How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 11

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Chapter 19 – Does He Care?


Leoni's POV


I was woken up to a sudden warmth and rustling of bed sheets.


I shot my eyes open and jolted awake since the last I remember, I was being put away in a freezing cold cell that didn't contain any bed sheets at all!


"Calm down princess, your back in my room." I heard a familiar husky voice say as I turned to meet the Alpha King who stood beside the bed I was now in.


I was slightly relieved to be out of that cell but slightly scared of what he has in store for me now. I'm actually surprised that he never beat me black and blue earlier on for the way I questioned him.


"W-Why am I in h-here sir?" I croak out in fear, trying my best not to say anything offensive to him.


I watched as he ran a frustrated hand through his messy black hair and sighed.


"I… never meant to put you in that cell. It was cruel of me. I only did it because your father had told me that he locked you in one and that you had freaked out…" He began to say before sighing regretfully and continuing…


"I mean, I was completely outraged when your father had told me about it and I even punched him a few times… What I'm trying to say is that it was wrong of me to use that against you…" He rambled on whilst avoiding eye contact with me in any possible way.


I just sat there completely stunned. Was that actually an apology?


"Oh and I'm… I'm sorry… you’re my mate and you shouldn't be treated like that." He finishes and I give him a shy smile.


Nobody ever feels bad for what they do to me. Maybe he could be my real mate after all? Maybe he will treat me like Mason treats Willow?


"T-Thank Y-You" I stutter out and he smiles gleamingly at me. A smile that can make you forgive him in a heartbeat.


"Now if you haven't already realized, I have an extremely bad temper and I hate basically everybody that I meet…" He says to me and I nod my head slowly at him before he continues…


"But your different, and I'm willing to try my best to be as nice to you as possible because I really do care about you… even more than I care about myself… despite the fact that I've only just met you…" He says again and I can't help but hang onto his every word.


He sounds so… so genuine.


"But you need to understand that sometimes I will lose my temper and I just hope that you will be able to see past that. Although I may get angry sometimes, I will always protect you from anyone else who tries to harm you princess so you don't have to worry about that."


"I-I'm just scared." I tell him truthfully and his eyebrows immediately shoot up in concern.


"Are you scared of me?" He asks me cautiously and I can't help but hear the worry in his voice. He was speaking to me so softly right now and I've never heard him speak like this to anyone.


"No not you… I'm scared of being h-hurt." I tell him again as I choke back a sob.


"Princess, you don't have to worry about being hurt… I've never slept with anyone before because I wanted to wait for my mate, I'll never cheat on you or leave you I swear!" He tells me assuringly, making my heart melt.


He thinks I'm scared of him hurting me emotionally. He's just so cute right now!


"N-No I uh… I don't mean that k-kind of hurt." I tell him and a look of rage replaces the concerned look he once had and I immediately back away from him further onto the bed.




"You mean… To tell me… That your scared of someone hurting you physically… princess?!" He asks me angrily but I can tell that he is trying his best to control himself.


He won't like that Carter and my father abused me… God only knows what he will do to them both…


I shake my head as a no, too scared of what he might do if I say yes.


"Don't. Lie. To. Me." He grits out whilst moving closer to me.


I don't think twice before I lift my arms up and over my head in order to protect myself from any threats he might pose to me.


There is silence for a few moments before I feel gentle hands being placed on my arms. He removes my arms slowly from my head causing me to look up at him.


"You thought that I was going to hit you there, didn't you?" He asks me cautiously. I nod my head slightly and stare down in guilt. He wasn't even planning to hurt me.


He places two fingers under my chin causing me to look into his hazel eyes which somehow manage to make me feel a lot better about everything.


"Who hurt you angel?" He asks as softly as possible in order to not scare me.


"I-I- can't tell you sir…" I say in a whisper. I'm too scared of what he will do after I tell him.


The next thing he does startles me completely as I feel his soft lips press against my cheek.


My face flares up in heat and I begin to blush furiously. Nobody has ever kissed me before. Regardless of it just being on the cheek!


"Tell me who hurt you… you don't have to be scared, I'll deal with it all tomorrow but I need you to tell me right now." He encourages me further and I actually feel like I can trust him.


"C-Carter… a-and m-my F-Father…" I stutter out slowly and suddenly the King releases my chin and punches the nearest wall leaving a deep dent in it.


"I FUCKING KNEW IT! THE MINUTE I SAW YOU I FUCKING KNEW IT!" He raged as he began to punch the wall more.


I don't know what had gotten into me next but I found myself moving from the bed- ignoring the pain I was feeling- and running towards the very angry King.


I placed my hands on his arm to prevent him from punching the wall again and before I knew it he had me crushed firmly against his chest.


I heard him take deep breaths to calm himself down and despite the agonizing pains in my torso, I was too scared to move or speak.


After about five minutes I couldn't take it anymore and a whimper escaped my lips due to the pain he was causing from his death grip.


