People Can Now Volunteer To Hug Drug-Addicted Babies To Help Them Recuperate – Would You Want To Volunteer

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In case you've ever visualized about having an impact through volunteering, this may be the best opportunity that you've been waiting for. This one takes no exceptional skill and all you need to have is a heart that’s full of love and compassion. You can turn out to be a lifeline to some precious babies whose lives are on the line all through the nation. / MW47

The drug-addicted babies were born each day. Through no mistake of their own, these distinct little ones with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) come into the world with exceptional necessities. One of the said needs is a resilient longing to be held and hugged as they deal with the tremendously challenging symptoms of drug withdrawal.


This is the moment wherein the hospital volunteer heroes get into the picture.


CDC has reported a staggering 383 percent increase in cases of NAS in a previous couple of decades. With the rise of the incidence, the need for enthusiastic volunteer cuddlers has augmented as well. / Mikolette

With this mounting challenge, kindhearted groups of hugging volunteers have been getting-together in hospitals nationwide. They come together with the incredulous nursing staff to help offer these babies a chance at survival and a decent quality of life.


Jane Cavanaugh is a nurse from Pennsylvania and she felt the need to start a volunteer program to help these infants who were born addicted to drugs. She established a group at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Cavanaugh elucidated to media outlets that these infants need longer than regular cuddling and attention to make it without harm through the withdrawal procedure. / FatCamera

The leaders of other cuddle volunteer programs see eye to eye. Greater than before amount of human touch can allow these babies to come out of pulling out more rapidly without needing as much medicine. Instead of devastated and disconcerted the drug-addicted babies who are part of the cuddle programs have a tendency to be calmer compared to those who don't have this benefit. Aside from that, it was also confirmed that this program has made the child’s after-birth hospital stays shorter. / Daniela Jovanovska-Hristovska

In case you wanted a chance to help these battling infants feel safer and protected there might be a cuddle program at the hospital near you. Numerous states have established them. You can also do a quick online search to look for the cuddle program nearest you and learn how you can volunteer to make a transformation in the lives of some of society's most susceptible members. Cuddling is really essential for the suitable physical and psychological development of all the infants.


It is also worth noting that skin-to-skin contact is part of the normal bond between humans and their descendants. Unluckily, when a parent is incapable of providing this basic human need, an infant can suffer. This natural need is intensified for the drug-addicted newborns.


Even men have stepped up to the plate when it regards to being a cuddling volunteer. In fact, in Atlanta hospital, there is this volunteer who is affectionately known as the "ICU Grandpa." He loves walking in to help parents and staff keeps the newborns at ease. These caring persons truly deserve our deepest veneration and admiration! Their self-sacrificing actions can offer these babies born with extra trials hope for the future.


Would you want to become a cuddling volunteer? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Also, if this article was able to inspire you, please pass it along to help raise the awareness of this wonderful volunteering opportunity.


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