Psychologists Reveal What Your Favorite Color Of Clothing Reveal About You

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The colors we use are important as they, too, relay a message. Colors are used strategically in businesses, marketing, branding and designs, which means the color you wear also has its effects on people’s minds.


This is why you usually pick a certain color when you shop. You may not know it consciously but there is a psychological meaning behind the shades you wear. Here are some of them:






You are a lover of freedom, honesty, and simplicity. White is linked to a new stage of life, fresh beginning, and optimism. Wearing white also gives the impression of being easy-going, reliable and positive.





You are kind, sympathetic, and innocent. This also means that you are not intimidated to show your true essence. Those who always wear pink are believers of romance and humanity. They have a strong sense of self as well.





You are powerful and strong-willed. You know exactly what you want. You’re also energetic, powerful and creative. You love attention but you can be aggressive and arrogant. You sure do know how to stand up for yourself.






Blue always give a sense of calmness and peace, although too much could lead to detachment and depression. Wearing blue will give people a good impression of you, too. It exudes loyalty, trust and good predictability so it’s recommended for interviews.





You are a thoughtful, relaxed and well-balanced. People who wear green attract people due to the calm energy it exudes. Also, you could be a good advisor and listener.





You are optimistic, enthusiastic and cheerful. However, wearing too much yellow may make it hard for people to concentrate and be committed for a long time.





You are independent, intelligent and powerful. Those who wear black like to be bossy, but you can be sensitive nature. You unconsciously hide your weakness behind the mask of self-confidence.






You are reliable and rational. Also, you are loyal to your values and conservative ideas. People who wear brown aim for stability and peace.





You are a dreamer and ambitious. While those who like to wear purple are superstitious and often believe in destiny, these people can be really complicated to deal with because of their impulsiveness and unpredictability.





You are creative, active and an extravert – sociable, friendly and helpful. You accept yourself and at the same time you are open for self-improvement.


Based On Materials From Mambee

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