How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 10

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Chapter 17 – I Do. No, You Don’t.


Leoni's POV


When the car pulled up at the ceremony I swear I literally felt my body melting into the seat. I was unable to move.


We were in the middle of a huge clearing which was filled with over 800 people, all seated, and who were now staring directly over at our car.


There was a very large isle going down the middle of the crowd leading to a stage where Carter, my father, a random man and a few of Carters friends stood waiting.


His face sent threatening chills through my body as he glared over towards the car knowing that I could see him through the tinted windows.


Thank God for the tinted windows as he luckily couldn't see me quivering away from him in fear.


I began to shake violently in my seat as everyone exited the vehicle leaving me behind. It was all becoming too real and I was almost certain that I was on the verge of having a panic attack.


Saying "I Do" to a man that I don't love in front of all of these people. I can't do it. I need a miracle and I need one now!


The next thing I know, my car door is being opened by James as he reaches out his hand to help me. I flinch away from his hand like I usually do with everyone now and he shoots me a pleading look.


He obviously knows that I will get myself into a huge amount of trouble if I don't get out of this car right now and carry on with the wedding.


I shakily take his hand and he offers me a small smile which I don't return. I can't smile. Not today since this will officially be my breaking point. They will ruin me forever by sending me off with this man and I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive them again.


"I have to walk you down the aisle…" James whispers to me as we approach the end and wait for the music to play.


My father is supposed to walk me down the aisle traditionally but I guess he doesn't want to anymore…


He hates me.


I ignore the heart ache that I feel and nod at James. The music begins to play and James takes the first step urging me to go forward with him. I take his arm and walk through the crowds slowly feeling everyone's gazes melting into my appearance.


What if they can see my bruises or cuts?


What about the cut on my cheek?


Am I too fat?


My face heats up intensely and I direct my eyes to the ground. Each step I take closer to Carter is only making my breathing become faster. My hands start to sweat and after what feels like hours we eventually reach the steps leading up on to the stage.


A stage? Really? You make the most quiet, anxious girl in the whole entire world get married on a stage in front of a large wolf community.


They really do want to torture me.


James helps me up the steps which I'm kinda glad about as my body is far too weak to get me up them alone without falling.


I begin to approach Carter as slowly as possible once I'm up the steps in an attempt to hold onto my freedom for just a little while longer.


As I eventually look up to make eye contact with him I see that he has the biggest grin ever plastered across his face.


Of course he would be acting like the happiest man on earth right now in front of everyone… surprise, surprise.


He's probably just grinning at the scar he's managed to leave on my face.




"Okay so now that everyone is seated and ready to go, let's begin the ceremony…" I hear the man that I didn't recognize from the car earlier announce.


As he begins to ramble on about couples and stuff I can't help but worry about saying "I do" in front of everyone… even worse, I will have to have my first kiss with Carter on this stage.


Yes, it will be my first kiss. Embarrassing I know and if I make a fool of him then he will surely punish me for it later.


"So, Carter…" The man starts to say, causing me to break away from my thoughts and glance up at him.


"Do you, Carter Reign, take Miss Leoni Stone, Daughter of Sir Alpha Dean Stone…" He begins to say but is cut off by the sound of screaming tires and a roaring engine, revving in the distance.


Everyone, including me, turns to watch as a large black sports car emerges from the hill before pulling up to a halt at the back of the clearing.


We all watch intensely to see who would dare turn up late and interrupt the daughter of the Alpha's wedding. My father will for sure kill whoever that is for simply delaying the plans.


I however was thankful for the fact that they had stalled the ceremony just for a little bit.


The passenger side door suddenly flies open causing the crowd to silence and my jaw to hit the floor as I watch Adam emerge from the vehicle.


ADAM?! He has actually made it here?!


He looks around before suddenly spotting me and giving me an overly excited wave followed by a cheeky grin. I however don't know what to do or think.


