His Love Will Save Me 13

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There was a soft knock on my door and Ivory popped her head round before joining me on the bed. She took one look at my red eyes and pounced on me, wrapping me up in a hug. I held onto her tightly, grateful to have her with me right now.


"It'll be okay Emily," she whispered, her grip around me tightening.


"Jake will look after you, I promise. He know's what he's doing, just let him help you. He cares for you " she said softly, pulling back. I nodded weakly and she smiled, sympathy filling her eyes.


"I'm having a party tonight, you should come. It'll cheer you up."


"You're such a party whore" I replied, giving her a smile that didn't quite reach my eyes. Ivory mocked hurt, placing a hand over her heart before grinning back at me.


"You are coming, right?" she asked.


"I don't know Ivory…" I replied, still feeling pretty beat up. Right now, all I want to do is drown my sorrows in ice cream and lie in bed all day.


"Please Emily? We'll make you look a thousand dollars and Jake won't be able to resist you" she winked, trying her best to persuade me.


I took a moment to think before finally nodding causing Ivory to squeal loudly. Me and Jake may be fighting but that doesn't mean Ivory should also be on the recieving end of that. She's my friend and I don't want to let her down. I mean, how could you resist her puppy dog eyes and toothy smile?


"I wish Trish was here, she loves parties."


Ivory nodded, agreeing with me.


"When she gets back from holiday, we'll have to go to twice as many parties to make up for lost time," she giggled and I couldn't help but mirror her actions.



"Wow girl, you really do work miracles." I murmured in Ivory's direction, inspecting myself in the mirror. My hair was curled in soft bouncy waves, resting on my shoulders. Ivory applied my makeup perfectly, a dark smokey eye to compliment my brown eyes finished off with a pink nude lip. I wore a thin diamanté choker and some simple stud earrings.


She persuaded me to wear tight a white fitted halter-neck top that exposed my arms but covered my stomach. Underneath I wore some simple black high waisted jeans and finished my look off with some wedges.


I definitely was not a heels kind of girl.


After spraying myself with a few spritz of perfume, I was ready. Excitement settled inside me and the drama I had this morning with Jake was now pushed to the back of my mind. I'm so ready to let loose and have a good time.


"Thank you for everything you've done Ivory, you're such an awesome friend." I told her truthfully. Ivory waved her hand around modestly before replying –


"Don't thank me. You're an awesome friend too." she smiled and I leaned in to hug her tightly. Her soft scent lingered around her and I stepped back, impressed.


"You smell good."


"It's my new perfume, its magic in a bottle. It's like a human magnet, I attract both guys and girls," she giggled.


I laughed along with her and we held hands tightly before walking out the door. I could hear a few people already laughing and chatting downstairs, indicating the party had already well and truly started.


"You look amazing by the way," I complimented her. She was dressed in a baby blue crop top and denim jeans, the colour contrasting perfectly against her hair. She wore little makeup beside from some mascara and lipgloss. Her look was always laid back but she rocked it.


"Thank you, so do you. You look drop dead gorgeous. Jake won't be able to resist you."


I felt a blush creep up my neck and spread onto my cheeks. At the mention of Jake, nervous butterflies filled my stomach.


"I hope you're right," I murmured as we made our way downstairs to the party.



The party was now in full swing.


Ivory was bouncing from person to person, laughing and giggling. It seemed like she knew every single teenager in town. Everyone is in good spirits, music bouncing off the walls. After speaking to a few friends, I decide to take a break and sit at the far end of the room. I didn't feel like socialising much, I simply wasn't in the mood.


My eyes scan the crowd and I know I'm looking for one specific person, Jake. I miss talking to him and laughing at his silly jokes. My heart stops for a moment as I catch a glimpse of dark hair from opposite the room. He walks in with a few of his friends, all of them dressed amazingly. My eyes immediately land on Jake.


He's wearing a plain white shirt underneath a denim button down that he'd left open. The material clung to his toned torso and arms perfectly. My eyes drifted down, roaming his body. He wore dark jeans and an expensive looking watch sat on his wrist. His hair was messy but styled, exactly how I liked it.


