His Love Will Save Me 17

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"Let's never do that again."


I groaned loudly, hiding my face in my hands. Jake chuckled in response and I glared at him from the corner of my eye.


"You're supposed to be the one who loves rides."


"I hated it! I didn't realise how dizzy rides actually make me," I responded sadly. Jake chuckled and bent down, pecking my lips quickly.


"Don't be such a baby" he teased. I rolled my eyes and leaned up, brushing my lips lightly against his.


"I'm feeling much better now."


"I'll go buy us some drinks. Do you want something to eat?" He asked and I shook my head, taking a seat on one of the free benches.


"Are you sure?" he asked again and I thought about it for a moment, suddenly feeling peckish.


"Actually, can I have a burger please? Lots of ketchup," I smiled and Jake nodded, grinning slightly from my change of mind.


"I'll be five minutes. Don't miss me too much," he winked, turning away and heading towards the burger van. I watched him go and didn't miss the stares he was getting from several other girls. They watched him hungrily as he walked by, their eyes drinking him in. One of the girls turned towards me, scowling and I raised my brow at her in response. How rude…


"Well, well, well."


I froze, my heart immediately picking up pace. That drunken slurred voice could only belong to one person. I turned slowly to find Trevor stood a few feet away from me, clutching a beer can in his hand. The smell of alcohol hit me and I felt bile rise to the back of my throat. I swallowed, blinking and met his eyes that were cold and held a glimmer of evil.


I was back at home, cowering in the corner as Trevor landed blow after blow. My eyes filled with tears, each one bigger and heavier than the next causing the lights of the fair ground to blur in my vision.


"What do you want?" I whispered quietly, feeling my heart thump wildly against my chest. Everyone else faded, the music had disappeared and all I could see was Trevor in front of me.


He tilted his head slightly, examining me and I swayed a little, feeling dizzy and unbalanced. The only thing supporting me was the bench. He took a step towards me and I whimpered, causing Trevor to smirk horribly. He knew he still had control and power over me and he loved it. The past few weeks of progress suddenly vanished within seconds and I felt like a scared, powerless little girl once again.


This was it, he was my trigger to everything I've been working towards. I lost all my confidence, back to being petrified and feeling like I wasn't worthy. I closed my eyes, a tight hold of my lungs causing it hard to breathe.


"Where have you been staying?" he hissed angrily, standing over me. I pushed myself as far back as I could go, feeling the bench dig into my back. His hand shot out and grabbed my arm, twisting it painfully. I yelped but Trevor was oblivious to this, still waiting for an answer.


"Get off me. You can't do this anymore!" I pleaded, my eyes wide. He responded by tightening his grip, nails digging painfully into my skin. I shut my eyes and clenched my jaw, hissing from the pain.


"I'll find out you little whore and I'll kill you," he hissed in my ear. My entire body was shaking in fright and I could feel my throat tightening as I struggled to breathe. His drunken scent invaded mine and I gagged, turning my face away from his.




I spun round and we were back in the fairground, the music blaring through my ears. My vision was blurred from the tears in my eyes an my hands were shaking vigorously in my lap.


Jake stood in front of me and Trevor, holding a burger box and two drinks. His eyes were cold, emotionless and his jaw was clenched tightly as he stared at Trevor's grip around my arm. I tried to free myself from his tight hold, failing miserably.


"Who the hell are you?" Trevor spat, turning towards Jake, his grip never leaving my arm. Trevor's eyes scanned Jake, a sneer on his lips.


"I said, get your hands off her."


Jake's tone was full of danger.


Trevor chuckled in amusement, turning back towards me. His face drifted closer to mine and I turned away, shutting my eyes tightly. I felt his dirty breath hit my cheek –


"Found yourself a little boyfriend, have you?" he hissed and I gagged again, feeling the bile rise threateningly to the back of my throat.


"How much are you paying her?" he joked around, chuckling at his own sick joke. He finally dropped my arm and I clutched it tightly against my chest, letting my tears fall silently.


I watched in horror as Trevor walked over to Jake, puffing his chest out intimidatingly. Jake remained rooted to the spot, his eyebrow raised at Trevor's actions as he watched him. His head was slightly tilted and a small smirk played on his lips.