He instantly loosened his grip on me and stared at me in search of any sign of hurt. His eyes were hazel again which was a good sign… I think?


"Did I hurt you?" He asked me briefly and I shook my head no.


"I- I uh… I've just been in… a lot of p-pain for days now." I say truthfully and he frowns at me making me gulp.


"Come…" was all he said as he took my hand and led me into his stunning marble bathroom.


"Strip." He said simply and my mouth fell open in horror.




"W-What?" I asked him fearfully.


"I'm going to run you a bath and I want to see the marks that they bastards left on you!" He mutters out, trying to contain his rage.


I didn't want him to see my bruise painted body and I most of all didn't want him to see the scar on my cheek which was still successfully hidden with the pounds of makeup placed over it this morning.


However, I would have to clean myself up sooner or later and a bath right now sounds truly amazing.


"Come on, it's nearly midnight and I'll have to get you to bed soon." He states and I nod shyly before taking off my joggers and jumper.


As I'm doing so, he completely ignores me and begins to run me a bath filled with bubbles and warm water.


I'm glad he wasn't just one of those guys that stares whilst you get undressed.


I leave my underwear on and clear my throat causing him to turn around slowly realizing that I’ve finished undressing, and I just watch as his face falls flat completely.


He studies me from head to toe and I hobble from foot to foot, nervous of what he has got to say about me.


What if he thinks I'm fat? Or ugly?


"Leoni…" He breathes out in complete disbelief.


I look at him shyly and I begin to shiver at what he might say to me. He could tell me he doesn't want me anymore.


I'm not going to lie but he's the only guy who has shown this much interest in me and I'm really starting to like him. I truly believe that he is my real mate and I certainly don't want him to leave me.


"When did you last eat princess?" He asks me warily and I gulp. Oh no he thinks I'm fat! I knew it!


"I- I know that I'm fat… I j-just…" I begin to say before he cuts me off.


"Fat? Leoni you are seriously under weight… I'm worried about you… I was going to ask you to put on more weight… for your own health." He chokes out.


He looks like he is close to tears at the sight of me.


He thinks I'm too thin? He won't mind if I eat what I want? Woah. That's a first.


"Your bruises will go away soon which is good and I'll get our pack doctor to check you out early tomorrow… as for those marks on your thigh… I can tell you done them yourself so I never want to see such things again… I swear I'm going to kill everyone who done this to you… I'll wipe out packs if I have to… Wait Leoni, how is your contact with your wolf?" He suddenly asks me and I bite my lip harshly.


"She's not spoke to me in weeks… I don't think she's there anymore…sir." I tell him honestly and I also gasp slightly at the fact that I never stuttered.


That means he makes me feel comfortable, already.


"I'll get that checked out too, your wolf must be badly injured like yourself… listen don't worry about the bruises and marks, this is the last time you'll ever be in pain." He tells me sincerely and I smile at him shyly.


He doesn't think I'm ugly with all of my marks. This is all too good to be true.


Little me was actually rescued by the Alpha King. Who would've guessed.


"Climb into the bath, I'll get you some of my clothes to wear for tonight and tomorrow I'll take you out for new clothes and anything else that you need… I'll go fetch you a snack and some pain killers too so I'll be right back." He tells me and I nod at him watching him exit the bathroom leaving me alone.


I climb into the tub and breathe a sigh of relief when the warm water relaxes my muscles slightly.


This day certainly did take a turn for the better. All thanks to Adam. If it weren't for Adam then I wouldn't have found my real mate and I wouldn't be here in this warm bath tub right now.


I'll have to thank him later for sure.




After a good forty minutes of relaxing, the king soon returned holding a small pile of clothes and a fluffy towel.


I climbed out of the tub and was immediately wrapped in the black towel. I'm just glad that he's not one of those creepy dudes.


"Thanks." I say shyly and he grins at me showing off all of his perfect white teeth.


"There's a toothbrush there and one of the girls handed me some makeup removal shit… however that works I don't know but it's there anyway if you need it, just come out when you’re ready." He says and I nod at him before he leaves again.


I'm gonna have to reveal this ugly scar to him at some point so I may as well just rip off the band aid and do it now…


Chapter 20 – Smile Lines


The scar was huge. There was no denying that fact.


A fine line drawn from my jaw bone up to my cheek bone.


I looked horrendous.


I've been in this bathroom for about half an hour and the King has called on me three times already asking me to hurry up and if I was okay.


Truth is I'm scared of his reaction. He won't like this at all. I mean not every girl has a scar across their cheek this visible.


To make things worse, it was in the process of healing which only made it look nastier with the specks of brown and red tracing through it.


"I'm getting impatient angel." I hear him growl from the other side of the door yet again and I know that I can't just hide in here forever.


I walk hastily towards the door and un-click the lock. I pull the door open slowly, looking down at the floor the whole time as I exit the bathroom.


I soon feel his two fingers being placed underneath my chin causing me to inhale a sharp breath as he raises my head up to look at him.