Urgh, he looked amazing.


Why did the boy have to be so. damn. fine?


Girls watched them move hungrily, giggling behind their hands. Most of them batted their long eyelashes at them, trying to dig their claws in as soon as possible. I resist the urge to roll my eyes at them. I leaned back and watched Jake, studying the way he moved. He always looked so cool and laid back, confident. Without meaning to, he owned the room.


He was scanning the crowd, looking for someone in particular. Could it be me? I stop breathing as his gaze falls on me and our eyes lock together. His expression look apologetic for a few seconds before one of his friends speaks to him and he tears his eyes away from me.


I also look away, ignoring the pain that stabbed through my chest. I didn't want to be at this silly party anymore but I'm here for Ivory, no-one else. I silently wish Trish was here to liven things up for me, she's always the heart and soul of every party.


A guy from college sits down next to me, exhaling deeply as he drops himself down.


"Hey Emily," he smiles, running a hand over his messy blonde hair. I give him a sheepish wave and a small smile in response.


"Hey Mike, are you enjoying the party?"


"It's just like every other one, you know? Only thing different is you. I've never seen you at one of these before" he grinned, scratching the back of his neck nervously.


"I don't normally party, believe it or not. This is my second one."


"Really? You totally look like a party girl" Mike smirked and I tilted my head at him. Is he flirting with me?


"Not that there's anything wrong with that! I mean, I just meant -" Mike stuttered, noticing me looking at him intently. I giggle at him, shaking my head.


"Mike, its fine. I know what you mean." I re-assure him, a small smile on my lips. A slight blush covered his cheeks and he signalled at my cup, changing the subject.


"Want another drink?"


"Sure, why not?"


"I'll be two minutes, don't go anywhere," he grins before disappearing into the crowds. I'm not going to accept the drink from him, I know how silly it is to take a drink from a potential stranger. I simply accepted because I didn't want to be rude. I close my eyes and lean back, probably looking like the least sociable person in the room.


"Emily! Come dance with me," Ivory pouted unhappily, tugging on my hand. I give her a small smile that doesn't quite reach my eyes.


"Yeah, sure," I mumble, allowing Ivory to drag me up off the couch. She clutches my hand tightly as we weave through the crowd and into the centre of the room. Someone turns the music up higher until the beats are bouncing off the walls, vibrating through the floor.


"Jake is watching you," Ivory grins, leaning close to my ear so I can hear her. My eyes widen and I feel my stomach tighten in knots.


"He is?"


Ivory nods, her auburn hair flying around her shoulders. "Show him what he's missing," she smirks, motioning for me to follow her lead. She begins to move her hips along to the beat, her arms flying above her head. I grin widely at her and mirror her actions, my own body reacting to the music. It feels good to let loose and have fun.


Within moments, I forget about everyone else in the room and it's just me and Ivory. Her infectious smile and crazy dance moves cause me to giggle constantly. Freedom washes over my body as I sing along to the music, swaying my head left to right. My dark curls bounce around me and for the first time in forever, I forget about my troubles.


I forget about Trevor, I forget about Mum. I forget about pain, danger and heartache.


For the first time, I'm having fun.


That's when I feel his warm arm snake around my waist from behind. He tucks his head between the crook in my neck, resting his chin on my shoulder.


"Dance with me," he murmurs down my ear, the lights in the room dimming completely. I nod my head, the low rumble of his voice causing my insides to clench tightly. Butterflies fill my stomach as I spin around, sucked into the beauty of his eyes. He doesn't make any effort to hide the fact that he's checking me out and his stare causes my body to heat up. His arms snake around my waist and he leans down towards my ear. It makes me shiver.


"You're right," I say, turning to lean closer to him. His scent wraps around me and I breathe it in deeply, missing his warmth. He doesn't respond and I take it as my cue to continue –


"I can't do this without you. I understand why you did what you did. Next time, please talk to me first."


