How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 2

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Chapter 2 – Willow’s Mate


"Where should we go first? Do you have the bank card?" She asks, as we both rush into the mall excitedly.


She is the exact same as me. Her parents don't allow her to go to the mall often either since they are so protective.


So when they did allow us to go on our own we were more than excited! This was like going on vacation for us!


"Uhh, why don't we pick an outfit first and then find shoes to match? And yeah of course I have the card!" I say in a 'duh' tone. Who would go to the mall and forget their father's very expensive bank card?


"Yeah, good plan! This store looks cute?" She says gesturing to a new clothes store to our right.


"So what color are you thinking?" She asks me and I shrug. I didn't really care much about this party never mind all of the little details.


"You need to stand out! It's your 18th… your favorite color is blue right?" She asks me and I smile at the fact she remembers my favorite color.


"Yeah… I think you should wear red, Willow… I loved that dress you wore on your own 18th!" I tell her knowing that her favorite color is red.


She suits red so much since her hair is jet black and her skin is pale. She makes my own dark brown hair look so much lighter when I stand next to her.


She grins at me and we begin searching the store.


"Leoni! Oh my God! This dress will look amazing on you!" I hear willow call out from the other end of the store.


I go to find her and see that she is holding up a royal blue dress with floral detailing on the top.


It looks stunning!


"You need to go and try that on and I'm thinking this for myself?" She questions as she shows me a red dress hanging on the rack.


The dress is a plain red tight fit one that stops just below the knee. It looked perfect for Willow.


She was a lot skinnier than I was, not that I would consider myself fat but I was more… I guess curvy? She was extremely thin but not unhealthily and although my stomach and stuff were flat, I still had some curves.


"Yes! Let's go and try these on!" I say as we rush off to the changing rooms.


We both try on the dresses and show each other them on. We whisk away the changing room curtains, both at the same time and our faces are the exact same when we see each other.


We both stand with our mouths hanging open in complete awe at the others dress. We look so hot!


"We have to buy these!" She squeals and I clap in excitement too. I love finding a perfect outfit.


We change back and head to the checkout. My dress was $145 and Willows was $115.


"Okay, so shoes?" She asks as we leave the store. I nod in agreement as we continue through the mall.


After a good ten minutes of trying on shoes we both find the perfect pairs. I find royal blue high heels that lace up around my leg slightly and Willow picks some cute black buckled heels.


"Can we go for food now I haven't eaten all day?" Willow whines as we exit the store.


"Yeah, what about a McDonald's?" I say smiling since we don't usually get the chance to eat at McDonalds. She grins in agreement and we head off toward the food court.


After purchasing our food, we just sit at a nearby table chatting about some pretty normal, funny stuff when I suddenly see Willow freeze across from me, mid-sentence as she stares off into the distance behind me.


"Willow what's wrong?" I ask her quietly, I'm getting quite nervous from the way she's stilled…


"M-mate." I hear her mutter lowly and I gasp.


"Where?!" I ask her shocked but she doesn't take her eyes away from the person behind us.


"Over at the restrooms… the one with the grey shirt…" She trails off and I turn my head slowly to see a man about 6 ft tall in a grey shirt staring right back over at us.


He had blonde short hair and a tan… completely opposite from Willows black hair and pale skin.


She stared at him for a while, not making a move before she suddenly gasped.


"He's… He's coming over here… what do I do, Leoni?!" She rushes out and I can see her start to panic. She must be nervous! She's never the type to panic!


"Uhh… just act cool… pretend we are in the middle of a conversation…" I'm starting to freak out too just because Willow is freaking out.


"Yeah so… uhh… you want me to curl your hair for the party?" Willow begins rambling trying to act "cool" like I had instructed.


"And what party might that be gorgeous?" We hear a deep voice sound from beside our table and we both look up to find the man in the grey shirt now standing beside us.


"Uhh… Leoni's… it's her, uh, 18th this Friday…" Willow blurts out nervously.


"I hope that maybe I can come to this party… spend some time with my new mate…" He says smoothly and I can almost see the butterflies erupt in Willows stomach as she stares at him, fascinated.


