakra regions that are the centers of spiritual energy. Keep your visualization going and let the light flow throughout your body from your feet up to the top of your head until you are surrounded in a glow of light.


5. Let Your Blood Circulate



One way to feel a tangible energy has actually entered your body is to follow your visualization moment up with a shaking out of your hands to literally help your blood circulate the newfound energy throughout your body. So, open your eyes and come to a standing position. Begin by shaking your hands out and then gently stretch out the rest of your body in slow, wave-like motions.


6. Water



Any kind of activity should always be followed with a process of rehydration not only for replenishment of bodily fluids if you sweat, but also to flush out the toxins that were released with the onset of physical movement.


These steps should become a daily routine for 15 minutes and no less than seven consecutive days to feel energized and to have optimal results.


How do you rejuvenate your spiritual self? If you have incorporated techniques into your daily routine that has helped you to find your best spiritual self, then tell us and your friends so others can benefit from them as well.



Based on the materials from APost

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