Jake pulls back, guilt filling his eyes. I know he's about to apologise but I shake my head, letting him know it's okay.


"I'm sorry Muffin," he murmurs down my ear, burying his face into my hair and placing a kiss on my neck. I shiver from his touch and he lets out a low chuckle, the sound causing me to smile.


"I was angry. I didn't understand why you won't accept my help. I've been around the gang for years, it doesn't scare me. I know that won't be the same for you, I'm sorry for not putting myself in your shoes. This entire situation is tough and I'm still learning," Jake sighs, pulling back. I can see the distress in his eyes, the struggle of having to know what decision to make. I reach up and place my hand on his cheek, my heart warming.


"One step at a time, yeah?"


He nods, resting his forehead against mine.


"Do you fancy being my partner in crime?" He whispers, lips tugging upwards into a smile. I bite down on my bottom lip to stop my smile from spreading into a huge grin and I nod.


"You bet I do."


Falling In Love?

Quick A/N- Hey guys! You've probably noticed (or will) that ads are enabled on my books. The reason for this is because it's honestly my dream to become a full time writer and make it my job! By watching/clicking the ad, you're helping me achieve that dream which I am eternally grateful for! (: Thank you!



I don't remember how any of it happened.


The last thing I recall is going in to the back garden for some fresh air.


After that, my lungs start tightening until it feels like a hand is slowly squeezing the life out of me, taking my very last breath. I fall to the ground, staring up at the dark sky and I inhale and exhale deeply. It doesn't work.


I don't know where it's come from. It appeared out of nowhere. Panic attack. That's when darkness invites itself in, sucking me into a black hole.



I groan, my eyes fluttering open.


Jake is holding out a glass of water and I take it from him, sitting up. I'm lying in his bed with the covers around me, the room is dimly lit. The booming of music and chatter could be heard coming from downstairs and I know the party is still going strong.


"How are you feeling? You gave me a scare," Jake muttered, reaching up and playing with a strand of hair. His fingers follow the curl, and I chug the water down, grateful for the hydration.


"I have no idea what happened," I mutter, placing the glass down and running a hand over my face. I feel like I've been smacked with a bus, going full speed. 


"You had a panic attack and blacked out. I found you in the garden."


My hands begin to tremble as I register Jake's word.


"It was terrifying," I whisper, my hand resting over my throat. I remember the way panic set inside me as I recalled unable to breathe. My lungs and throat burned. Jake placed one arm around me, pulling me into his chest. I can feel his heartbeat through his shirt and it's comforting, calming my nerves.


"Do you think it will ever get better? The war inside my head. Will it ever go away?" I mumble, blinking back tears. Jake's hold tightens around me and he sighs deeply.


"I'll let you know when mine disappears."


"How long has it been?" I ask him quietly.


"Years Muffin."


"Wow, I wasn't expecting that," I chuckle dryly, feeling hopeless.


"It gets easier to deal with. Certain people come into your life and slowly begin mending it without even realising. My scars aren't as deep anymore, it doesn't hurt as bad. I have hope that one day it'll disappear."


"Certain people?" I ask him, holding my breath. He stills underneath me, pausing before responding, his words causing me to smile.


"You . . . just you."


I can't wipe the smile from my face. We both lie there, the sounds of the chaos downstairs becoming a distant buzzing noise. My hand find his and I lace my fingers tightly with his. A part of me feared I'd never be fixed, forever remaining damaged. Jake's words gave me a small glimmer of hope and I'm clutching at it tightly, ready to give it a chance.


The door suddenly bursts open and a boy and girl ran in, the girl giggling hysterically. Jake springs up, letting go of me and turning towards them.


"What the fuck are you doing in my room?"

He asked harshly. The girls eyes widen when she noticed Jake and the boy takes a step back, equally as scared.


"Sorry man, I didn't know this was yours, I swear!" He mumbles, eyes dropping to the floor in fear.


"You don't ever come in this room again, got it?" Jake warns him off. The boy nods before scurrying out of the room, the girl right behind him.


