Your Birth Month Can Explain a Lot About Your Love Life

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We're all familiar with horoscopes, but did you know that the actual month you were born can explain a lot about your love life with uncanny accuracy?


Scroll down to find your results and be amazed by what you uncover.





If you were born in December, consider yourself quite lucky! You are free-spirited and generous, which makes you an incredible lover. You know how to be creative and lavish your partners with affection and gifts. Although you can be a bit impatient, you're always hard-working and open to trying new things.





People born in November like to get freaky beneath the sheets! You love to surrender control to your partners, which means you need a trusting partner to depend on. You may be a bit mysterious, but that's because you don't have much to fear. You like to take life by the reins and see where your passions will take you.





October babies grow into earnest and endearing lovers. You are patient because you understand that the best things come to those who wait. You set your sights on one partner and go to extreme lengths to seduce them. You crave stability and long-term commitment to someone who truly knows your soul.





If you were born in September, you're someone who can't have a one-night stand unless you really connect with someone. You are the definition of a passionate lover, but you also have a sweet side. Anyone you make love with is incredibly lucky because you are so caring. However, you can hold grudges. If a partner ever does you wrong, you'll never let them forget it.





People born in August can be very hot and cold. Some nights you feel generous and want to put on an earth-shattering performance, and other nights you just want to be spoiled. You have the charisma, but your tendency to close people off from the real you can be off-putting.





July babies grow into confident, outgoing, and contagiously happy people! You'd rather focus on the fun things in life and shy away from serious feelings. However, you're incredibly loyal and want your partners to feel just as amazing as you feel in bed.





People born in June are very experimental and hardcore lovers. There isn't a single position you haven't tried and you know exactly what you want. Although you are wild in bed, you're also very sensitive. You like to plan a beautiful future with your partner.





If you were born in May, you are very particular when choosing your lovers, but for good reason! You are a love machine, and you can't just share your gift with anybody. You and your partner have to be in sync and have the same sexual appetite. Although you can get bored easily, you crave constant companionship and you like to meet new people.





April babies aren't used to hearing the word "no." Your confidence can be equally intimidating and alluring. You are adventurous and crave lots of attention. You make the rules and you're drawn to partners who let you take the spotlight. Your need for recognition can rub people the wrong way and give them a bad impression of you.





You are a very spiritual person and your lovemaking transcends the physical realm. You connect so deeply with your partners that you come together as one person. You are naturally very soft spoken and warm. People may think you're shy, but you're really fantasizing about how beautiful love is.





People born in February tend to self-sabotage their love life by closing themselves off to the people they really want. If you manage to capture the affection of your beloved, then you like to seduce their body and mind. You're one for deep pillow talk, which means you can't stand to be with someone who is shallow. You are optimistic and happy to see what adventures life takes you on.





If you were born in January, then that means you are kinky and very persuasive. You have strong opinions and you aren't afraid of other people's judgements. You're a natural leader, but this means you also struggle to take any constructive criticism or friendly suggestions to heart.



Based on the materials from APost

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