"Don't hurt him," I yelled towards Trevor, feeling completely helpless. Trevor chuckled louder this time, stopping until he was an inch away from Jake. My eyes widened as I realised Jake was taller than Trevor and his shoulders broader too. Jake briefly glanced at me, his eyes flashing with concern.


"You alright?" He asked quietly, his eyes flickering down to my arm. I nodded silently.


"Leave him alone Trevor!" I said, willing him to take a step away from Jake. I'd never forgive myself if Jake ended up hurt. Amusement flashed through Jake's eyes at my words and he let out a small laugh, his lips curling up into a smile. He dropped his head and shook it, dark strands of hair falling over into his eyes.


I frowned, wondering why Jake wasn't phased by Trevor who was stood right in front of him, chests inches apart.


"So Trevor, I finally get to meet you." Jake said calmly, glaring down at Trevor.


"Get the hell out of here," Trevor responded, scoffing at him. Jake didn't flinch and calmly placed the food into the bench beside him before turning back towards Trevor. The crowd around us were now silent, watching whilst keeping a fair distance away from the two of them. I watched, wide eyes as Jake leaned closer to Trevor before whispering, loud enough for me to hear –


"I promised myself that if I ever met the man who laid a finger on Emily, I'd break every single bone in his worthless, cowardly body."


Trevor took a step back, stumbling from his drunken state and I saw a hint of amusement flash through Jake's eyes.


It suddenly hit me –


Trevor is scared… of Jake.


Jake leaned forward, closing the distance between them. His eyes were now burning with hatred, dangerous and ready to kill.


"If there's anything you should know about me Trevor, it's that I never break my promises." Jake hissed, his mouth inches away from Trevor's ear.


Before Trevor had a chance to run, Jake pulled back his arm and smashed his fist against Trevor's face causing him to stagger backwards from the force of the impact. The thud from Jake's fist could be heard and the crowd froze, mesmerised by the scene.


A few gasps could be heard as everyone took a step back from the two men, parents dragging their children away from the scene. Trevor stood back onto his feet, clutching his jaw, ready for vengeance.


Jake took his chance to swing at Trevor again and landed his fists on the side of Trevor's head. It instantly knocked him down and Jake stood over him, his foot pounding hard into Trevor's stomach. He lay there, his body limp and lifeless.


A scream could be heard coming from the crowd and it took me a few seconds to realise it was coming from me.


Jake didn't look like he was going to stop, even when Trevor was lying motionless. A wheezing cough came from Trevor as Jake smashed his foot into his stomach for the fifth time.


Images of Trevor doing the same to me flashed through my mind and I shook, unable to tear my gaze away from the scene in front of me. I ran up to Jake and clutched his arm, pleading for him to stop. He shook me off effortlessly and bounced towards Trevor's body, grabbing him roughly by the collar and dragging him up onto his feet. He resembled a rag doll and he flopped over, his head falling onto his chest.


"Stand up and fight me like the man you claim to be!" Jake screamed in his face, his voice laced with hatred.


I fell back into the crowd, knowing Jake was too far gone for me to stop him. Blood trickled from the side of Trevor's face and his eyes were now wide, masked with fear. I couldn't help but think this is what Trevor deserved. He had beaten me for years and now, the same thing was happening to him. He finally understood what it felt like to be terrified, helpless.


There's nothing worse than seeing someone stand over you, mouth turned up into a snarl as they laid into your weak body, ignoring your screams to stop.


Trevor stumbled on his feet, his body swaying from the impact on his head. He held out his arms weakly, ready to grab onto something to steady himself. Jake lunged for him again, grabbing the back of his head roughly. He turned him around and Trevor groaned loudly from the pain Jake was inflicting. I watched in horror as Jake bent down to his knees, still gripping tightly on the back of Trevor's head.


"Goodbye Trevor" Jake yelled before pulling back his face and smashing it forcefully onto the stone floor.


The crunch noise echoed in the air and I froze in fear, the scream lodged in my throat. Everything was silent and all that could be heard was Jake's heavy breathing and the faint sound of siren's.


The police.


I snapped out of my shock and ran forward, gripping onto Jake's arm tightly.


"Jake, Jake!" I yelled, trying my hardest to snap him out of his fighting mode.


"The police, we need to go!" I desperately persuaded him and he turned his face to look at my own. His eye's finally flickered with recognition and I breathed a sigh of relief. His chest moved heavily up and down with adrenaline and he jumped to his feet.


