His Love Will Save Me 20

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Wooden door flung open, smashing into the wall behind it and I jolted awake, backing myself as far into the wall as I could go. My eyes narrowed at the man stood in the doorway and I swallowed the lump in my throat, determined to show him I wasn't scared. I really was, I'm petrified. I'd learned the hard way to never show fear to men like Trevor and DC Jones. They thrived off it, it's what fuelled them to carry out their evil actions. Others need oxygen to survive, not these kind of people. They lived off fear, it's what kept their hearts beating.


"I was having a rather pleasant dream, do you mind shutting the door on your way out so I can go back to it?"


The sarcasm dripped from my every word.


Jones' dark eyes narrowed and pierced straight through me seeing every scar, every insecurity. His lips twitched, knowing he was making me uncomfortable. Asshole.


I sighed dramatically, facing away from him. I rested my head on my arms once again, my throat had been dry for hours and now felt as rough as Trish after a long boozy weekend.


I'm too proud and stubborn to ask him for a drink, I wouldn't dare ask him for anything. He'd completely ignored my screams for help and I had given up on the idea of anyone else hearing my pleas. The only sounds that could be heard around here was his steps and the occasional creak of the floorboards.


"Do you want something to eat Emily?" He broke the silence between us, walking a few steps towards me.


"Don't come any closer!" I warned, snapping at him. He laughed at my words, his head falling back slightly as he did so.


"If you haven't already realised darling, you're the one tied up, not me."


I ignored his words, turning to face the dull wall. My throat throbbed painfully and I tried to hydrate it using my own saliva. It'd completely dried out and I felt severely dehydrated to the point I wanted to be sick.


"Water," I croaked out, squeezing my eyes shut tightly. I refused to look at him, my captor. I heard him leave the room for a few minutes before entering it again. He walked towards me and my body stiffened from having his presence near me. DC Jones bent down till he was at my level.


"Turn around."


I obeyed, hating the way I felt like a victim. He held a glass of water in his hand and he brought it closer to my lips, allowing me to take a sip of it. I swallowed the cool liquid greedily and leaned forward for another drink.


"How about you take these ropes off my hands so I can drink it myself?" I asked before taking another large gulp. Half of the water missed my mouth and ended up down my chin and I squeezed my eyes shut, embarrassed at the state I was in.


"I'm not stupid Emily." DC Jones sighed, placing the empty glass down next to me. He stood and walked over to the wooden chair in the corner of the room. I narrowed my eyes as he lowered himself down, taking a seat.


"Why have you done this to me?"


"Because there's no other way." DC Jones shook his head sadly, his eyes filling with remorse. I frowned, clearly not understanding what was going on here.


"No other way for what? Who are you? Let me go!" I yelled, my patience running out.


I struggled against the rope and a tear of frustration slid down my cheek followed by another. Soon enough I was full on sobbing, my chest heaving heavily up and down. DC Jones walked over to my side and raised his hand. This is it.


I immediately freeze, my breath caught in my throat. His hand came down and instead of hitting me which was my original thought, he stroked the top of my hair soothingly. I stiffened and moved my head as far away from his as I could. His touch made me feel sick to my stomach.


He noticed my hostility towards him and stiffened up. I breathed a sigh of relief as he took a few steps backwards.


"I'll get the police, they'll lock you up for this," I hissed, hating the man with every bone in my body. DC Jones looked at me as if I had grown two heads before he burst out laughing, the evil glint in his eyes shimmering away. He clutched at his stomach before bending over, laughing hysterically whilst I watched him in silence, dumbfounded at how messed up this man is.


"Oh honey, you crack me up. I am the police."


My heart dropped as I realised he was right – he is the police. The police couldn't help me. No-one could help me. I was screwed, well and truly screwed.


"Please, just let me go. I'll do anything." I pleaded, fearing for my life now more than ever.


"I'm never going to let you go Emily, not again. Never again."


"Please!" I begged, lunging towards him. I was immediately pulled back as the stinging pain in my foot caused me to stumble backwards, slamming my back into the metal frame of the bed.


"I want to go home!" I cried harder, the tears falling fast. I was cold, tired, hungry, scared, hurt and above all, I miss Jake like crazy. The empty void in my heart and stomach was causing me to go crazy. I miss his touch, his safe scent. I miss him.


"But Emily, you are home," Jones replied, cupping my chin in his hands, forcing me to look at him. I stopped crying as I stared hatefully into the eyes of the man that I loath.


"This isn't my home, you sick bastard!"