Yes, I'm glad that he made it here like he had promised but let's be real… Is he an idiot or what? My father has all rights to kill him right now and there he is, grinning like the Cheshire Cat and waving frantically at me in front of everyone.


I turn slightly to see both Carter and my father growling over at Adam looking beyond pissed off, both of them clearly itching to snap his neck.


However, before either of them can react to Adams presence the next car door opens and out comes a very tall, muscular man covered in tattoos, everywhere other than his face.


He. Was. Perfection. A little scary, but perfect in my eyes.


Wait did I just think that about someone? I've never thought that about any guy! Not even Carter!


There is a burning sensation within my stomach and my heart rate begins to speed up incredulously as I watch the mysterious man study the crowds.


I turn back to look at both Carter and my Father again and I am beyond confused to see that both of their enraged faces have now been replaced with looks of horror and fear.


Wait fear? This can't be right. Who is that man over there and how can one man scare them both half to death?


And then it clicked. As I watched everyone in the crowds bow their heads in fear I worked it out.


That man right there is the strongest, cruelest, meanest Alpha of all Alphas.


He is our Alpha king.


I glance over at Adam who is standing smugly leaning on the car, before my eyes land on the King himself who to my surprise was now staring right back at me intensely, causing me to gasp.


I quickly bowed my head since I knew that he could hurt me a thousand times worse than anyone else ever could.


Someone then cleared their throat causing me to turn back around and the man from before begins to continue with the ceremony, bringing me crashing back into reality.




The pain in my chest had gone for that split moment when Adam and the King had arrived and now it was back. The pain I felt was all back and nobody could save me now. It was too late.


"As I was saying… Do you, Carter Reign, Take Miss Leoni Stone, daughter of the Alpha of the Silver Ace Pack to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The man asks and I can feel the tears building up in my eyes.


It's all happening so fast and I can't take living with any of these people.


"I do." Carter boldly states whilst smirking down at me victoriously.


I begin to tremble under his gaze, letting the words that he just said in front of all of these people settle into my mind.


"I Do."


"I Do."


"I Do."




Wait that voice wasn't in my head? That was real? What the he-


My eyes snap wide open and I glance around the crowd frantically looking for the owner of the voice that just made such a bold statement.


My eyes land on the Alpha King who was now pacing towards the stage completely outraged with his fists clenched into large balls.


I honestly don't know what is going on right now but the fear I am experiencing is causing my chest to ache. I can't help but release a quiet whimper as I back away slowly.


What if he wants to hurt me just like Carter?


I turn to see that Carter and my father have both completely paled in color at the Kings actions.


I wonder how powerful this king must be if he can manage to make the both of these grown men pee their pants. He looks a lot younger than Carter too which is the slightly amusing part.


The look on their faces was only scaring me further however as I began to tremble furiously. If this king had them both scared then the moon Goddess only knows how scared I am right now!


Once the King had reached the stage he furiously stormed up the steps and headed straight towards me.


My heart was in my ears and I couldn't process what was happening until he firmly grabbed a hold of my tiny wrist in his large hand causing me to gasp.


This was not the thing causing me to gasp however, but it was the electrifying sparks that shot up my hand and arm after his touch.


This was something that I've never felt before with anyone. The pain I was experiencing all over my body was gone for a brief moment and the only thing I could register was the contact between us both as he held my wrist tightly.


What I heard him say next nearly caused me to collapse into an early death right there and then…


"You will not, over my dead body, be marrying this girl as she is my mate!" I heard him bellow out in a complete rage directed at Carter.


His face was bright red from fury and the king spoke with so much authority that the whole crowd bowed to him after he spoke.




Everyone in the crowd gasped including me before they all fell into silent whispers at the statement the king just made.


Did the Alpha King really just say that I was his mate? That can't be true? What sick joke is this? How much money have they paid him to actually come all the way here to pretend that he's my mate?


I couldn't help it anymore I started crying.


Once the king heard me sob loudly he loosened his grip on my wrist slightly but still kept a hold of me.


