Drinking 8 Cups Of Coffee A Day Can Make You Live Longer According To 10-Year Study

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While there could be millions of coffee lovers all around the world, scientists have conducted what seems to be the most extensive study about coffee involving half a million people in the UK.


According to the 10-year study, people who drank any kind of coffee – may it be caffeinated, decaffeinated or anything in between – can live longer than non-coffee drinkers.




Scientists looked at the lifespan and coffee drinking habits of 498,134 British people at the UK Biobank genetics database. Study shows that people who drank 8 cups of coffee at most per day were 10-15% less likely to die earlier than those who don’t drink coffee.





However, researchers made it clear that there are still a lot of factors that could influence a person’s longevity. Also, they controlled other factors such as smoking and weight to come up with the results.




This isn’t the only study linked to coffee and longevity, though. More studies have proven that this discovery could actually be true.


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