"Yes it is!" he snapped back, his eyes turning a dark shade of blue with fury.


"You belong with me!" he added, dropping my chin before walking away from me towards the door. Before he could leave, he turned back around, the same murderous glint in his eye.


"You belong with your father."


He slammed the door shut, leaving me alone on the floor once more. His words rang loudly through my ears, stabbing my chest over and over again, making it hard to breathe. I shook my head repeatedly, refusing to believe him.


How can it be?


He's my father.


DC Jones is my father.


Rescue Mission

Jake's POV –

"It's been a while baby," I chuckled, passing the small pistol between my hands. It was as smooth as I remembered it, not too heavy but with enough weight to get a good grip. The pistol was a perfect fit for my hands, I had lots of love for this gun. It had saved my life quite a few times before and I shook my head, remembering all the memories of scarier days. I pointed it towards Brett, another gang member and shut one eye, aiming directly in the area his heart was.




Brett clutched his heart dramatically and I lowered my gun, grinning at him. He rolled onto the floor, clutching his heart before sputtering and choking.


I chuckled at him before tucking my gun back into the waistband of my jeans and covered it over with my shirt an jacket.


"You're so dramatic," I grinned towards Brett. He stood up, dusting himself off before replying.


"There's always one dramatic in every gang," he responded playfully and I rolled my eyes before turning my attention back to my phone.


Amil isn't going to show up.


I should have known.


I sighed heavily, knowing my boss would pull a stunt like this. Instead he sent over two guys to replace him, Brett and Jamie. Both had been gang members for a few years.,Jamie was tall and skinny with a blonde buzzcut and Brett was built wide, muscular and had dark jet black hair. I got on well with both guys and didn't mind going with them instead of Amil.


He always did get others to do his dirty work for him.


"So we go in, kill Jones and get the girl back basically?" Brett asked and I nodded, pocketing my phone before replying.


"I'll be the first one in, Jones should be by himself but he might have one or two men with him. Basically, we're going in blind."


"Take him by surprise, he's a hell of a fighter so watch out for that. He'll probably have a few weapons on him. He's only expecting me to show up so we have the upper hand. Whoever finds Emily first, needs to get her away from there as far as possible." I explained.


Brett and Jamie nod and I knew they wanted to know more about the situation with me and Emily. I didn't blame them considering they were risking their lives for her.


"I appreciate what you're doing." I nodded towards them and they nodded back, signalling they understood. I sighed and headed for the door, Brett and Jamie right behind me. The adrenaline was pumping through my veins knowing what we were about to do.


"Let's go," I said quietly.


We all left the room, closing the door behind us, not knowing if we would ever see the same four walls again.


Emily's POV-

"Eat Emily," DC Jones pushed the plate towards me. I stared back at him, my eyes emotionless and bloodshot from lack of sleep.


"Fuck you," I spat, hatred running through my blood.


I felt weak and the last thing on my mind was food. I grimaced at the plate before I turned away from him, staring at the same spot on the wall that I had done for hours now. I didn't know the time, I didn't even know what day it was.


I could only recognise day and night by the small window above me. When the sun streamed through the window, I would lie flat, soaking in the warmth. However when darkness greeted me, so did the cold. I spent my nights shivering in my thin clothes on the floor, praying for someone to come rescue me.


Ever since I had found out DC Jones is my biological father, I had become emotionless and detached. My mind and thoughts were one big blur and I felt defeated. I had given up, forever staying slumped against the metal bed.


"Emily, eat." Jones demanded, pushing the plate towards me once again. I ignored him and instead shut my eyes, picturing my father.


My real father.


He looked sad in my thoughts, his eyes full of pained emotion. He always did wear his heart on his sleeve and I knew by looking at his face what kind of emotion he was feeling. I love that about him, how he was so open and honest. No games, nothing underneath the surface.


What you saw is what you got.


"I want my dad" my voice was croaky and husky from lack of use. It was the first words I had spoken for a while, the first time my mind wasn't jumbled and confused by what I wanted.


"I'm here" DC Jones replied and I snapped my head towards him, eyes burning with a new found fire.


"You are NOT my father.


"You will never be my father, I hate you. I wish you would have stayed out of my life. What kind of father ties his own daughter up to a metal bed!" I screamed, holding my arms up.


"My wrists are bleeding," I continued, my words icy and laced with nothing but venom.


"My wrists have been bleeding because these ropes are so tight and you won't take them off me! Do I look like I'm going to run? Huh?!"I yelled, my voice rising.