"Now who the fuck are you to claim what's mine!!" The king snapped out again moving closer to Carter and reaching his eye level effortlessly, whilst slightly pulling me along with him.


I nearly fainted when I see Carter begin to shake and open and close his mouth like a fish trying to think of something to say.


He was scared. For the first time ever, he was actually scared. It felt quite good knowing that it wasn't me who had to be scared this time.


The tears still fell down my face though and I couldn't seem to manage to control them. I glanced at my father briefly to see him standing there in utter shock at the scene in front of him.


"I-I- Uh… think that this is just some big misunderstanding sir." Carter croaks out and my mouth drops when hearing him stutter.


"A MISUNDERSTANDING!" The king bellows and I feel him begin to shake beside me as his grip around my wrist tightens yet again.


I flinch at his tone, whilst trying to hide behind him slightly in hopes that he doesn't turn his attention to me soon.


He must be close to shifting into his wolf which is terrifying me. I don't actually know who to be more scared of. Carter who claims to be my mate or the much stronger Alpha King who is now claiming me.


"You mean to tell me that you've pretended to be my daughters mate this whole time!" My father now speaks up making everyone's attention turn to him.


He's a bit late to turn against Carter now. He never even believed anything I said!


"I… I uh… I thought she was my mate." Carter stutters out again looking back and forth between my father and the king.


"YOU THOUGHT SHE WAS YOURS?!" The king yells in complete rage before sending Carter flying half way across the stage by the force of one punch with his free hand.


Everyone gasped and I could hear some babies in the audience begin to cry. I, however, was a sobbing mess. I didn't understand what was going on at all. Everyone just wants to claim me as theirs so that they can hurt me like I'm some toy?


I watched as the blood began to trickle from Carters nose as he struggled to get up to his feet. I actually enjoyed seeing him bleed as horrible as it sounds. He deserved it after everything he has put me through.


"Leoni… who is your real mate?" My father suddenly asks making everyone turn to me, including the king.


"I AM HER FUCKING MATE! Are you calling your own king a liar! She. Is. Mine. No questions asked!" The king snaps out at my father making me sob loudly again.


"No, No, sir, I just want to hear it from her." My father says as he bows his head in respect.


He should be over there helping Carter since he seemed to love him so much five minutes ago.


Everyone was staring at me now which was making me feel extremely awkward and even more scared if possible.


"I… I…" I couldn't finish my sentence as I burst out in more tears, soon becoming a trembling mess. They were all confusing me and I didn't like it one bit.


"You all have my mate scared to death! Let me fucking guess! You all forced her into this marriage? am I correct?" The king barked out and I watched as my father hung his head low in shame.


"AM I FUCKING CORRECT?!" He bellowed again making everyone flinch. "Yes sir." I heard my father’s voice whisper out.


"What is your name?" The king asks me briefly and I gasp realizing that he is speaking directly to me now.


"L-Leoni sir" I whisper out between quiet sobs and he nods at me briefly.


"Well Leoni tell me this… when I took hold of your wrist here…" He gestures down to his hand holding me. "Did you feel sparks when our skin touched?" He finished.


I didn't answer him verbally but Instead I nodded my head as a yes. I was too scared to do otherwise in case he got angry at me. I was too scared to say I didn't feel them in case he knew that I was lying.


"Leoni… did you feel those same sparks when Carter touched you?" He asks me again, spitting out Carters name like it was a disease.


I shake my head as a no this time and he smirks down at me, not an evil smirk like Carters, but an almost proud smirk.


The only thing I felt when Carter touched me was pain.


"Case closed! She is my fucking mate and Leoni will be coming back to my pack with me! I will also be taking Carter and locking him up in my cells until I find out the full story! If anyone has a problem with my decisions then speak now or forever shut your god damn mouth!" He snaps whilst signaling his men to grab a hold of Carter.


