How a Dad Struggles for His Life After Getting a Haircut? Find Out!

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Nearly everybody appreciates the sensation and experience of taking a seat in a comfortable salon seat and treating themselves to a hairstyle or styling session. We tend to relate this time as a treat to ourselves, or it could be a standard addition to our schedules for prepping. Getting our hair washed by someone else is a flawless gentle massage so comforting that we may even fall asleep amid it!




Some salon encounters, unfortunately, can have a tragic ending. One father is sharing his unfortunate story after getting a hairstyle from a salon. His concern began three days after getting the treatment. All of a sudden, the right side of the dad's body wound up numb and he all of a sudden collapsed. The dad, a 45-year-old man named Dave Tyler, was in for a shocking surprise when he visited the doctor's facility.




Tyler was diagnosed to have a stroke after being seen by specialists. The stroke was caused by a blood clot; however, how he got the blood clot that caused his problem was the shocking concern. The doctors informed him that he had gotten this blood clot from tilting his head too far back while getting his hair washed at the salon. The awkward edge made damage his neck, which framed the blood clot.




You may believe this was an uncommon ordeal; however, these kinds of encounters were given a name in 1993 with the expression "Beauty Salon Stroke Syndrome." As later as a year ago, a lady from Great Britain got the same diagnosis from Tyler from a similar sort of salon treatment, implying that his case isn't an isolated episode.




Your blood flow can be confined when your head and neck are tilted into the edge of the salon seat and washing dish. A correct angle would associate with 15 degrees so as to stay away from a stroke and blood cluster. Individuals who are elderly, have joint pain in their necks, or have related knowledge with low blood flow to the brain are those at higher hazard from this phenomenon. Next time you visit a salon for a hair wash, trim, or styling, be mindful as to ensure your neck and head are supported correctly.




With respect to Tyler's case, he won a lawsuit against the famous salon which granted him $113,000. In any case, despite everything he battles with balancing. He can't drive an auto securely, despite the fact that it has been six long years since the incident. Tyler currently cautions others through his experience. He stands up and believes that salons ought to put towels underneath the heads of customers and giving them pads for better neck angles.


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