You Should Not Ignore These 8 Dangers Of Ketogenic Diet

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Ketogenic Diet is a current popular diet where your body can burn fat and turn it into energy by increasing fat intake and limiting your carbs. Having a high fat diet causes your body to go into a “ketosis” state where it produces ketones that turns carbs into energy.


Originally, though, the ketogenic diet was designed for seizure patients and not for those who want to lose weight. So knowing what it is exactly for sure does have some dangers when used for something else. Here are the dangers:


1. Low Blood Sugar Laisuan


Having mild low blood sugar could lead to excessive sweating, trembling, headaches, anxiousness, and dizziness, while severe cases trigger heart palpitations and loss of consciousness.


2. Dehydration

A low carb decreases glycogen which means loss of glycogen equals loss of water. Because of this, levels of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium may decrease as well.


3. Acidosis

Extended periods of acidosis can damage bones and cause kidney stones.


4. Deficiencies in Key Nutrients

Since dieters often don’t have time to prepare, they could develop nutrient deficiencies.


5. Social Isolation

Ketogenic diet has dangerous effects on your mental health as well. It's difficult for someone to stick to a restrictive diet when dining out with friends. This could cause you to isolate yourself.


6. Rapid Weight Gain


Putting an abrupt stop to keto, can make you gain weight rapidly. Water weight will return more immediately than actual fat was burned.


7. Constipation

Cutting out carbs and fiber could cause irregular bowel movements and constipation.


8. Decrease in Physical Performance

Since carbohydrates are the body's main source of energy, ketogenic diet can cause a weaker performance. Also, the state of ketosis can cause muscle loss and fat loss. Carbohydrates are important for muscle tissue recovery and growth.

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