"Wait! The food," Jake murmured, gripping onto the food with one hand and reaching for mine with his other. I simply stared at him in disbelief as we ran, shaking my head.


"Are you serious right now?" I yell at him, my mouth hung open in disbelief. Jake turns and smirks at me, his eyes still wide and crazy looking. We both break out into a run, my legs burning from the effort. The sound of sirens were much closer now and I forced myself to run faster, despite my legs protesting.


I quickly slid in Jake's car, slamming the door shut and fastened my seatbelt. Jake placed the food in my lap before turning the key in the engine and reversed out of the car pocket. The car screeched loudly as we picked up speed, hurtling through the streets. My heart was thumping wildly against my chest and I glanced at his hands that were clutching the wheel. His knuckled were red, bleeding and I stared at them, feeling sick from what I witnessed.


"You killed him" I whispered feeling the bile rise in the back of my throat. Jake sped up, his chest rising and falling as his breathing struggled to even out. His grip on the steering wheel tightened and he turned towards me slightly, whilst also keeping an eye on the road.


"I didn't kill him Emily, he's lucky I didn't."


"I can't believe that just happened."


"The man abused you! Did you think I'd let him off that easily?" he protested, turning quickly into a side road.


"It was in public Jake! And I never asked for you to almost kill Trevor!" I shot back, peering round to see how far the police were from catching up to us.


"You don't need to ask me Muffin, I do it anyway."


"What if I didn't want you to do it? I don't want you getting into trouble."


"I'm still going to do it," Jake shrugged, almost skimming a car that was now furiously beeping at us. The sound of siren's faded the further we got, reminding me we were still wanted.


"I don't need my boyfriend ending up in prison for murder Jake."


Jake was silent for a few moments before he turned towards me, lips stretched out into his signature smirk.


"That's the thing though Muffin, I don't get caught."


His eyes were shining brightly from the adrenaline running through him. I rolled my eyes at him —


"Just get away from the police first Jake."


"I'm on it," he responded, turning back towards the road. He turned into a dark alleyway before shutting off the engine. The atmosphere was silent for a few minutes before Jake sighed dramatically.


"I'm don't regret it Emily, he got what he deserved."


"I know," I whispered quietly, leaning my head against the cold window.


"Hurting Trevor the same way he hurt me, does that mean we're exactly like him?" I asked quietly, turning to look at Jake. He didn't think about the question and responded instantly, his tone serious.


"Of course not. What Trevor does is vile and disgusting. I wish I could do it all over again."


"What am I going to do with you?" I sighed, giving Jake a small smile. I understood why he did what he did.


"Slap me whenever I do something wrong?" he joked and I chuckled, shaking my head at his response.


"You're such an oaf."


"But I'm your oaf, right?" he asked, giving me his best puppy dog look. I instantly melted from his large blue eyes and pouted lips. How can I be remotely mad when his face was simply too beautiful?


"My oaf." I confirmed, leaning over to kiss him. He took hold of my chin and kissed me softly before flicking his tongue out on my bottom lip.


"I just want to protect you Emily," he whispered against my lips causing my stomach to erupt with butterflies.


"I know Jake, I know." I whispered, resting my forehead against his.


"Can we get out of here?" I murmured and Jake nodded, his thumb stroking over my jawline.


"We sure can."


"You do?"

My phone rang and the screen flashed with Mum's contact. I instantly felt sick remembering how Jake had smashed Trevor's face into the floor. The crack of the impact still echoed in my ears and I shut my eyes tightly, wanting it to go away. Is he alive?


I declined the call and a text message popped up seconds later. I gritted my teeth together and turned my phone off, tossing it onto the bed. I really did not want to deal with that right now. Different emotions ran through my mind and I could feel the beginning of a migraine forming. A part of me was terrified for Trevor but another part of me was pleased he was in pain. I sighed, rubbing my temples with my hands. A soft knock on my bedroom door caught my attention —


"Come in," I said flatly, completely drained from the night's events.


I was suprised to see Tobias' face pop round my door and narrowed my eyes slightly. He still hadn't apologised and I was starting to think he never would.


"What do you want?" I mumbled and Tobias rolled his eyes (much to my annoyance).