"Yeah… uh, I guess you could come…" I say shyly, my voice just above a whisper.


"Great… what pack is it you girls are from then?" He asks us and I wait for Willow to reply but she doesn't.


"Uhh, the uh Silver Ace Pack…" I mutter quietly again, unable to make eye contact as I try to help out my friend who is suddenly unable to speak.


He ignores me and smiles at willow adoringly making her blush bright red.


"I believe my father is already invited to your party… you’re the Alpha Deans daughter, am I correct?" He asks me and I simply nod.


"Our fathers are close friends so it won't be a problem if I come… sorry but I didn't catch your name darling?" He asks Willow and she doesn't speak AGAIN.


I kick her shin from under the table making her jump slightly, snapping out of her trance.


"W-Willow… my name’s Willow and this is my best friend Leoni…" Willow tells him. I've never seen Willow act so nervous in all my life!


"I think it's a rule to get my beautiful mates phone number before I go?" He says charmingly to her and I see Willows already blush pink cheeks deepen to a darker shade.


I want to burst out laughing but I hold it in… I hate drawing attention to myself despite how funny she looks right now.


"Uhh, sure…" She says as she takes his iPhone and keys in her phone number.


"Well, I guess I'll see you both on Friday at the party then… bye Leoni and until then, Willow my love…" The dude tells Willow before kissing her gently on the cheek.


"Uh… Uh… Wait! Your name?!" Willow suddenly yells as he begins to walk off.


"Oh yeah! My name is Mason love…" He calls over, winking at Willow before he walks off with a couple of other men who I'm assuming are his friends.


"I-I just found my mate!" She tells me in complete disbelief.


"You sure did! I'm so happy for you!" I say excitedly as I jump to my feet and hug her.


She laughs at me and squeals in excitement. "Come on! We have to get back to the pack so that I can tell everyone!" She says as she grabs the bags and begins to run off with me following closely behind her.


She finally found her mate! A nice, genuine, loving mate! I'm so happy for her! Now it's my turn to search… HOW FUN.


Chapter 3 – Why?


Leoni's POV


These four days have flown by! I can't even cope with how quick it's all happened. Here I am. In my room. Dreading this awful party.


Willow hasn't stopped talking about finding Mason at the mall and she was super nervous for seeing him tonight which I understand completely.


She told me that they had been chatting over texts and that he was going to introduce her to his parents tonight and that he will ask for her to move in with his pack.


I started crying when she told me the last part, since she's my only true friend in this house.


Who will I have left to talk to?


She began crying too and later encouraged me that I will find my mate and that he will keep me company… here's hoping I do and that he's nice.


I don't like guys with blonde hair. I prefer dark haired guys, brown hair or black maybe?


"You get what you are given, Leoni! We can't be so picky!" My wolf scolds me mentally and I sigh.


I'm thinking about finding my mate way too much… I don't even know a lot about mates… only that they are strongly bonded… whatever the hell that means.


I guess I've never been excited about having a mate like most girls… it's probably because I'm scared in case they are like Ian.


"HEY! I'm here to do your hair, birthday girl!" Willow squeals as she bursts into my room.


Willow was clearly eager to go as she was fully dressed for my party unlike myself.


The party starts in half an hour and all I have done so far is gone for a shower and dried my hair afterwards.


"Good efforts, Leoni! Well done!" I hear my wolf, Leah, mock me from inside of my head. She doesn't speak much although she is slightly more confident than I am… not by much… but slightly.


"Shut it, Leah!" I scold her back now as I hear her laugh slightly. God she can be a bitch.


"Why aren't you dressed!" I now hear Willow scold me.


To be honest, I don't even want to go to this party.


My father had explained to the pack that I am on the 'hunt for a mate' at my party tonight. When he told the pack this news, the males were overjoyed, not to be my mate of course but to have a chance at becoming the Alpha. After all, we are the second most powerful pack and it's a really big deal to some men.


He makes it sound like a big fun game and I'm the prize.


I just sigh in annoyance and begin applying some makeup as she begins to curl my hair silently.




I finished my makeup shortly after, which is light and natural, and Willow is just about done with my hair.


