20 Photos Proving That Animals, Too, Can Have A Bad Day

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Humans aren’t the only ones who could suffer a bad day. Our pets could get in real trouble and mess up, too. However, unlike some of us, animals can be resilient with a certain level of cuteness.



So to brighten up your day, here are 20 photos of pets having a bad day:


“Guys, my dog opened the window in the car wash.”


© BesnerLFC/twitter.com



Well, this Beatle only wanted to help…


© SpikeTheBeetle/twitter.com


“No, I’m not having fun.”


© Firecloud11/imgur.com


“I think you’re sitting on the cat.” “What cat?”


© u/GilfMagnet/reddit


“Someone called the police on my dog because he ran away and attacked a deer.”


© emmethompsonn/twitter.com



“His name is Finn, he’s out now but we’re still waiting to find out what’ll happen to him. He’s a good boy, he just hates deer.”


© emmethompsonn/twitter.com


“My dog’s facial expressions when I didn’t turn toward the dog park.”


© TJNel/reddit.com


“My dog decided to hug another dog and it doesn’t like it.”


© stephtobin17/twitter.com



“My boyfriend doesn’t believe that his cat bullies mine.”


© lls1494/reddit.com


“My friend’s cat had surgery and now he has no pants.”


© edwardhowrongtu/reddit.com


“My pup injured her eye and now has to wear goggles when she goes for a run.”


© Jimmymgs/reddit.com


“No, it’s not what you think it is. We’re best friends!”


© u/CoeurdeBois/reddit


Albert is not pleased with his cone.


© Benzyl/reddit.com



When you leave a dog and got back only to pick up a llama:


© muhnizzle/twitter.com


“We just wanted to give him a summer haircut and they give us this.”


© karsen_xo/twitter.com


“I told you I didn’t want a haircut!”


© _aalyssaaa/twitter.com


“My cats are apparently horrified at my staggering amount of credit card debt. Poor little guy in the back almost threw up.”


© Scarlett_fever/reddit.com


Now that’s teamwork!


© u/Petey311/reddit


“Probably 10 in of snow in our garden. Making it a bit tricky for Otto, our sausage dog, to get around!”


© GordonMaw/twitter.com



Now, this one’s a beautiful mess!


© luxuryxo/twitter.com


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