Here’s How It’s Like To Date The 12 Women Of The Zodiac

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Knowing a woman’s personality is important when it comes to dating. Here, the website Apost listed characteristics, preferences and habits of each women in the Zodiac. Learn more about them to find out which one could be your type.




Don't expect an Aries girl to dive into your relationship headfirst. An Aries girl likes to be chased and her fiery demeanor ensures that she won't completely give her heart to you until you've proven that you're worthy. However, once you have captured her heart, expect her to be fiercely loyal.





A Taurus girl has no patience for cheesy romantic notions. Instead, she looks at a partnership through a sensible lens, weighing the pros and cons of a relationship and giving serious consideration to how you'll impact her life. Once you land a Taurus lady, expect her to be practical, organized and committed to growing together as a unified team.





A Gemini girl wants her romantic life to feel like a movie, with drama, romance and passion. She's not necessarily one to play games, but she definitely appreciates grand gestures and declarations of life. Expect your Gemini girlfriend to be intensely passionate and devoted.





A Cancer woman is sensitive and thoughtful. While she loves romantic gestures, unlike a Gemini girl, she prefers the soft and loving over the intense and passionate. Expect your Cancer girlfriend to be incredibly tuned in to your wants and needs.





A Leo woman is an incredibly independent creature who doesn't need a partner to feel whole. She's confident in who she is and wants the same out of a companion. Your Leo girlfriend will be committed to you, but it's deeply important to her that you're supportive of her personal hopes and dreams.





Similar to a Leo woman, a Virgo girl is confident in herself, almost to a fault. She genuinely loves who she is and it's important to her to find a partner who doubles as her biggest fan. Your Virgo girlfriend wants admiration and praise, but don't worry that it will be one-sided. Instead, she'll shower you with the same praise and attention you give her.





A Libra girl is a bit bohemian and always social. She values experiences and people way more than she values objects. A Libra girl cares more about the deep conversations she has with her partner than she does about the gifts he might buy her.





Scorpio women are mysterious enigmas who don't necessarily wear their hearts on their sleeves. However, if you can break down her walls and win her heart, you'll find that she's passionate, seductive and deeply loyal to those in her innermost circle.





A Sagittarius woman is always the life of the party and relishes having a big group of friends. When you're in a relationship with a Sagittarius woman, expect a lot of social events and plan on a big woman. However, know that despite all of the socializing, you'll always be her number one.





"Actions speak louder than words" is the motto of Capricorn girls. She doesn't like to live her life in the passenger seat, but rather relishes the opportunity to make decisions and take charge of her own destiny. Don't be surprised if your Capricorn girlfriend is the one who always wants to pick the restaurant or plan your vacations. Making plans and taking action is how a Capricorn girl shows you that she loves you.





An Aquarius girl doesn't just want to be entertained, she wants to be thrilled. For her, life is an adventure and she wants to see everything that there is to be seen. When you're planning a date with an Aquarius woman, it's best to think outside the box.





A Pisces girl craves a companion and she's far more devoted to the well-being of others than she is to her own happiness. A Pisces girlfriend is prone to devoting all of her heart and soul to you, so be sure to make efforts to pamper her and remind her that sometimes it's okay to put her own needs first.


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