"Your hair looks so FAB-U-LOUS if I do say so myself!" Willow exclaimed as she studied my hair in delight.


It did look amazing. I'll admit.


I didn't have time to thank her though because her phone beeped suddenly from the dresser and she quickly went over to check it.


"He's here! Mason just texted! He said that he and his family are downstairs!" She squeals.


I squeal too from excitement. It's weird we know… Whenever one of us is extremely happy or excited, it kind of rubs off on the other.


"Okay, okay. I'll be really quick so that you can go and see him." I tell her giggling before I head into my bathroom to change into my dress.


Once I have the dress on, I'll admit… it makes me feel so much better about the party. I love new clothes!


I enter the bedroom and Willow claps her hands together excitedly, making me blush. I hate attention but I do love this outfit!


"You. Look. So. Freakin’. Hot!!" She screeches making me laugh shyly.


This dress could fool anyone into thinking that I'm an outgoing, confident girl due to how bright and blingy it is… truth is that my personality is the complete opposite.


I like how the dress makes me feel when I wear it; however, I just wish that it didn't attract so much attention. It sucks!


I put on my heels and take one last look at myself in the mirror. I look okay, I guess. I'm presentable enough to please my father at least.


"You ready, Will?" I ask turning to face my best friend to see that she is now holding a box in her hands.


"What kind of best friend would I be without giving you a birthday present first?!" She asks me jokily, making me chuckle as she hands me the beautifully wrapped, blue box.


"You didn't have to, Will." I begin to say but she cuts in. "Of course, I had to! Just shush and open it!" She blurts out making me laugh again.


This girl is crazy… I hope Mason is prepared for what Willow has to offer… poor boy has probably never met someone so bold!


I rip away the stunning paper and it reveals a brown shoe box with "UGG" on the top!!


She didn't!! Did she?


I open up the lid to reveal the little winter boots with the bows on the back that I had told her about last week! These cost $230!


I've always wanted these boots for the winter and for walking around places since I heard that they were so comfy! Let's not mention how cute they look! And my birthday is in November so that makes it perfect timing!


"Thank you so so much, Will! I love them!" I scream as I leap to my feet and embrace her into a tight hug.


"Your welcome bestie… now come on! My mate is waiting and so is yours!" She winks at me making me roll my eyes playfully, as she rushes us out of my room and toward the very busy sounding party.


I can hear music playing loudly and people talking. Suddenly, I get extremely nervous and I begin to take deep breaths following closely behind Willow in hopes that she will mask me slightly.


When we reach the staircase, everyone immediately freezes in their conversations and dancing… the music also cuts off and everyone watches as Willow and I walk down the steps and into the room.


Awkward much…


"My beautiful daughter… Leoni Stone… as you all know, is now 18! We are hoping that she finds her mate soon and that she will be the future Luna of this pack! I love you, princess!" I hear my father announce as everyone begins to cheer, making me blush and look down at my feet. I hate when all of the attention is on me!



Willow rushes down toward Mason who is near the front of the crowd smiling and I follow down the steps silently feeling my cheeks grow even redder.


"MATE!" I hear a loud, deep voice shout from the back of the room suddenly making me freeze along with everyone else.


I scan the room frantically as it falls silent again making me even more nervous.


My mate?


Oh god.


Here it goes.


I inhale a sharp breath as I see a man approaching me through the crowds of people causing my heart to beat faster.


I struggle to see his face as I stand on my tip toes in attempts to look over the large crowds filling the pack house.


I can barely see him… which only makes me grow more nervous.


I frantically search around for my ''mate" and I eventually see a few smaller men at the front of the crowd being pushed aside moments later.


A man soon steps through revealing himself to me boldly as he begins to approach me in large strides, making me gasp in shock as I take a step back in instinct.


He has blonde hair… eew, why? I just don't like guys with blonde hair… I thought that I was supposed to be attracted to my mate? Uhh… he's muscular I suppose so he has a nice body?


Who am I kidding! He looks terrifying if I'm completely honest. I can tell he has a high rank in this pack just from how big he is.


"Carter Reign." His voice echoes throughout the room, causing everyone to fall into silent whispers around us when hearing his name.


