Planning To Date A SCORPIO? Here Are 14 Things You Have To Know Before Doing So

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Are you planning to date a Scorpio? Before doing so, learn these things about them. Scorpios are tough to understand, but the moment you do get to know them, you’ll learn some of their remarkable qualities.


Here are some of the things you know before dating a Scorpio:


1. Scorpios are the sexiest people you’ll ever meet. The moment you meet a Scorpio, they’ll be hard to resist. Have you ever found yourself attracted to a random down-and-out guy? He’s possibly a Scorpio.


2. Scorpios are in control at all times. Don't you dare try to tell a Scorpio what to do, because you’ll be wrong. No more explanations. Just give us your full trust. 


3. Scorpios never lose. They are very strong, controlling, persistent, and will do all the things in their power just to win. Scorpios are the people you wanted to be on your team to lead you to success.


4. Scorpios are very private. They might not want to publicize your relationship up until you have been going out for a while; but you don't have to worry, it's not because they're ashamed of you. It’s just that they are very private.



5. Scorpios are curious. Although they don't want to share their business with other people, they still want to be acquainted with yours! Scorpios are unsurprisingly curious, but it's only because they care.


6. Scorpios love darkness. TV shows like Criminal Minds or CSI may be troubling to you, but Scorpios can't get enough of them. They are charmed with shadowy and twisted things.


7. Scorpios are sarcastic. They're not trying to be unkind; it's just their wittiness.


8. Scorpios don't care about what everybody thinks. They are really happy in their own skin.



9. Scorpios are honest. Don't ask for their judgment except you want the truth!


10. Scorpios can be a bit psychic. They have the talent for foreseeing the future or knowing what you're going to say before you can say it.



11. Scorpios are severely protective. If anybody ever does you wrong, a Scorpio will be right there all set to comfort you, and then beat that person who wronged you to a mush.


12. Scorpios are ingenious. They will be tremendously helpful with whatever you need, whether it's preparation for a party or getting you out of jail.



13. Scorpios know when you're being dishonest. So don’t you dare try to lie!

14. Scorpios are vindictive. Don't you ever upset them, or they will get revenge.

Have you ever dated a Scorpio and discovered that these facts are true? Please share your story with us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family members who are planning to date a Scorpio.

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