Here’s How Birth Order Affects Your Personality According To Experts

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Ever wonder how people develop their personalities? Well according to psychologists Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, our birth order may have a huge influence on our behaviors and characteristics.


The Middle-Child Syndrome"

According to Adler, middle children tend to feel excluded since the eldest usually gets the privileges and responsibilities, while the youngest receives most attention and favors. This will eventually affect their relationships with friends, romantic partners and workmates. Middle children end up being resentful and believe that there really is nothing special about them.


Here Are Some Of The Impacts Of Birth Order To Children According To Studies

1. First-borns Are Smarter But May Develop Poor Mental Health

Personality psychologist Julia Rohrer states that firstborn children tend to have highest IQs among the siblings. Though it’s not huge, the intellectual advantage could reach 1 or 2 points higher than the rest. However, parents tend to expect a lot from their first-borns. This brings much pressure to them, causing them to develop poor mental health.



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2. Later-borns Choose Different Paths, Tend To Have Open Minds

While some may be labeled as “rebellious,” studies show that most first-borns tend to follow the footsteps of their parents’ while the younger ones seek different paths. Also, the latter tend to be more open-minded growing up.


3. Middle-Children Learn From Friends and Siblings Over Their Parents

Meanwhile, middle children find support from their friends and siblings. They feel that their parents didn’t give them enough attention during their childhood.


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