His Love Will Save Me 16

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Avoiding Jake was easier said than done. We both shared a house which definitely didn't help. His jaw was now clenched and he only gave brief one worded answers in response whenever anyone spoke to him. I felt his gaze burning holes into the side of my face but instead, I continued my conversation with Ivory.


We were both heading back to college in a week's time and surprisingly, I'm looking forward to it.


I couldn't wait to have some sort of normal back in my life. Trish was also coming back from holiday in a few days and I wanted to let her in on everything that had been going on. I definitely miss her and needed her to throw some fun my way.


Ivory had noticed the tension between me and Jake and shifting uncomfortably in her seat before taking a bite from her toast.


"So, what's the deal between you two?" she asked, looking from me to Jake.


"Nothing, leave it Ivory." Jake mumbled quietly before standing and leaving, slamming the door behind him. I felt my cheeks heat up and I stared down at my food, pushing the oatmeal around the bowl.


"What's going on?" Ivory asked confused and I shrugged again.


'I'm not ready to talk about yesterday and I've made him angry, I keep putting it off but I know I'll have to do it soon." I sighed. Ivory nodded at my words, looking apologetic.

"Tobias is such a jerk." She mumbled, finishing off her toast.


"What's his problem?" I blurted out, annoyed at the mention of her brother. Ivory stood up, walking over to the sink before turning round.


"Jake and Tobias were actually really close, a few years ago Tobias did something to hurt Jake. Something really bad. They've never been the same since."


"What did he do?" I asked, intrigued to know. Ivory gave me a small smile before adding –


"Its not my place to say, you should ask Jake. He's a good person Em, he just finds things hard, you know? Like feelings. He doesn't let people in easily. What Tobias said wasn't true, even I could tell you that."


Ivory smiled at me before reaching for her keys, leaving me alone. I sat in silence for a few moments, inhaling and exhaling deeply.


The kitchen door opened, pulling me away from my distressed thoughts. I looked up to see a women dressed smartly in a deep plum suit that contrasted perfectly against her skin. Her hair fell around her shoulders in soft dark curls and she had strikingly similar features to Jake. I stood up, pulling my PJ shirt down, feeling incredibly under-dressed.


She smiled at me warmly, showing off a set of perfectly white teeth. Okay, she is definitely Jake's mum. They both had a gorgeous smile. I held my hand out nervously and she looked at it slightly amused before shaking it.


"It's nice to finally meet you Mrs Melvin," I said politely, pushing down the nerves. She smiled at me before walking over to the kettle.


"You don't need to call me Mrs Melvin, that title dissapeared a long time ago honey."


Her voice was smooth with a hint of maturity, she oozed sophistication. I nodded at her words before taking a seat, placing my hands in my lap. I fiddled with my hands nervously before remembering I had to thank her.


"Thank you so much for letting me stay here, Miss…"


"Call me Michelle darling, and don't look so worried. I won't bite your head off."


"Right, thank you again Michelle," I said truthfully, feeling at ease from her friendly smile.


"You're a friend of Jake and Ivory's, right? That means you're welcome anytime. We definitely have the space and the kids seem to love your company."


"You have a lovely home. It's fun living with them both and it's a far better option than my own home."


Michelle gave me a comforting smile. I cleared my throat and stood up, motioning that I was going back upstairs.


"It's nice to meet you." I said and Michelle put down her coffee, turning towards me.


"You too, I'm sure we'll get along fine," she smiled and my heart warmed a little from her words. She was so nice and caring and it made me miss my own mother. The mother she was before Trevor came along.


I shut the kitchen door and headed upstairs to get dressed for the day, going over my first conversation with Jake's Mum. I knew I had to make things with Jake right and that's exactly what I intended to do.


But first, I had to fix my appearance.



I wore baby blue jumper before pulling on a pair of white jeans. I noticed my bruising had completely faded and I was rarely in any pain. My body had definitely healed over the past few weeks and I was extremely grateful for it. I glanced at myself in the mirror noticing I'd put on a little more weight from the food I was constantly eating now.


Mine, all mine.

I look healthy and happy.


I ran a brush through my dark hair making it pin straight and applied some concealer underneath my eyes. I finished off with a pale pink lipgloss and quickly applying some mascara.


I took a deep breath, knocking on Jake's bedroom door. I heard a few grunts come from inside and scrunched my eyebrows together in confusion. I knocked loudly, causing the door to shake from the impact. Oops.


The grunts stopped and I heard Jake come towards the door. He swung open the door and we stood silently, staring at each other for a few moments. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt with some boxing shorts swung loosely on his hips. His arms and chest was glistening with sweat but on him, it was ridiculously attractive. I felt his eyes roam down my body and a deep blush crawled up onto my cheeks. He leaned against the doorframe, raising one brow.


"What?" he asked abruptly, out of breath.


Okay, so he was still mad.


"Can we talk now?" I asked not meeting his eyes. I heard him scoff and glanced at his face which was not amused one bit.


"So now you want to talk, we'll talk?"


He didn't sound angry but defeated, sad.