"The police are here." He said flatly, matching my tone.


"What, why?" I asked him, sitting up straighter. Panic began to brew inside my chest and I inhaled deeply. Tobias didn't respond and walked in, bounced down onto my bed, placing his arms behind his head. I watched as he pulled out his phone, aimlessly scrolling through it.


"Where's Jake?"


"He left a while ago, he didn't say where he was going." Tobias responded, looking back up at me. His eye's met mine and he tilted his head slightly before speaking —


"What have you two been upto?" His eyes filled with curiosity. I stared at him for a moment or two, wondering whether I could trust him with the truth. I decided I didn't.


"We haven't done anything."


My voice came out calm and even I was impressed with myself. Tobias scoffed, not believing a word before looking back down at his phone.


"They want to speak to you," Tobias added, sounding extremely bored. I stood up, knowing this would happen. There were witnesses that had seen Jake beat Trevor up and both of us would be prime suspects.


Swallowing the lump in my throat, I walked towards the door, rehearsing what I would say. Before I was out of the door Tobias spoke again, stopping me in my tracks.


"Don't ever tell them the truth Emily."


I looked back at him and his eyes looked genuine, helpful for a second before flashing back to his arrogant self. I nodded, my throat going dry before turning back around and making my way downstairs. I turned into the living room, my stomach knotted from the nerves and I met eyes with a familiar face.


I immediately felt myself freeze on the spot.


The same dark buzz cut, chiseled jaw line and the dark blue eyes. Eyes that sent icy chills vibrating through your entire body.


The man from the park.


My hearts stopped for a moment before thudding hard inside my chest. I could hear it vibrating through my ears. I took a step away from him nervously, feeling the wall press against my back. He's a police officer?


He instantly knew I recognised him and his lips turned up into a small smirk. I wanted to lunge forward, slapping the smirk straight off his face. He was perched on the end of the couch, Jake's Mum sat to his right. She was smiling tightly at me and I gave her a small smile back in response.


"Emily, isn't it?"


I instantly sick from hearing my name come from him. This is the same man that sent me the creepy text messages . . . the same man who stalked me in the park. Numerous questions swirled around inside my brain but I knew one thing for certain, he's a dirty cop.


"Stick to your story Emily. I love my son and will never let him go down for something that he did or didn't do. Unfortunately he's a trouble maker and this happens quite frequently. Hopefully the police should stop sniffing around soon."


"You're a good Mum to him," I said quietly being truthful. She smiled warmly, her eyes lighting up a little.


"Thank you."


I smiled back at her, my body becoming weak from the day's events.


"Do you know where Jake is?" I asked quietly, Michelle shook her head before standing up.


"He dissapears sometimes, he's old enough to know what he's doing. Don't worry about him Emily." Before she left the room, I called out to her one last time —


"Yes?" she asked, turning around.


"Thank you Michelle, for everything."


She nodded, smiling before walking out. Her heels clicked faintly as she walked away, leaving me alone in the living room. I sank further into into the chair, feeling exhausted. My eyes were heavy and my head was throbbing horribly. I closed my eyes and sighed, getting comfortable.


It wasn't long before sleep invited itself.




I felt warm lips meet with my forehead and stirred in my sleep, feeling extremely uncomfortable. My back ached from the position I was in and I groaned quietly opening one eye. The room was dark and it took me a few seconds to register I was in the living room. Jake was sprawled out on the couch, his hair a total mess.


I jumped off the arm chair and felt my legs wobble a little from my sudden movement.


"Careful there Muffin" Jake chuckled quietly. I narrowed my eye's at him and sat back down on the arm chair, my body protesting in pain.


"Where did you go Jake?" I asked groaning from the slightest movement.


"Here and there," he replied, sitting up. He stretched his arms out and placed them behind his head casually. I glared at him and he held his hands up in surrender —


"I had a work thing with a few buddies, okay?"


"Okay but whilst you were gone, the police decided to show up." I said quietly. His eyebrows raised and he sat up straighter, intrigued. "The police? What did you say?"


"Your mum gave us an alibi."


Jake grinned from my words before leaning back on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. He let out a low breath, a wide smile on his face.


"I'm going to pay for that tomorrow but fuck, she's a great Mum."