He takes my hand firmly in his own making me hold in a breath from fear as he begins to shake it slowly while glancing over at my father who is close behind me.


"Uhh… I'm… I'm…" I begin to mutter out, feeling the pressure of everyone in the room staring at me.


"You’re my mate, babe." He cuts me off assuringly, causing the crowd to roar with laughter.


My cheeks begin to heat incredulously and I don't know why but I really felt like crying. Even my father was laughing at Carter’s charm.


I somehow thought this whole mate thing would be way more… uh…exciting… I guess I was so wrong.


"My daughter has found her mate! The pack warrior, Carter Reign! Congratulations!" My father announces happily, breaking the awkward silence in the room as everyone starts to cheer again.


The pack warrior, huh? That's his rank… he's known as the best fighter in the pack behind my father and the beta… great now he's even more scary.


Carter smirks at me for a brief moment before walking off to talk to some other men as I watch them congratulate him.


Everyone else soon returns to enjoy the party, while I am left standing there in complete and utter shock.


What the hell just happened? It all happened so fast?


"Girl! Outside now!" I hear the all too familiar Willow demand as she yanks my arm towards the front door.



We get outside and it's quiet and empty. Just how I like it!


"So! You found your mate! The new pack warrior! I'm soooo happy for you!" Willow squeals, getting straight to the point as she embraces me into a tight hug.


Why am I not happy? Uhh, this is awkward. "Leah are you there?" I mentally ask my wolf and I hear nothing other than a loud sigh. She must not be feeling too happy either…


"I mean how amazing are the sparks you feel when they first touch you?!" She continues to ramble, before stopping this time waiting for me to answer.


I furrow my eyebrows in confusion at her and her face falls. "What?" She asks me, also confused now.


"What do you mean… sparks?" I ask her slowly and she looks at me in disbelief. "Wait? You didn't feel them?" She questions and I shake my head slowly.


"Oh… uh…Well maybe your wolf hasn't realized that he is your mate yet… but his wolf will know for sure since he's older than you are…" Willow tries to come up with an explanation which I guess sounds reasonable and I just nod in agreement. What else could It be?


"What age is he?" I ask Willow, suddenly becoming scared and she just chuckles. "You don't know anything, Leoni! He is 27." She states and I gasp. I wasn't expecting such an old mate…


"You'll get over it! Come on let's go inside we are missing the party and it's cold out here!" She says smiling and giving me one last hug.


Why can't I be as excited as she was when she first found Mason?


I step through the house doors and Willow leaves my side instantly to go and introduce herself to Mason's parents.


"Leoni." I hear a deep, gruff voice erupt from behind me. "Uhh h-hey…" I say shyly as I turn around to be met with my new mate Carter.


He stares at me briefly, checking me over from head to toe before rolling his eyes.


"God your weak…" He mutters out lowly, speaking more to himself.

"W-What?" I ask him in disbelief thinking I must not have heard him properly.


Why did he just call me weak? He's being a bit mean? Maybe he's joking? Boy's like to joke around, don't they?


I look around nervously, trying to see if I recognize anyone close by who might pull me away from this awkwardness.


"Can you even say a full sentence without stuttering like a child?" Carter says angrily again and I just look at him in disbelief with my mouth hanging open. My mate shouldn't be speaking to me like this should he?


"Y-You’re my m-mate." I stuttered again! Damn it!


"Yes, but I've had better than you trust me! I would have rejected you if you weren't the Alpha’s precious little daughter…" He mutters out again and I feel my face warm up. He would have rejected me? He's had better?


I don't feel jealous over those statements but it's quite mean to say that to your mate.


My eyes become watery and I struggle to find my words as I stare at the ground unable to look him in the eye. I've never had someone be so horrible to me.


"I'll… I'll tell my Dad…" I eventually say, trying to sound brave but failing epically. This man doesn't love me or even like me? So why was he paired with me? This can't be right moon goddess?


He didn't speak but instead I heard a low growl come from the back of his throat. Oh no.


My eyes widen at the noise and I go to make a move to run but he suddenly grabs my forearm and hauls me into the closest room swiftly before anyone sees us.