The second we make eye contact, I watch as the brown color of his eyes swirl into a fiercer black color.


"What." He breathes. "The fuck." He breathes deeper.


"IS THAT ON YOUR FACE!" He roars in complete rage, punching the wall beside us leaving yet another hole.


"I… uh… p-please…don't…sir…" I try to choke out but before I can say anything more he cuts me off.


"Was this Carter?!" He barks out.


I nod at him once, afraid of his power and lack of self-control right now and before I can even attempt to calm him down he is out of the bedroom, storming through the house.


I can hear his yelling and swearing until eventually I can't hear him anymore which only makes me become more nervous.


Please don't do anything stupid…




The King's POV


Warning: Strong violence throughout the rest of this chapter.




No, I was fucking seething with rage!




I'm going to mark him permanently. Make him the little bitch that he is.


Within a minute I was in the cells, storming through the halls to find my prey.








Ahhhhh! Here we are 409.


These are the maximum-security cells, the worst of all. Cells 0-250 are all regular cells and from 250 upwards it holds the worst of the worst pack criminals.


Carter was the worst of the worst. The lowest of the low. The scum of this earth. My earth.


I unlocked the door with my finger print and there he was, looking as pathetic as ever, sitting tied to an electric chair, beaten up and bruised in front of me.




"You bastard!" I hear him spit out at me and before I could even process his words I had already punched him in the throat, catching his breath.


"You marked what's mine!" I bellowed before punching him in the stomach this time, knocking the air out of him further.


I don't need to shift to deal with this idiot. I can kill him slowly and more painfully in my human form. Like he deserves.


"I want answers and I want them RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" I yell at him again.


He shakes his head telling me no and I swear all I can see right now is red.


"If you won't give me my answers then I guess I'll just have to force them out of you, won't I?" I say smugly whilst strolling over to the electrical switches on the far wall.


His eyes widen in horror but he doesn't make any move to beg me to stop. I'm guessing he has too much pride to beg so I go ahead and turn up the power to medium.


I hear the sick, sizzling sounds of electricity as they travel through the 6 wires connecting to his body. Carter jerks and shakes, screaming in pain but I don't give him a second thought since I'm enjoying the scene way too much.


I switch it off after about 12 seconds not wanting to kill him just yet and I watch as his breathing comes out in short pants.


His face trickles with sweat and his eyes water from the pain causing me to grin at my handy work.


12 seconds on medium? I'd like to see the state he gets himself into when I turn it up to full.


"So… Carter… let's talk." I say eerily as I watch him shake with fright.


"I have nothing to tell you." He states, causing me to throw a punch at his nose, cracking it effortlessly.


He yells in more pain and I'm beginning to get bored of him already.


I stroll once again back over to the electrical switches and turn the waves up to high. The cracklings and snapping sounds become louder and his screams are now deafening.


I switch off the electrics and once again go back to him. "Speak." Is all I say and I watch as he fails to get air into his body.


"I…I…" He mutters out, making me even more impatient.


"Spit it out already you fucking prick!" I shout in his face causing him to tremble.


"I… rejected my true mate… b-because I heard… about the Alpha's title b-being up for grabs… she was never my real mate." He chokes out making me grind my teeth in frustration.


"Why the fuck did you abuse my mate when she had done nothing to you?!" I bark out again.


"I just… I just couldn't stand the sight of Leoni… it hurt me to reject my true mate… but the title of Alpha means so much more to me… Leoni was a burden… she wasn't even mine and yet I still had to pretend like I loved her… it angered me that I had to share my title with her!" He says bitterly making me tense. How dare he think so lowly of my mate!


"She is no Burden! You are the burden… and I don't like burdens very much Carter… do you know what I do to burdens?" I tease him evilly, watching him break one last sweat.


"I kill them." I whisper in his hear causing him to tremble.


I retrieve a knife from a nearby table and twirl it effortlessly around my fingers whilst glaring at him.


I press the blade against his face slowly and before he can protest or beg, I slit all the way from one side of his cheek across to his other side, creating two pretty little smile lines.


He cries out in pain as the blood flows from his cheeks and mouth causing him to cough harshly on the blood.


This was a much more creative cut than the one he left on my girl.


"How about we make you my little bitch pup" I say, as I watch him shake and cough in pain.


I carve the words "Kings Slave" across his forehead with the knife before retrieving a mirror and forcing the pathetic little scum bag to look at himself.


"Pathetic aren't you." I mutter out as I watch him shiver at his bloody reflection.


I grin at my handy work before whispering a last "goodbye you little bitch" into his ear.


No mercy. He never cared about the pain Leoni felt.


I head back over to the electrical switches and I turn them on full, leaving him there to die a painful, slow death.


When I see his body begin to jerk, causing the blood from his mouth to spit out across the room, I lock the cell and smirk to myself as I travel back through the corridors hearing his yells and pleads.


He can die.


They don't just call me the cruelest Alpha for nothing you know. Carter hurt what's mine so I killed him.


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