How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 3

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Chapter 4 – Help


It's weird considering it's the wolves that make us feel the bond…


I ignore her and suddenly the strange boy enters the room again making me jump slightly as the door slams shut.


"Your father believed me… he isn't planning to bother you for the rest of the night…" The guy said triumphantly and I let out a small sigh of relief.


"Come on, let me help you." He says as he walks toward me with two large strides. I flinch back against the wall slightly and realize that I can't escape anywhere if he hurts me like Carter did.


Damn it!


He holds his hands out to me and I just stare at them for a brief moment waiting for an impact of some sort.


Wait he really doesn't want to hurt me?


I eventually take them cautiously and let him lead me over to his bed. I sit on the edge and watch as he goes and switches on the light (which I didn't realize was turned off until now).


I can now clearly see his features as I study him seeing he has light brown messy hair and a cute face. He looks young himself actually.


"W-What is your name?" I ask him curiously, realizing that he's helped me quite a lot tonight and I don't even know his name.


"Oh yeah… forgot about that… the names Adam." He says chuckling making me smile slightly.


"How old are you?" I ask shyly again. I'm doing an awful lot of talking to this stranger but he seems sweet.


"I just turned 19 last month." He replies making me smile. We are roughly the same age. Cool!


"Well, if you’re hiding from someone, you can sleep in here for tonight? I don't mind at all." He states, standing in front of me raising an eyebrow.


I want to stay here but what if my father or Carter finds out?


"Don't worry. They won't find you… I'll lock the door and I'll cover for you… I'm a good liar when I try." He explains with a grin but the thought of sharing a room with this boy with the door locked frightens me slightly.


"What's more scary… this sweet boy Adam? Or Carter…" My wolf snaps out again. She's right. Carter is way more scary.


"Y-Yeah please, uh thank you." I mutter out shyly and he smiles at me kindly.


"Anything for my first friend here." He says brightly and I look up at him questioningly.


It's as if he can read my mind and he quickly explains himself. "I'm new to this pack… I don't know very many people other than a few guys and I've already heard about you since you’re the Alpha’s daughter of course…" He explains.


Ahh, so he's new to the pack and he considers me his first friend? I like him already! Plus, I need a new friend since Willow is leaving me here alone with my scary mate.


"O-Oh… well uh… welcome to the pack." I say kindly and smile at him, which he gladly returns.


"So I'm assuming that you don't want to sleep in your party clothes so if you want you can wear one of my shirts?" Adam offers kindly and I think for a moment before nodding shyly. I can't wear this dress so I guess I have no choice.


He goes over to his closet and returns moments later holding a grey tee. "Thank you." I say and I mentally high five myself for not stuttering as much when I'm talking to Adam.


I get up from the bed and I walk over to his bathroom and lock the door behind me as I enter. I take off my shoes carefully and I'm relieved to get my heels off.


I unzip my dress and let it fall at my feet before throwing Adam’s shirt over my head, putting it on.


It reaches down low, stopping just above my knee which is suitable and makes me feel comfy. I look in the mirror to see that my once perfectly curled hair is now all over the place thanks to Carter. I sigh and tug my hair up into a high messy bun and I wash off my now smeared makeup.


Once I'm satisfied, I gather up my clothes and shoes from the floor and exit the bathroom to find Adam in a pair of comfy shorts and a tee.


He sees me and immediately rushes to me just to take my clothes and shoes from my arms.


He places my dress in his wash basket and he places my heels by the door. He's just so sweet. "Thank you… for, uh, everything, Adam…" I tell him kindly.


I'm glad I've stopped stuttering around him. That's a sign that he makes me feel relaxed.


"Your welcome, Leoni… now uh… I've locked the door so nobody can find you here… do you mind if we share the bed or if you want I can sleep on the floor?" He asks me softly and I stare at him in thought.


I'll feel terrible for making him sleep on the floor but I shouldn't be sleeping in the bed with him if I have a mate, should I?


But on the other hand, he hasn't really been flirting with me or anything weird… We have only been speaking in a friendly kind of way.


"Oh! I just realized how creepy that sounded… There will be no funny business I swear! We are just friends… and I uh… I don't want to get with any other girls unless they are my mate…" He begins to ramble in a panic making me laugh at him.


