Mom Finds A Way To Make Her Kids Do The Chores! Here’s How

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Today’s kids have already glued themselves to gadgets and video games that it’s pretty impossible for them to help around the house. Good thing this clever mother got sick of cleaning up by herself and found a way to create a fail-proof technique to get her kids do their chores.



While a lot of parents struggle to get their children involved in doing basic tasks such as making their beds, putting away laundry or loading the dishwasher, this mother found out that it actually takes one thing to make them do it immediately.



The Wi-Fi password.

When the mother left the house for the day, she left a note indicating that the children had to perform certain chores before they could regain access to Wi-Fi. The kids had to text their mother photos of the finished activities to prove they’re done.


Since the mother knew her kids so well, they had to place something specific in the photo (let’s say, a box of crackers) every day to make sure that they weren’t using the same photos from the other day.


Why It Worked



Genius, isn’t it? Now this just gave you an idea!



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