This Is Why Introverts Are More Attractive To Women According To Psychology

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This discovery might sound odd, but apparently it’s true. Psychology says women are more attracted to introverts than their extroverted counterparts. Introverts may be shy or too detached to step into a relationship, but we guess there’s nothing sexier than a guy with a mystery.


Here, the website Apost listed 4 reasons why women are so into introverts. You could see for yourself, too, because you might actually be one of them! (wink)


1. They’re Passionate


Introverts are very passionate people. Since their social circle might be small, they can truly give their all in a relationship or friendship. Introverts give their heart and soul to anything they’re passionate about, whether it be their career, a hobby, and their relationship partner!



2. They’re Mysterious


Because of an introvert’s tendency to be quiet or shy, women can be attracted to them because they seem mysterious. This uncertainty about the introvert can hold a woman’s interest and give her the push she needs to want to get to know them.



3. They Give Undivided Attention


An extrovert might be attracted to an introvert because they believe they might be their number one priority. Although this doesn’t always happen, the extrovert will feel secure and their attraction will only further bloom.



4. They’re Great Listeners


An extroverted boyfriend is less likely to let you finish your own story without beginning their own than an introvert. Introverts, especially at first, will be superior listeners and you’ll have their undivided attention whenever you need to vent.


If you’re tired of failed relationships with extroverted men, it might be time to try something new with an introvert. They’ll love to listen to you, are passionate and most importantly, they’re self-aware. Although you can’t expect every single introvert to be exactly the same, many of them will identify with the majority of these traits.


Based From Materials On Apost

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