"Okay" I say softly and he smiles at me kindly.


"Come on then… let's get some sleep… you've clearly had a rough night but don't worry I'm not going to pressure you into telling me what happened just yet." Adam says gently as we both climb into his comfy bed.


Wait. What does he mean just yet? Will he make me tell him what happened? What if he tells my father? Or what if he goes to Carter about it?


"Are you okay?" He asks me, seeing that I've froze mid-way of getting under the sheets.


I nod my head at him assuringly before he smiles and turns off the light. I wrap myself in the sheets and get warm and before I know it I'm drifting off into sleep feeling more safe with Adam being here.


Chapter 5 – Abused


I woke up and nearly had a heart attack when I realized I wasn't in my own bed…


The events from last night came rushing at me as I turned to see Adam sprawled out on the bed beside me.


The poor boy had been nothing but nice to me and I appreciated it more than anything. I'm glad I met him since Willow left last night without even saying goodbye. She never even left me a text which was quite hurtful.


I lay back down on the bed not wanting to leave just yet since I was so comfy here.


I lay there for only a few minutes before I heard a loud, thunderous knock on Adam’s door causing me to shoot up from the bed alertly.


I turned my head to see the door handle being rattled as if someone was trying desperately to get in and I soon heard the one thing I was dreading to hear… Carter's voice.


"Open up the fucking door, pup! If you have my mate in there then consider yourself dead!" I heard Carters voice boom from the other side of the door.


Oh no oh no oh no oh no!!


I didn't think twice before I began to shake Adam violently, loudly whispering for him to wake up. To my great luck, he was a very heavy sleeper but after about fifteen seconds he suddenly shot up from the bed and went tumbling down toward the floor.


If Carter wasn't on the other side of that door right now then this would have been hilarious but as of now I have no time to laugh!


"Woah! Leoni! What the hell is wrong with you?" He groaned as he got up from the floor rubbing his head.


I didn't need to reply to him however as Carter beat me to it. "PUP! I SWEAR TO THE MOON GODDESS! IF YOU DON’T OPEN THIS DOOR AND GIVE ME BACK LEONI, YOU’RE DEAD!"


"Oh shit!" Adam said as he rushed around the room trying to think of a plan.


The door handle was rattling furiously now and I could feel the tears coming on. I'm so thankful that he locked that door last night!


I began crying… not because of what Carter will do to me but because he might hurt Adam and Adam is so sweet and innocent in all of this.


"The window! Leoni, jump out of that window and run around to your room! This is the ground floor anyway so you can easily just climb out!" Adam loudly whispered to me as he shoved the window open.


"THAT'S IT! I'M BREAKING DOWN THIS GODDAMN DOOR!" We heard Carter yell and I didn't even hesitate before I jumped out of the window and onto the frosty cold grass below.


My feet stung from the cold as I began to crunch my way around the house and toward the front door.


I opened the front door to the house and to my relief there was no sign of my father or Carter!


I padded my feet up the steps quickly not wanting to get caught and I thankfully made it to my sanctuary. My own bedroom.


I just pray that he won't harm Adam.




Adam’s POV


Once I knew that Leoni was out of the window safely, I closed it over and went to open the door to reveal a very pissed-off-looking Carter. He was the pack warrior and that was all I knew about him so far but I wasn't scared.


After all he can't hurt me. If he did then he would have to answer to a very pissed-off cousin of mine… the only family I have left might I add, so yeah, I'm pretty confident in all of my arguments.


"Move!" He barked as he shoved me to the side of him, storming into my room.


"Chill out, bro! Why are you barging into my room like this? I don't remember inviting you here." I asked him, sounding extremely bored.




Well played Adam…


"Did you sleep with my fucking mate last night, pup!" He barked again, realizing Leoni wasn't here.


I wish he would stop calling me pup just because I'm 19 and he's ancient…


"You think I'm dumb enough to sleep with the Alpha’s daughter and your mate? Plus, if I did sleep with her, don't you think she would still be here?" I said, laughing him off.


Little did he know I did sleep with her. But not in the way that he was referring to.


"You must have been with her if you know that the Alpha’s daughter is my mate! What has she told you!" He yelled, suddenly grabbing me by my shirt.