DC Jones looked taken aback, shocked from my outburst considering I had been silent this whole time. Suddenly, his eyes filled with regret and sadness and I scoffed at him –


"Regret it now, do you?"


"I am your father," he said quietly, his voice barely above a whisper.


"My father's dead!" I shot back at him, swallowing the painful lump I'd get whenever I spoke of him.


"No he's not, I'm your real father! Not that waste of space!" DC Jones snapped, kicking over the chair in the corner. It landed on the floor with a thud and I turned to face him once more.


"My father will always be a better father than you, a better man. He's dead and he does a better job than you are right now." I replied, my words angering DC Jones further. His jaw clenched tightly and his vein in his neck pumped with the adrenaline from his anger.


"If you gave me a gun now, I'd shoot you, that's how much I hate you." I said calmly, my words monotoned.


"You're already dead to me," I added before turning over and lying on the cold floor, my back facing DC Jones. I could hear him breathing heavily behind me, digesting my words. He suddenly yelled loudly and I heard something heavy smash to the floor.


As he continued to pound the furniture in the room, I closed my eyes and let the tears fall silently. It wasn't hard to drown out the deafening noises behind me.


I already felt dead inside.



Darkness greeted me and the wind whistled through the window into the room, causing me to shiver for the hundred time. The room had dropped in temperature so quickly, I didn't have time to prepare myself. My body felt stiff from lack of movement and the cold air did nothing but make it worse. I shut my eyes tightly and huddled closer to the wall, not caring anymore about the filth it was covered in.


I was desperate to keep in some of my body heat.


The door suddenly shot open and my eyes flung awake, turning towards him. DC Jones stood there, his own eyes wide with panic. He shut the door before pushing over a large dresser in front of it effortlessly. He turned around and signalled for me to stay quiet.


I scrunched my brows tightly…


What the hell was going on?


"What are you doing?" I asked huskily, my throat aching as I spoke.


"Shut up." DC Jones hissed angrily at me before grabbing something from the back of his jeans. My eyes widened as I made out the small black shape in his hands, a gun.


This is it, he's going to kill me.


He walked towards me and I whimpered, shutting my eyes as I waited for the barrel of the gun to meet my head.


"Emily." DC Jones hissed and I opened my eyes slowly, tears falling fast down my face.


"Don't kill me," I pleaded and he hissed angrily, lunging himself towards me. I barely had a chance to scream before his large hand was clamped over my mouth, muffling any sound I made. His other hand began to untie the ropes behind my back, loosening the knots.


"You're coming with me," he growled, his hold on me iron tight. The tears fell faster and my heart thumped wildly at my chest, threatening to break through. I could feel the pounding of my heartbeat in my ears and I was terrified.


"Please," I muffled, pleading for my life.


"Shut up." DC Jones repeated into my ear. One of his hands held the gun and I whimpered, terrified of it being so close to me. I heard something rustle outside of the door and my eyes widened immediately. Someone was here.


This was it, this was my chance to get the hell out of here. I instantly screamed loudly, shouting for help. DC Jones hand tightened over my mouth, muffling my screams. I lashed out wildly, head butting DC Jones in the process. His immediate reaction was to let go and cradle his head where I had smashed mine into his. I shuffled away from him as much as I could before taking a deep breath –


"HELP! I'm in here! Please help me! Help!"


My lungs ached and DC Jones charged towards me, angrier than a bull in a flaming bullfight.


His hand shot out and he punched the side of my head, causing me to fall hard onto the floor. The pounding in my head was now so loud, I couldn't hear anything besides the ringing in my ears. The spot where he had punched me throbbed painfully and I groaned, crying in pain. DC Jones wasted no time in pointing the barrel of his gun against my temple.


"Make one more sound and I swear to god, I will blow your brains out" he threatened, hissing into my ear.


My eyes widened in fear and I immediately quietened down, the only sounds coming from me was my quiet whimpers. The cold barrel against my temple felt so alien, so wrong.


I stared at the door and willed that my screams for help were heard. It wasn't long before the doorknob turned and my breath got caught in my throat as I waited for them to make their way in here.


Please help me. Just open the door.


"Its locked," I heard the muffled voice outside the door, the furniture in the way of letting them in. DC Jones stiffened behind me and he pressed the gun further against my skin. His other hand was over my mouth and my chest rose up and down from the adrenaline running through my body. My head was still pounding and my eyes were persuading me to close them but I couldn't, not now.


