Personality Test: Choose Your Most Favored Bag And We’ll Reveal Something About Your Character!

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Is there a time wherein you thought about the things that shape and define who you are? Aside from the genetics and upbringing, there are unexpected factors that influence our personality. This includes the birth order, age, key life events, appearance, diet, the nervous system, and a lot more.


While these factors hone our character, it then gets echoed in the choices that we make, the things we buy, and all the things that we do. Remarkably, one of the main things that can reveal a lot about a person is their most favored handbag.


Judi James who is a body language expert claims that there are at least 5 kinds of people be contingent on the choice of their handbag. Do you want to know on which group you belong? Choose your most favored handbag below and scroll down for its meaning.





#1: Courier Bag Type


Women who choose to use this type of handbag are likely to be resolutely in touch with their mannish side. Also, this type of bag is rather inconvenient since it will keep hitting you and the strap will constantly drop down. Thus, based on James’ research, this demonstrates that a person may be deeply discontented and dissatisfied with oneself.


#2: Clutch Bag Type


A lot of women use a clutch bag on a night out. So, what does this kind of bag says about them? One can immediately conclude that this signifies being ladylike, having good manners, and carrying only a few things. But, in fact, this isn’t true.


Those who chose the clutch bag are likely to carry more things compared to those women who prefer other types of handbags. Additionally, choosing this kind of bag is also a sign that you’re someone who loves to party hard.


#3: Designer Sack Type


This kind of handbag is so big making their owner look smaller. Moreover, women frequently don’t carry something that’s useful in them, which basically means that they aren’t very organized. With that, searching for a lip-gloss or keys can take them forever.


#4: Cross-Body Satchel Type


Those women who chose this kind of bag over the other types tend to be very fanciful, stubborn and a bit immature. But in extreme circumstances, they will contentedly take charge and become the leaders who can resolve any kind of a problem.


#5: Cloth Bag Type


Choosing this kind of handbag means that you’re a very creative and typically good at your job. But then again, they frequently seem to be a little bit on a whimsy side.


Which bag is your favorite? Is the result spot-on? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family for them to know more about themselves as well.


Based on materials from Fabiosa

Illustrated by Germielyn Balondo for Meow Gag

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