"Woah! You better back the fuck up! The whole party knew that you both were mates! You announced it in front of everyone last night, hulk face!" I yelled back at him, not backing down.


Was he stupid? He admitted to being her mate in front of everyone and he's asking me how I found out… dumbass.


He soon realized his own stupidity and let me go almost instantly. He glanced around the room briefly before his gaze fixed on a certain part of my room.


I followed his gaze to find him looking in the direction of Leoni's heels. Shit!


"Tell me why the fuck her shoes are in here then!" He began yelling at me once again.


"I don't know? She must have come in here at some point last night? You tell me?" I barked back.


I expected him to become angrier but instead he gritted his teeth and nodded before leaving the room. As simple as that.


He must have known she came here last night or else he wouldn't have dropped the shoe scenario that quick… but what did happen with Leoni last night?


I'll have to ask her later…




Carter’s POV


She never slept with that pup last night but she's still a whore in my eyes!


I wasn't looking for her because I 'love her' I was looking for her to discuss my marriage plans because I want it done ASAP!


I don't want her as my mate… of course I don't… this situation is a lot more complex than that.


Whatever it takes.


"Yo, Curt!" I mentally ask my wolf as I storm up the stairs on route to Leoni's bedroom.


"Hm?" Was his reply. Stubborn wolf.


"Still not speaking to me, huh?" I snorted mentally at his childness.


"You rejected, mate!" Curt replied making my heart ache for a slight second before it was replaced. I don't need reminded of what I did! Nobody needs to know.


"Leoni!" I shouted as I burst into her bedroom on the top floor. I saw her sitting on the bed with wet hair as if she had just came out of the shower and I watched as she jumped when seeing me.


I smirked at her reaction, watching her as she put her head down shamefully. Good! She should be shameful.


"You are disgusting… did you even shower!" I bellowed at her. Now I'm simply just trying to hurt her feelings.


She nodded her head meaning she had showered and I laughed harshly. Little weakling.


I stalked up to her and towered over her small petite frame making her shake with fear. Since she's the Alpha’s daughter, I'm assuming that she hasn't experienced abuse before up until last night.


Last night was a mere sneak peak of what I have in store for this precious little alpha blood. I wasn't going to live happily ever after with her! I don't want her here and therefore I will make her suffer!


I hate females. They make us weak! We shouldn't have mates but here I am, having to pretend that I like this ugly bitch.


I grabbed her chin and pulled her head up to look at me. She was beginning to cry which only encouraged me further…


"You are mine! You will tell your father you wish to marry me soon! I cannot mark you or mate with you until marriage!" I bellowed out. These were her father's rules not mine…


Nobody was to touch the precious girl until after marriage… bullshit.


We officially become Alpha and Luna after marriage. The sooner the better. My own rules.


She nodded slowly as I watched a single tear fall from her eye. Did I feel bad? No.


I grabbed her left wrist harshly as I pulled out a silver ring from my pocket. Nothing too fancy… just something for her to say I proposed with.


I crammed it onto her small finger forcefully, as she continued to cry silently. All she seems to do is cry.




"Go and tell your father I want to marry you!" I said slowly. She replied by letting out a low whimper.


"Stop fucking crying and tell him!" I shouted at her now as she began to shake her head as a no.


Dumb bitch! Surely, she knows better than to tell me no!


"What do you mean fucking no you little whore!" I barked making her flinch. "W-W-What I-If…" She began to slowly stutter which only infuriated me more.


"SPIT IT OUT!" I yelled, causing her to cry harder. "W-What if I don't w-want to m-marry you…" She stuttered again and I snapped.




"You little bitch!" I said coldly as I stormed over to her again and smacked her hard across the face.


She yelped out in pain as I hauled her to her feet by her hair. "You will do as I tell you!" I breathed out as she continued to cry.


This child has a death wish!


"FUCKING ANSWER ME!" I screamed as I connected my fist deeply with her cheek.


She screamed out in pain but I firmly placed my hand over her mouth to muffle her yells. Last thing I want is to get caught.


"You better not even think about leaving this room tonight! You will tell him tomorrow about our marriage and if you ruin anything for me, I will kill your fat ass!" I say darkly before releasing her to the floor, and leaving the room.


If she comes as part of this package then that bitch will respect me!


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