The door rattled once more before everything was once again silent. My heart dropped as I heard footsteps walking away, they were leaving. I whimpered again, the hope in me fading away just like their footsteps.


"That's right, go away," DC Jones whispered behind me and I could practically see his eyes twinkling, the smirk on his face so evident at not being discovered. I slumped against him, my eyes finally drifting shut, not caring what happened to me from now on.


I wasn't sure if I was dreaming but the door flung open, sending the dresser flying towards us.


Three dark figures stood in the doorway.


Or is that my imagination?


My ears were still ringing and I eventually gave in. I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head and I blacked out. The last thing I remember was a loud bang and I prayed the reason I was fading away wasn't because I had a bullet through my head.


Judgement Day

My heart almost leapt out of my mouth as I stood in the doorway, taking in the scene in front of me. The room was a complete dump, the musty smell so evident in the air, it was a struggle not to gag. My jaw clenched as I met his cold eyes, Jones.


He was sat on the opposite side of the room, looking as calm as always, his signature smirk plastered on his evil face. His back was against the wall and I almost lost control as I noticed Emily, unconscious in his arms.


I controlled my anger as I realised he also had a gun… pressed against Emily's head. I immediately raised my own and forced myself to think straight. The temptation to put several bullets through every single one of his main organs was strong but I couldn't, considering he was holding my entire life in his arms.


Calm down Jake, focus on your aim.


I forced myself to forget about Emily for now, if I didn't get my aim spot on, the chance of DC Jones taking all three of us out would be high. I couldn't risk that, I was more trained then Brett and Jamie and I knew I had to protect them aswell as Emily. She looked so peaceful in her sleep and I ached to run over to her and tend to her wounds. She was weak, I knew that the second my eyes landed on her. She was pale, the colour of her usual tanned skin now pasty and ghost like.


"What have you done to her?" I growled, aiming my gun directly at Jones heart. He sneered before pressing the gun tighter into Emily's skull.


"Put the gun down Jones!" I yelled, taking a step towards him. A hand instantly shot out and grabbed my arm, pulling me back. I turned slightly to see Brett, his gun trained on Jones with one hand. His other hand held my arm tightly, pulling me backwards. Without his sight never leaving Jones, he muttered quietly –


"Don't move or he'll shoot her."


I knew he was right.


I took a step back, my eyes never blinking once. I couldn't risk taking my eyes off him even for a second, he was a snake as sly as they came. Jones grinned knowingly at my actions knowing he had the power in the situation. Maybe he did but it was three against one and the three with better guns than him were also blocking the doorway.


No matter what happened, someone wasn't leaving this room alive.


"If you come closer even an inch, her brains will be splattered all over the floor" he spat towards us and I instantly wanted to rip his throat out and make him eat it. I never felt so much hatred for one single man and my line of work wasn't exactly rainbows and fucking sunshine.


"What do you want with her?" I repeated, my voice low and dangerous.


I'm ready to kill.


"She's my daughter, do I need a reason?" Jones shot back and I instantly lowered my gun, shocked at his response.


Jones is Emily's father?


"Jake…" Jamie muttered at me, pulling me out of my shock. I had let my guard drop and I needed to stay focused. Jones noticed my shock and he chuckled quietly, the hold on his gun getting tighter.


"You didn't know, no-one did. I love her! She's my flesh and blood," Jones voice softened as he looked at Emily, lifeless in his arms.


"Jones, she needs help. If you really love her, you'll let her go and let us help her," I said quietly, hoping my tactic was working. I was definitely not a psychologist but even I knew he wasn't right in the head. He also needed help but it's a shame my bullet would be lodged deep into his brain for him to ever get it.


"No! You'll take her away from me" Jones yelled, pointing the gun at me instead. I gulped as the end of his barrel stared me down. My eyes never left his and neither did my gun, the tension in the room was getting higher as each second passed.


"Let her go, she needs help."


"No! She's mine," Jones argued back, the frustration in his voice growing. The pain in his face was clear and he looked deep in thought as he pondered his decision. That's when I saw her move, Emily was waking up.


Her eyes shot open and she looked around terrified before her eyes landed on me. I couldn't make out her expression even though I was aching to, I willed myself to keep my aim on Jones instead. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her relieved features before she saw my gun.


"Emily, it's okay, stay calm." I pleaded with her through my words, hoping to reassure her in any way I could. The last thing we need is for Emily to freak out. Too much movement in a situation like this could end up fatal. Emily turned as she finally realised DC Jones was behind her. I heard her whimper and my jaw clenched tighter, knowing she was scared. I felt a little piece of my heart break knowing I couldn't be the one to make her feel safe right now.


