This Is What Happens To Your Brain If You Keep On Complaining

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What we think and do creates a huge impact to our brains. According to neuroscience, the human brain is capable of re-engineering according to what we take in. Not only can we increase our IQ’s and EQ’s, our brains can also develop consistent behaviors as well as unlearn harmful habits.


How Complaining Changes The Brain

So how do our behaviors change the structure of our brains? Let’s look at the state of complainers. They are the ones who would always find a problem about anything or anyone.  They are often called as “Debbie Downers” which can be really draining to be around.


These people complain a lot because of the already continuous loop developed in their brains. Once people got hooked to complaining, the brain tends to adapt to the behavior and end up developing a negative mindset. This molds our brain to generate negative behaviors that eventually make the person perpetually pessimistic.


It’s not too late to change, though. People can actually alter their brains into developing a positive mindset. Through meditating and mindfulness practice, our brains can be rewired into looking on the brighter side of things which would greatly improve our health state and emotional well-being.


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