"Why are people so scared of you?" I ask Jake once the door is firmly shut. He shrugs in response, diverting his eyes away from me.


"I kind of have a reputation, you know?" he says uncertainly, scratching the back of his neck. I narrow my eyes at him, intrigued.


"Reputation for what? What have you done that's so bad?" I ask him, wanting to know more about him. Of course I know he's part of a gang but what is the main reason people were so terrified at hearing Jake's name or being in his presence? Jake stared at me intently, tilting his head to the side.


"You don't need to know." He replied flatly, shutting himself off. I sat up straighter on the bed, ignoring my pounding headache —


"You can tell me," I urge him. I want to know him better, I want to know the real Jake. His jaw tenses and his face became emotionless as I venture further into a touchy subject.


"I'm not telling you so drop it," he murmurs quietly, warning me off. I huff at his attitude and crossed my arms.


"Idiot." I mumble, looking away from him. I hear him suck in a sharp breath.


"Did you just call me an idiot?" Jake asks in disbelief and I turn back around to face him.


"Yeah, I did." I reply confidently, my eyes challenging him to react.


Jake swiftly moved till he was in front of me and he grabbed both my arms, staring straight into my eyes. I hold my head high and looked back, equally as intense. Moments passed where both of us were glaring at each other before Jake's eyes softened, glinting with humour.


His gaze flickered down to my lips before looking back in my eyes and I know he wants to kiss me. I smirk at him, my lips twitching. He shook his head before dropping my arms.


"Seriously, you're a piece of work." He chuckles, walking away. I grin, jumping off the bed and walk up to him to wrap my arms around his waist.


"Its weird seeing you mad at me." I say truthfully, tilting my head up to meet his. His body tenses and he looked down at me, his eyes now soft and full of sadness.


"I wasn't mad at you. I'm angry at the situation, annoyed that I can't protect you further."


"You're doing a great job so far." I said quietly, looking up into his eyes. Jake paused, looking down at me questioningly.




I nod, reaching up to press my lips against his. I want to thank him for everything, feel his lips on mine. I missed the feeling of having him close to me, his scent. The way he causes electricity to shoot through my body at a simple touch. Jake returned my kiss, his more intense and passion-fuelled. His hand wrapped itself in my hair, tugging on it so that my lips would remain on his. I feel myself begin to drown, drown in him.


I gasp as he pulls my lower lip into his mouth, biting them before attacking them hungrily. He pulls back for a second, to look at me with passion-filled, hooded eyes.


"I forgot to tell you," he whispers, breathing heavily against me.


"You look hot as hell tonight."



"Emily, the police are here."


Police? Why? What have I done?


I woke from my hazy sleep and rolled over, finding myself falling through the air. I let out a small yelp and landed hard onto the cold floor with a thud.


"Urgh, that hurt." I groan, turning to look up at an amused Jake who was chuckling quietly, stood in my doorway.


"Get up Muffin, they want to speak to you," he said, running a hand through his hair.


"What do I say Jake?" I whispered loudly at him, panicking. Jake shrugged as if it was obvious.


"Tell them the truth."


"I thought we were going to take care of it?" I asked, confused.


"Yeah, we are going to take care of it. The police can't provide you with much safety Muffin, they're useless. Tell them why you moved here, say you don't want to press charges against Trevor and that you refuse to go back. That should do it."


He held out a hand and I gratefully took it, groaning as Jake helped me to my feet.


"You'll be fine" he whispered, before kissing the top of my head. I nodded against his chest, feeling panic and worry settle inside me. I ran a hand through my hair in an attempt to make myself look more presentable.


"I'll be five minutes" I mumbled, heading for the bathroom. Jake nodded before quickly grabbing hold of my arm, stopping me in my tracks.


"Muffin? Don't let them know about us" Jake cleared his throat, looking uncomfortable.


"The police don't like me and I'm older than you. They'll say you're too young to speak your own mind and that I put words into your mouth. . . blah blah."


He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly before giving me a reassuring smile. I nod silently, trying desperately to remember his words.


Okay Emily, don't screw this up.


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