These 14 Signs Indicate That Your Soul Is Exhausted And Dying – BE AWARE!

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Almost all of us experience periods of time wherein we feel tremendously stressed and anxious. All of us are a strong person but when we reach a breaking point our soul will send out some signals. Our soul has a yearning for creative freedom, expression, love, and of course joy. Nevertheless, if we incessantly value other people before we value ourselves, we start to lose touch with our inner self. This is the moment when everything in life started to feel like a routine and chore.


With that here are some significant signs that our soul is exhausted and gradually dying.


1. Not feeling excited or happy / kitzcorner

Each and everything that you previously enjoy like your hobbies, passions, other interests are no longer pleasing you. Now, you’d favor to stay at home and be alone. Even in participating in something that you once appreciated, you’re now feeling overwhelmed.



2. You can’t recall the last time you had a good laugh / martin-dm

Can you still remember the last time you laughed up until you cried? How frequently do you find yourself giggling at something that has occurred? In case you can’t recall the last time you had an unpretentious laugh from something joyous, there’s a problem with your inmost self. Being not able to laugh and see the hilarity in things only verifies that you aren’t feeling like yourself.



3. You don’t distinguish your old self / martin-dm

When you look back at your old pictures or talk about sentimental memories with your close friends, you don’t feel like you’re the same person you used to be. Your enjoyment, smile and the cheerfulness you used to have appeared a long ways away from how you feel presently.



4. You feel deserted in a crowd / pixelfit

Everybody has instants wherein they feel alone and unaccompanied, but if you’re feeling lonesome whenever you’re surrounded by other people it can be a problem. You can feel the emptiness in your life that you’re not knowledgeable on how to fill. It feels like other people around you are watching you through a wall and can’t pretty get through to you. You also have the tendency to blame this on your peers, but it’s you who isn’t relating right.



5. You can’t stay motivated and inspired / visualspace

You have a stern lack of motivation and inspiration in your life. Before, you used to be encouraged and motivated to do tasks and anything your heart wanted. Unluckily at this point in time, you don’t feel like anything is worth your effort; whether it is your relationships or your career, you do the outright minimum just to get along.



6. You say yes even though you mean no / KatarzynaBialasiewicz

You’re not capable of adequately replying to other people with a “no.” You’re not able to stand up for yourself. Your desires aren’t coming first because you’re dealing with everybody else’s issues and problems.



7. You always give but don’t receive / ArtMarie

People constantly come to you sharing their issues and problems, and you never think twice about lending them a hand. Nonetheless, you have trouble communicating when you’re the one who’s in need. You have the tendency to overthink about what other people might think of you, which halts you from reaching out and being susceptible.



8. You are being dishonest to yourself / Pitiphothivichit

You always put on a mask and an act like everything in your life is going smoothly. You choose to lie to yourself than to deal with your real problems. You’re afraid of conflict, so your capability to come up with lies and reasons for yourself gets in the way of the truth and reality.



9. You devote your time doing things you dislike / SIphotography

You get through your day with completely no interest for anything you’re partaking in. You’re going through the waves because you have faith that you need to. The moment you look back on the days, weeks, and the months that have passed, they all blend together and nothing exceptional stands out for you.



10. You don’t have limitations / stevanovicigor

You’re not aware of your own individual limitations and rules. Since you’re not self-aware, it’s difficult for you to stick to your instincts. Some people around you are taking advantage in this situation because you’re incapable of saying no to things that make you uncomfortable. This basically means that your physical and emotional limitations are often violated.



11. You’re encircled by toxic people / BartekSzewczyk

There are some people in your life that must not be there. These toxic people are continuously filling your day with never-ending negativity and pessimism. You’re surrounding yourself with people who aren’t good for your soul. These people might even control and manipulate you into doing things that you don’t want to do or threat you emotionally.



12. You’re physically weak and tired / lolostock

Do you frequently want to just stay in bed because you’re feeling tired, drained and exhausted? It might be hard for you to get up in the morning because even if you have ample sleep, you’re still feeling exhausted. The activities that are supposed to be entertaining now overwhelm you and you try to void them.



13. You’re picking to be unhealthy / Terroa

As for your relationships, health, and lifestyle, you’re making all the wrong decisions for yourself. You frequently end up in scenes that are upsetting and draining. Possibly you’re in a relationship with a toxic significant other or you’re employed at a company that doesn’t appreciate you while overlooking your mental health.



14. You’re afraid of everything / valentinrussanov

You beat yourself up mentally by exhausting yourself with damaging self-talk. Each and every time something positive and constructive occurs or you want to make a transformation in your life, you stop because you’re afraid. You worry about the undesirable consequences of your actions, so you don’t make any optimistic moves for yourself.


In case you’re feeling any of these indications, bear in mind that it’s not too late to ask for help. A specialist or one of your reliable friends can help you get your life back the way it used to be. Don’t forget to share this article with all the people you know for them to become aware!


Based on materials form APost

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