"Jake, that's not what I mean. Can I come in?" I asked quietly. Jake walked back a few steps, opening his door for me to enter. I walked in and sat on his bed, noticing the boxing gloves. The boxing bag in the corner of the room was still rocking back and forth slightly.


So that explains the grunts…


Jake walked to the other side of the room, grabbing a towel and wiping his face before taking a seat in a chair, opposite to me. I sighed heavily fiddling with my hands, desperate for one of us to break the silence.


"Jake, I'm sorry for ignoring you today." I said firmly, looking straight at him.


"Are you?"


"Yes, I'm sorry. I needed space, it isn't easy living together," I explained, hoping he understood. His own eyes softened considerably and he ran a hand through his hair, nodding.


"What Tobias said isn't true Muffin."




He was back to calling me Muffin which meant we were going back to be okay. I let out a heavy sigh, feeling glad to be called the nickname I once hated. I did a little happy dance in my mind and concentrated back on Jake who was watching me intently.


"He's an idiot, I wouldn't do that to you," he said and I nodded, taking in his words. What Tobias said hurt me, a lot. Jake's confusing actions hurt me further.


"I would never sleep with you then tell you to leave. I'm not an asshole, I respect you Emily. Tobias has a problem with me and he's decided to drag you into it because he can see I care for you." He added the last part quietly and I felt butterflies explode in my stomach.


I knew it was hard for him to explain his feelings and I urged him to go on, wanting to know all his feelings whilst I got the chance.


"I've never had a serious girlfriend. There was this one girl but that doesn't matter now. I've thought about this for ages and I know you'll probably say no, but I want to ask you something," he said firmly, almost as if he'd memorised the words. My breath hitched in my throat and he took a breath before carrying on.


"Will you be my girlfriend Muffin?" he said, staring straight into my eyes. I felt my heart squeeze with love for him and I squealed loudly. Like actually squealed. Jake looked at me in alarm an I stopped, composing myself.


"What the hell was that Wentworth?" He smirked, blue eyes lighting up with amusement.


"Let's forget that happened," I muttered covering my face with my hands. Jake chuckled loudly, a sound I didn't realise how much I'd missed.


"So, is that a yes?" He asked and I nodded profusely before walking over to him. He grinned, his smile big enough to melt my entire heart. He grabbed my waist, lifting me up slightly and I pecked him quickly, his smile never fading from his face.


"I'm finally your girlfriend."


"Sorry to keeping you waiting," Jake chuckled, wrapped an arm around me. I breathed in his scent, It felt so good to finally be his.


He smiled before leaning down, kissing me gently. I kissed him back eagerly, wrapping my arms around his neck. His hands disappeared under my top, skimming my skin. I let out a small gasp as electricity ran through my body from one simple touch. Jake pulled back, a victorious smirk on his face.


"You look beautiful by the way," he murmured, nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck. I muttered a response, enjoying the way he felt pressed against me.


This gorgeous human specimen is mine.


All mine.



Bumping In To Old Faces

The door swings open and Jake emerges, his eyes lighting up with amusement at the sight of me. The corner of his lips twitch upwards as he leans against the doorway —

"Muffin, get dressed."


"Nope, I'm quite happy where I am." I smile, sinking further into my bed sheets. I'm dressed in one of Jake's white tee shirts with my grey jogging bottoms underneath. A jar of Nutella is balanced professionally in my lap and I was currently licking the spoon.


The last thing on my mind is getting dressed.


"Why don't you come join me?" I suggest, holding out the spoon towards Jake. Sharing my Nutella is a huge step for me, he should feel honoured.


"As amazing as that sounds, I want to take you out." Jake smiles, glancing up at me from under his dark lashes. I pause, butterflies fluttering in my stomach from his words.


"Where to?" I ask calmly, shoving another huge spoonful of nutella in my mouth which tasted heavenly.


Seriously, which God created Nutella?


The chocolate gods and I owe him everything.


Possibly my first born child.


Jake came over to me and grabbed the nutella jar from my hands, shaking his head. I protested and reached forward to grab it back, my mouth still full of the chocolately goodness. Jake raised an eyebrow at me and I pouted, folding my arms.


"Where to?" I repeated, eyeing up the jar to strike when the time was right.


"It's a surprise. I'm taking you on a date."


"Like a date with you?" I ask nervously, biting down on my lower lip. To hide the excitement building up inside me, I lunged for the Nutella. Jake was faster than me and raised it high into the air, way out of my reach. I whined and jumped, attempting to grab it but failing miserably.


"Dear God, my girlfriend's a slob." Jake mumbled and I gasped jokingly, slapping his chest.


"I heard that!" I yelled, narrowing my eyes at him.


"Good, I wanted you to." Jake smirked and I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest. He rolled his eyes at my behaviour however the affectionate smile on his face never faltered. I like that smile, it made me feel wanted.


"Muffin, you've got ten minutes."


I watched him leave, carrying my nutella jar with him and internally cried from the distance he was putting between me and Nutella.


How does Jake expect me to get dressed for a date in 10 minutes?


I'm not super human.