Nobody speaks up about his decisions, not even my father or mother. So I guess that's it then? I'm going to live with the big scary king so that he can abuse me now.


"Adam!" He snaps and I relax slightly at hearing my friends name and remembering that he lives there too.


"Take her back to my car and get anything she wishes to bring with her from her house… I'm going to have a talk with her father." He says angrily and I see Adam rush onto the stage before engulfing me into a massive hug.


I whimper loudly from the pain when he touches me and it doesn't go unnoticed by the king.


"If I see you that close to her again I will snap your neck, cousin or not!" He barks out making me flinch but Adam just laughs him off and drags me towards the car with him.


"Don't worry… he's not that bad Lee." Adam assures me as we head off to the car leaving my pack and family behind.


I'll figure that one out for myself…


Chapter 18 – Princess or Prisoner


Leoni's POV


Okay so now.


I am currently sitting in the back seat of a sports car.


Being driven by the freaking Alpha King!


Well at least I'm not married to Carter? I guess? And on the bright side Adam is here too.


I sat and watched both Adam and the king argue over directions which was quite humorous but whenever the king raised his voice I couldn't help but cower away slightly. Adam, however, didn't seem fazed by the king at all.


The king was driving like a maniac and whenever the car shot over a hole in the road or a speed bump I had to bite my lip in order to contain a whimper. The pain that a simple bump in the road caused to my body when it jerked us around in the car was indescribable.


I'm guessing that my hair was now a mess and that my makeup was smeared all over my face, after what happened back at the ceremony.


Just perfect.


Adam took me home and I changed into some comfy clothes but I never had time to wash my face or fix my hair since the King was extremely impatient.


Despite how young he looks, he still acts like the manliest man I've ever seen. It's strange. I think that he's actually forgotten how to be a normal guy.


I yawned out loud and suddenly clamped my hand over my mouth for drawing attention to myself.


Damn my stupidity and being this tired!


I see the king glance back at me in the mirror and smirk. I don't know if it's a good smirk or a bad one but either way I was shaking in fear already. How could I be so dumb to yawn like that in his presence!


"Leoni, take a nap on the back seat and we will wake you up when we get there." The king instructs me sternly and I nod back shyly before laying down and getting comfy.


I didn't want to argue with him or make him hurt me even though he hasn't even shouted at me or been mean to me at all since we met.


I still have to keep my guard up though, I learned that with Carter. Maybe when Adams gone he will begin to show his true colors.


I can't let my guard down and believe that he could actually treat me better than Carter did. The only thing I'm happy about is that Adam can help keep me safe for most of the time.


I got comfy on the seats and once the car ride became smoother, I was sleeping like a baby within seconds.



4 hours later…



"Lee…Lee… come on sleeping beauty, you gotta wake up!" I hear Adams voice say as he shakes me lightly.


I can't come to terms with opening my eyes however so I chose to ignore him hoping that he will just leave me here to sleep.


"You're pathetic Adam! Move out the way and let me carry her in, make yourself useful and get her bags will you!" I hear a very deep voice say, causing me to remember everything that had happened with the King.


Oh damn! Uhh… just pretend to still be asleep Leoni!


"She didn't bring any bags… sir." I heard Adam reply and I was a bit shocked to hear him call the king Sir. Especially since they were cousins.  But I could tell that just from the way Adam had said it… he didn't approve.




I began to feel embarrassed at the fact that I didn't have any bags to bring here with me. My stuff was all destroyed when I had gotten back to my bedroom and I'm assuming it was Carters handy work during the time that I was in the cell.


I then felt strong hands cradle me up and when I felt those warm sparks shoot through my body I knew exactly who it was that was carrying me.


I wasn't happy about being carried inside. In fact, I was petrified to make a move in case I annoyed the King.


I must admit though, the sparks that I felt when he touched me and his hot scent that filled my nostrils made me long to trust and love him… like I needed him to hold me forever.


I heard a door slam shut and then I felt like I was being carried up many sets of stairs. I couldn't hear Adam anymore so I'm assuming he wasn't around which just made me even more nervous than before.