"Emily," I repeated, my voice wobbling with emotion. She turned back towards me and I didn't need to look at her to know tears were sliding down her face.


"Jones, please let her go," I begged. I couldn't take anymore of this. It was too personal for me to be focused right now and I was going to get us all killed.


Jones immediately snapped at my words, grabbing Emily tighter and turning his gun back to her head. Jamie and Brett's hands shot out, pulling me back and if it wasn't for them by my side, I would have charged over to him and dragged him as far away from Emily as I could. His hands alone on my girl was enough to blow me over the edge, I had no idea how I remained so composed for this long.


Emily's eyes pleaded with mine and I had to look away as I felt my own tears threaten to spill at her broken face. She looked defeated and it was killing me inside. She slowly turned towards Jones and I immediately snapped at her.


"Emily, stay still!" I growled, the grip on my trigger tightening. She turned back towards me giving me a little nod, letting me know she knew what she was doing. My heart was in my throat as I watched her uneasily.


I couldn't believe my eyes or ears as Emily turned towards Jones, forcing him to look at her before she whispered loud enough for us to hear.


"Please let me go… Dad."


Jones whole composure relaxed, his gun lowered as he stared open mouthed at Emily.


This is it, this is our chance.


I was just about to prepare myself to shoot when I saw Emily hold her hand up at me, willing me to stop. She shook her head before turning back to Jones, her tears completely dry by now. Her face looked emotionless, her eyes dead and broken.


"What did you just say?" Jones asked, placing his gun onto the floor. I took a step back, giving them space but never let my gun drop incase Jones decided to pick his back up.


"Dad," Emily repeated, swallowing the lump in her throat. She's lying. It was killing her to say these words but it was working. My shoulders slumped in relief as I realised she really did know what she was doing. Jones leaned back onto the wall and did the last thing I expected him to.


He cried.


Emily's POV-

I watched him fall apart in front of me as I said the one word I never thought I'd call anyone else but my father. I had to do it, he was pointing a gun at Jake and I couldn't risk Jake getting hurt. He was the only family I needed, not this sick perverted sperm donor. I almost passed out again when he switched and aimed his gun back against my temple.


"Dad" I called him, he was now full on sobbing, his chest rising and falling fast.


I slowly released his arm off me and he dropped it weakly against his side, admitting defeat. I took this as my chance to run, be safe. I stood to my feet, wobbling a little from lack of balance before I took slow steps backwards, never turning my back on the man who was currently breaking apart.


I could practically feel Jake's presence behind me, it was so powerful. The aura around him screamed safety and I instantly relaxed as I felt my back touch the front of his body. I smiled, relieved this nightmare was over. Jake's free arm slid over my waist and he also lowered his gun as he realised I was finally in his arms, safe once again.


"Jake" I whimpered, the roles now reversed as I was starting to fall apart from his touch. His one arm held me up close, carrying most of my weight. He bought his head and tucked it into the crook of my neck, kissing the skin tenderly. I shut my eyes and sobbed quietly, the realisation that I was rescued finally hitting me.


I was away from him, away from the man who had stalked me, frightened me, kidnapped me and let me bleed as he watched.


I opened my eyes to get one last look at him before I knew Jake would kill him. My eyes opened to the image of Jones sneering, his hand reaching once again for the gun. My heart pounded painfully against my chest and I couldn't breathe, my lungs restricting the oxygen I so badly needed. It was like time had stopped and everything happened in slow motion. I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out like I was stuck in a horrible vicious nightmare.


My eyes widened and I knew I couldn't say anything because it would be too late by then. Jake was still holding me close as I saw the gun rise in the air and point directly towards him. My heart leapt out of my mouth as Jones' finger pressed against the trigger and a loud echoing boom filled the room followed by a scream. It only took me a millisecond before I realised the screams were coming from me. I snapped my head to look at Jake who's eyes were wide with fear as he screamed back at me but everything sounded muffled, drowned out.


Is he hurt? Is Jake shot?


I scanned his body, looking desperately for the source of the blood that stained his shirt.


His face was scrunched up in pain, tears streaming down his cheeks as he dropped his gun and caught me between his two arms. He held me up close as he continued screaming but I couldn't hear anything. I scrunched my eyebrows at him, confused, until I glanced down and finally found the source of the blood.


How was it possible that I could taste the blood in my mouth, in my throat, in the air?


Who's blood is it?


My blood, it was me.


I was shot.


The End


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