Top Psychiatrist Warns Parents Not To Give Smartphone To Their Children Before Secondary School

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Dr. Jon Goldin, a top psychiatrist warned the parents not to buy smartphones for their children before they reach secondary school. He claimed that the parents are being forced into purchasing gadgets for their young children so they aren’t left out at school.


In addition, the Vice Chairman of the Royal College of Psychologists stated that the government guidance on when to give phones to the children would help parents stand their ground.


In an interview with Daily Telegraph, he stated that: ‘Children often say to their parents: “All my friends are [getting phones] and you are not allowing me to do that.”


“In that situation, parents do need the support of national guidance. I don’t think we can legislate [to restrict it to under 11s] but this guidance would back parents up when they were having conversations with their 10-year-olds,” he further added.


Dr. Goldin also urged the government to recommend that children under who are under 1-years-old should be limited to two hours a day on social media. He also said that social media makes children worried and depressed. Aside from that, the time devoted online can leave them susceptible to cyberbullying.


It is also worth mentioning that the psychiatrist also called on social media titans like Facebook and Twitter to make it harder for young people to tall tale about their age and make accounts before they turn 13-years-old.


Dr. Goldin’s explanations arise ahead of the publication of a report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, which evaluates the harm and damage that is caused by spending too much time online. It is supposed that almost four out of ten children aged between eight and 11 own a phone.



Nonetheless, more than 40 percent of parents have faith that young people under the age of 16-year-old must be banned from possessing the devices, a poll for the Priory discovered. Additionally, the survey also exposed that 67 percent of parents wanted the government to choose how old a child must be before they are given a phone.


Out of 1,000 parents surveyed, the recuperation center discovered that 92 percent supposed that the internet was influencing their child in a negative way. In fact, some of them were concerned about the child’s smartphone addiction which was disturbing their sleep, while others believed that the time spent online lowered their child’s self-confidence.


Dr. Goldin’s cautioning comes a day after a major report exposed that an average adult looks at their mobile devices every 12 minutes.



Six out of ten people told Ofcom that they could not live without their phones. Nearly half self-confessed that they are spending too much time online and even more stated that depending on devices was disturbing relationships with the family and friends.


The comprehensive report also exposed that 95 percent of 16 to 24-year-olds own a smartphone, equated with the 78 percent for all ages. It was in June when an expert advised the parents to take away their children’s smartphones at night after he forbidden his 17-year-old son from using his device at bedtime.


Professor Adam Joinson, who came from the University of Bath, stated that parents must store the smartphone downstairs and purchase a cheap alarm clock for their child instead. Talking at the Cheltenham Science Festival, he stated: “It causes endless fights but otherwise he will be on it all night. As parents, we have a responsibility of care. Generally, I think parents are remiss if they allow their kids to keep phones in their bedrooms.”


Do you have an 11-year-old child who owns a smartphone? Do you agree to restrict them? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article with all the parents you know for them to become aware of the negative effects of smartphones on their children!


Based on materials from Daily Mail

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