Oh shit! I'm too scared to call for help! What if he decides to just kill me? He's the freaking pack warrior, so what chances have I got?! I can't say boo to a ghost never mind fight this large guy off!


Carter slams the door behind us, trapping me in the room with him and the loud noises from the party soon become muffled.


I take a breath to speak, thinking that I could maybe beg him not to hurt me, but I'm too late when he suddenly grabs me by my shoulders, shoving me hard against the wall with so much force that I swear he almost broke my back.


That will leave nasty bruises for sure.


I yelp out in pain and almost fall to the ground before he hauls me back up with my hair.


This is just like that time I seen Ian hit his mate! No! No! No! I never wanted this to happen to anyone, especially myself!


"P-Please, C-Carter…" I plead out, completely terrified.


"Shut the fuck up whore! If you even THINK about telling your father anything about us then I won't hesitate to kill you and make it look like an accident! Is that fucking clear you little bitch!" He barks into my face and I do nothing but whimper.


He is exactly like Ian! My worst nightmare!


"I said IS THAT FUCKING CLEAR!" He bellows louder, inches away from my face this time causing my body to attempt to cower away from him more if possible.


I nod my head once but this doesn't seem to satisfy him as he slams his fist roughly on the wall just inches away from my face causing me to jump. I nod my head again more eagerly, as I start to feel the tears run down my face.


"So fucking weak!" He spits out, before throwing me onto the floor harshly and leaving me in the room alone to cry.


My mate? He is my mate? Why moon goddess?






I sat alone in this unknown bedroom for about twenty minutes after Carter had left me.


I was ultimately terrified to make any other movements to leave. My body has been shaking violently and my wolf, Leah, won't even speak to me now. She must be hurt just as bad as I am I guess.


I kept replaying the events over and over in my mind while letting the tears wash down my face uncontrollably.


How could this man be so cruel? I never said anything wrong, did I? Maybe I did. Damn it, Leoni! He's right though… he must be ashamed to have such a weak mate when he's the pack warrior.


"Hold on. I'm just going to change my shirt. I'll be ba-" I suddenly hear a man's voice say as he opens the door to the room I am currently in, making me whimper and cower further against the wall.


He cuts himself off mid-sentence and just stares over at me in horror when he sees my current state. I'm assuming I look horrendous right now.


He could be a friend of Carter's… oh please don't be… please.


"Oh… Hey…you’re the Alpha’s daughter? Right? Leoni, is it?" He asks me warily with evident concern in his tone after a few moments of silence passed by.


He didn't approach me however as he probably figured the Alpha or my new mate might kill him if they find out we are both alone in here together.


I do not reply but I nod my head slightly to move on from the awkward silence that has been created.


He closes the door over to block out the noise from the ongoing party but I only cower away again, remembering what happened when Carter closed that same door.


The most bewildering thing is… how can everyone still be celebrating my birthday when I'm not even there?


"Leoni… are you alright? You’re crying? Listen, I could uh… I could go and get your mate? Carter?" He stutters out a bit unsure of what to do with me. I'm guessing this is his bedroom that I'm intruding.


"P-Please don't tell anyone." I stutter harshly, as I try to hold back any future tears from falling.


His eyes widen making me panic slightly. What did I say wrong?


"Did he hurt you? I mean… Carter?" He asks warily again still not making a move from the door.


I shake my head violently this time. I can't tell anyone what he did. He said he would kill me if my father finds out…


"Um… do you want me to cover for you? I could say that I saw you throw up and that I helped you up to your room?" He said, which completely shocked me. Why would he want to help me? He doesn't even know me?


"Y-Yes, please…" I say in a whisper, knowing that I don't have many other options.


He hears me however since we all have amazing wolf hearing and he nods slightly.


He exits the room and leaves me to sit alone yet again.


This has been the worst birthday ever. My mate sucks and so does my life! I'm just hoping that he covers for me and doesn't go and tell my father…


My head hurts from when Carter pulled my hair and my back aches like hell from being shoved into the wall. The man probably doesn't realize his own strengths considering he's the pack warrior.


"Stop making excuses for him, Leoni." I hear my wolf sigh out. The first sentence she's spoke since we found our mate. She clearly doesn't like him…


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