I ran to my closet, tearing off my clothes as I stood in front of it, in only my bra and underwear. The door opened suddenly and I gasped, dropping down onto the floor behind my bed. I scanned the floor, looking for my clothes but they were lying in a crumpled up heap on the other side of the room, out of reach. Great, this could only happen to me.


"Muffin, where the hell are you?"


I groaned quietly and hid my face in my hands.


"Jake, get out."


"Are you hiding from me?" He questioned.


"Get out! I'll be ready in ten minutes!"


"Muffin, come out, come out, wherever you are."


I heard his footsteps get closer and I did the first stupidest idea that came to mind. I jumped from my hiding spot and ran towards a startled looking Jake. I shoved hard at his body in an attempt to push him out of the room.


"Oh, hello," he said smoothly, his eyes drinking in my appearance. I gasped and shoved him hard which unfortunately didn't do much.


"I forgot you're made of stone," I mumbled, grabbing his top from the floor and putting it on quickly.


"Made of stone?" Jake asked, his smirk growing wider. I felt my cheeks heat up and Jake chuckled, walking towards me.


"You know Muffin, I will see you naked. I'm your boyfriend now," he winked at me and I crossed my arms over my chest, glaring at him.


"Not anytime soon, you won't."


I huffed and turned my back on him. I felt his hands trail along my hips underneath the shirt and I shivered from his touch, butterflies exploding in my stomach. He bought his head down till he was near my ear and nibbled on it gently.


"Can you take this off again?" he whispered and I would have smacked him if he didn't sound so damn attractive.


"Ten minutes, that's all you've got." He murmured, kissing the spot behind my ear and I blushed from his words. I instantly felt his body move away from mine and missed his warmth.


As he walked out of the room, I turned just in time to see him giving me a heart stopping smile before disappearing. I shook my head, my mouth tugging up in a cheesy, wide grin.


The boy makes me happy, okay?



Exactly 9 minutes and 30 seconds later I was ready for my first ever date with Jake.


I'd settled for a top and jean combo with my black leather jacket over the top. My hair was naturally wavy on my shoulders and I quickly popped on some black eyeliner, mascara and pink lipstick for makeup. I grabbed my phone, ruffling my hair a little before walking downstairs.


Jake was leaning against the front door, scrolling through his phone. He wore a black t-shirt with some black jeans that were ripped at the knee. He'd finished his look off with a gorgeous looking watch on his wrist. Everytime he moved, it caught the light perfectly, gleaming brightly. His dark hair was sprawled messily across his head, thick strands falling over onto his forehead. I cleared my throat and Jake glanced up at me, smiling softly when his eyes met mine.


He put his phone away into pocket and stretched out his hand —


"Ready Muffin?" He asked and I nodded in response, slipping my hand into his. He intertwined our fingers together instantly, his thumb drawing circles on the back of my hand. With his other hand, he picked up his car keys and pulled open the front door —


"After you, m'lady."


I couldn't help but giggle as I stepped outside, only to be stopped again.


"Wait," he said quietly, an arm snaking around my waist. He turned me around in one swift motion, leaning in close.


"You look beautiful Emily."


"You don't look too bad yourself." I breathed out, butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Jake leaned down, pressing his lips against mine in a slow kiss. He held me up with one arm, his scent causing me to feel intoxicated. With him, it felt like I was floating on clouds, far away in our own little land.


"Can't we just stay here and do this?" I whispered against his mouth.


"There'll be plenty of time for that," Jake shot back smugly, walking me along to his car. He pulled open the door —


"Hop in Muffin."


"Why, thank you. You're such a gentleman," I smiled and he grinned as I slid inside. I watched as he walked around the front of the car, towards the drivers seat. His features were so insanely striking and it was difficult for me not to stop and stare.


He settled in beside me, his posture relaxed and laid back. It was nice to see him so chilled out for once, a ghost of a smile constantly playing on his lips.


"Ready?" He asks, starting the car up. It roars to life underneath me, the engine reducing to a soft, smooth purr.


"Ready when you are." I reply, feeling elated with excitement.



No way!" I squealed, looking around at all the brightly lit lights and the crowds of people.


"I thought you'd like it" Jake grinned at me and I looked up at him, squeezing his hand gently.


"I love it."


The blue in his eyes lit up brightly from my words and his smile grew wider. He let go of my hand and instead pulled me closer to his side, draping his arm over my shoulder. Jake drove me to the fair which I hadn't been to since I was a little girl. I loved everything about the fair, the rides, the greasy food and definitely the overly priced games that no-one ever seemed to win.


We walked over to the ticket booth and Jake paid, grabbing the tickets and pocketing them.


"Come on" he smiled, taking my hand again. I let him drag me to a ride called the spinning booth and watched as people were spun in different directions, the lights and music blaring loudly. We waited patiently till the ride was over and then took a seat in the front booth, pulling the bar over us.


"Don't vomit on me Muffin," Jake teased and I rolled my eyes.


"It'll be you who'll be doing the puking" I said childishly, sticking my tongue out at him. Jake chuckled and pulled me to his side tightly, draping an arm over my shoulder.


"It's starting!" I squealed, feeling the booth move slowly as the ride started up. I gripped onto the bar tightly and giggled as the ride sped up, feeling like a little girl again.


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