"I agree, she is." I nodded, my voice still heavy with sleep. Jake briefly glanced at me before holding his arms out. I stood up, wincing a little and climbed into Jake's lap, my arms wrapping around his neck. His scent was like a comfort to me and I didn't bother hiding the fact that I was inhaling his scent deeply. Jake didn't seemed to mind and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in tighter. He placed a small kiss on top of my head —


"Thanks Muffin" he whispered gratefully and I mumbled my response, letting him know it was okay.


The past few weeks had been a complete rollercoaster but something told me the ride wasn't over yet. . . It had only just started.




"Yeah Emily?"


"The man who chased me in the park is the police officer who showed up here tonight." I revealed, unable to believe it myself.


"Really?" Jake asked his brows shooting up. I nodded quickly —


"He's also been sending me creepy text messages." I mumbled, shifting uncomfortably on Jake's lap. He paused, freezing underneath me. I felt his warm fingers grasp hold of my chin gently, turning it towards his direction. His face was emotionless, eyes darkening by the second and a small shiver travelled down my spine.


"Why didn't you tell me?" Jake asked me, dark eyes searching mine. I felt my throat dry out and I shrugged in response —


"I thought it was a prank, I didn't know it was anything serious. If I knew it was him, I would have told you." I said honestly. Jake sighed deeply, running a hand over his face.


"Promise me something?" He said firmly and I nodded my head, signalling for him to continue. His blue eyes softened, features relaxing as a hand snaked round my back.


"Next time, you tell me everything that happens. The smallest detail, okay?"


I nod because I know it's what he does. He's over-protective and fiercely loyal. I take hold of his hand, intertwining my fingers through his long warm ones.


"I promise."


A small silence settles upon us and I steal a glance at Jake to find him watching out intertwined hands. I smile at the sight of it before realising I should probably tell him everything I know about DC Jones.


"His name is DC Jones. Ive never seen or heard from him before except for the incident at the park and the text messages." I added, shuddering as I remembered his dark cold stare. Jakes body immediately tensed up and his eyes flashed cold at the mention of the name.


"Jones?" he repeated angrily and I nodded, scrunching my eyebrows in confusion.


"Do you know him?" I asked, surprise lacing my words.


"It's a long story Emily," Jake muttered unhappily, taking out his phone from his pocket. I stood from his lap and he immediately rose too, pressing buttons on his phone. He turned around without another word and walked out, holding the phone to his ear as it rang. I could hear Jake's muffled voices talking with someone on the other end of the phone. He sounded annoyed and his voice raised slightly as he yelled to the person on the other end.


Suddenly he silenced and I heard him slap his phone down onto the counter in frustration. He walked back into the living room tugging at his hair. I stood up, walking towards him with a worried expression.


"What's wrong? Tell me Jake" I said eager to know.


After all, it did involve me.


"He's trouble Emily, he used to be part of our gang. He's a corrupt officer but we'd always be one step ahead of the police with Jones being one of us."


I nodded, showing him I was listening. Jake sucked in a breath before carrying on –


"One day some stuff went down between the police and us. Jones ended up shooting Amil instead of helping him, he was hospitalised, almost died and then imprisoned for a couple of years. After that, as you can imagine, Amil has always had it in for him. He betrayed the gang, the worst possible thing you can do. Amil doesn't take betrayal well."


Jake finally finished and I took a second for all the information to register. My mind was so confused with all the information but it strangely made sense.


"So where do I come into this?" I asked still confused over that part.


"That's the thing, I don't know myself" Jake replied equally as confused. He paced the room walking back and forth before turning back to me –


"Have you ever seen him before?"


I shook my head. Jones was someone I'd definitely remember. You don't forget a face like that quickly.


"I actually have no idea what he wants with you" Jake growled after a few minutes. He tugged at his hair, taking a seat on the sofa. His brows were creased with frustration, worried frown lines on his forehead.


"When did he first get in contact with you Muffin?" Jake asked, pulling me gently towards him. I remembered the phone call I'd received months ago, the one claiming to be my father. I scrunched my brows up at his sick joke.


"There was a phone call, a few weeks before I met you. He said he was my father and then hung up, it was just a sick joke" I said quietly. Jake pulled me into his chest closer and used his free hand to stroke the back of my hair tenderly.


"Jones is a sick man."


A few minutes of silence passed, both me and Jake left with our thoughts.