I eventually heard another door slam and the King soon came to a halt.


"I know your awake angel." I heard the kings deep voice say making me gasp and open my eyes slightly.


"I-I'm s-so s-sorry." I stuttered out as he placed me on a large, soft bed.


I looked around, realizing that I was in a massive bedroom mostly decorated in black and grey.


This bedroom itself was bigger than most apartments I've ever been to and not to mention the size of the bed! It could fit 7 grown men in it easily!


I gawked at his room like a child causing him to laugh. Wait did the big scary King just laugh at me?


"This is my bedroom and it will now also be yours so make yourself at home." He spoke out confidently whilst staring at me intensely.


I couldn't stop the words that left my mouth next since the fear began to take over causing my guard to go straight back up again.


"C-Could I not h-have a room of my o-own please sir?" I stutter out before it's too late and I watch the hazel color in his eyes shift into a black.


"You are my MATE! If you actually still believe that your mated to that scum bag Carter then you must be insane! You. Are. Mine." He suddenly barks out making me tremble beneath him.


"N-No sir… I-I'm just not used t-to sharing a room with s-someone…" I stutter out again in fear that he's going to hit me.


"Very well… if you don't want to sleep with me-YOUR ONLY TRUE MATE, then there is a perfectly cold cell underneath the building with your name on it!" He states harshly before he grabs me by my wrist and pulls me to the door.


The pain all rushes back to me again due to the sudden movements causing me to whimper loudly but the King ignores me this time and tightens his grip.


He opens his bedroom door and calls out for one of his guards and within seconds I see a tall scary looking guy rush down the hall towards us.


"Take her down to the cells to spend the night and let's hope that it makes her change her mind about my sleeping arrangements!" He snaps out lowly, before handing me over to the guard.


The thought of going back in another cell makes me pale. I can't survive being in that environment again. It's cold, uncomfortable, dirty and smelly.


The tears YET AGAIN begin to fall from my eyes and I wish that I could find the courage to tell the king that I had changed my mind already.


How dumb of me? I could have slept in a warm large bed for the rest of my life and now I'm right back down to a cell for upsetting the King on my first day here.


The guard walks me down many hall ways in the house and I can't help but admire the king’s home. It is much larger than a mansion and is decorated so modernly and neatly I can't even cope with how good it looks.


The features of the house turned into a short distraction for me and I had managed to calm down slightly. It was all soon gone however when I was led down the steps towards a heavily locked door.


Two guards stood heavily armed as they opened the metal door for us which led down into the cells.


I could hear maniacal laughs, rude comments, and overall it was a thousand times worse than my father’s cells.


The King must hold the deadliest threats to wolfs down here and now I've somehow landed myself a spot. How lucky am I.


Before I know it, I'm being guided into a very small cell numbered 125 which has nothing more in it other than an extremely thin mattress laid on the floor.


There was a fan on the ceiling that was pumping cold air into the room causing my body to shiver uncomfortably.


The room was a major downgrade from the one I was put in at my father’s pack with not even a bathroom to go to.


That explains the smell.


Actually, it made me miss my old cell.


The guard locked me in and left me in the dark cell to rot for only the King knows how long for.


I lay down on the thin mattress which resembled sleeping on a floor and I was uncertain of whether or not my body would be able to handle sleeping on such a hard surface. After all I was covered in bruises from head to toe.


I'm guessing it's around 7 at night since it took us so long to leave the pack and for all of the drama that had been caused earlier to settle down.


I haven't eaten today at all but I wasn't really bothered… I'm actually quite glad that nobody has tried to force feed me recently.


I decided that sleep would probably be the best option for me right now and I was extremely thankful that I had chosen to wear joggers and a hoodie to travel in as right now they were keeping me slightly warm…


As another blast of cold air releases into the room, I allow the silent tears to leak from my eyes as I cry myself to sleep once again.


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