"Let's go somewhere," he said finally pulling me back and looking me in the eyes eagerly.


"Like another date? It's like midnight and the first date turned out so well," I laughed dryly and Jake chuckled a little.


"Not a date, let's just go hang out somewhere."


"Do you enjoy my company Jakey?" I teased and Jake scowled at me.


"Jakey? Do not call me that Muffin," he shook his head at me and my smile grew wider.


"You're my boyfriend. I can call you what I want" I said sticking my tongue out at him. Jake grinned at me now, his tension completely dissapearing. He grabbed me, lifting me up in one swift move. I squealed and fought against him, half heartedly enjoying his playful side.


"Put me down Jake" I giggled, my arms waving around aimlessly in the air.


"Whatever you say Muffin" he chuckled dropping me from a height onto the couch. I bounced before settling down onto it.


I leaned forward and grabbed Jake's arm pulling him on top of me. He chuckled loudly and I signalled for him to be quiet knowing everyone would be asleep upstairs. Jake shrugged and grinned at me, shifting so all his weight wasn't completely on top of me.


"I like this position," Jake breathed into my neck and I giggled, rolling my eyes at him playfully. He pulled back, blue ocean eyes shimmering down at me. When he leaned down and kissed me, I wasn't ready. Every time he was close, I lost all sense of control. I felt myself spin into waves of pleasure as he flicked out his tongue, running it across my bottom lip. I let out a small sigh of pleasure and Jake pulled back, the tip of his nose touching mine.


"I love you."


I froze underneath him, the smile from my face slowly fading. Did he really just say that?


I felt Jake's body freeze on top of me and then he was off me so quick, I could have blinked and not seen it. I leaned up on my elbows, swallowing the lump in my throat. The atmosphere suddenly became thick filled with tension between us. His words clouded my brain. . . I love you.


"Jake – " I said quietly.


He had his back turned to me and cleared his throat. I could see his hands running through his hair wildly – something he did when he was really stressed out or nervous.


"Fuck," I heard him mumble.


"Jake" I said again, louder this time wanting him to turn around. My heart was beating wildly in my chest from his words. They seemed foreign coming off his lips and I couldn't help but think it was a spur of the moment thing.


"Did you mean it?" I asked quietly, noticing how Jake never turned around. He cleared his throat again and turned to face me. His whole facial expression had changed to one I'd never seen before. His eyes were glossy and looked so vulnerable. I sat up on the couch my own eyes never leaving his.


"Yeah, I do" he whispered, his words soft.


I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders as I registered his words. He loves me. Jake's gaze dropped to the floor as he waiting for my reply. I felt a thousand butterflies flutter through my stomach as I realised he actually loves me. I stood up and walked towards him, taking his hands in mine. They felt rough and large compared to my soft and small ones but I kinda loved that.


I love how completely different we are to each other yet I always feel myself being pulled towards him by a invisible force. I love how he makes me feel and I love how protective he is of me. I love his cheeky comeback's and his flirtatious side. I love how he rescued me not just from Trevor, but from myself. I love the way he cooks me pancakes in the morning and I love the way his nose scrunches up in the most adorable way when he's happy. I love the way he takes care of me… It's the same way I watched my father take care of my mother once upon a time. I love his soft playful side that he only ever seemed to show his close, loved ones.


I love him. I really do love him.


I looked up into his eyes and sensed how scared he was. It was the first time I had ever seen emotional fear in his eyes. He looked at me pleadingly, begging me silently not to turn him away.


"Say something Muffin" he mumbled, breaking the silence between us.


"I love you," I whispered, feeling completely enlightened. A grin broke out on my face as I took in his reaction. I saw his whole posture relax and his blue eyes shine with happiness. He grinned widely, giving me a show stopping smile and chuckled uncertainly as if he didn't believe me and needed reassurance.


"You do?" he asked and I nodded, grinning back at him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he laughed again, his chest vibrating with his deep chuckle. He took hold of my waist and spun me round, resting his forehead against mine, the smile never leaving either of our faces. He used his hand to tilt my chin up towards him, bringing our lips closer together.


"I love you Muffin" he repeated before his lips came crashing down onto mine, claiming me as his. I didn't have a problem with that. I kissed him back just as passionately, sealing our words with our lips.


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