How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 4

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Chapter 6 – Bruises


Leoni’s POV


(Adam): "Hey, it’s Adam. I asked your Mom for your number, are you okay?"


(Me): "Yeah…"


(Adam): "Why weren't you at the dinner?"


(Me): "Wasn't hungry…"



Adam seems to be the only person who actually cares about me since he texted me when I never showed up for dinner.


I've literally just stayed in my room all day like Carter had warned me to. I've cried nonstop since he left and I've just sat and slowly watched the black and purple bruise develop around my eye.


If my father sees this he will kill Carter and I mean that seriously. So why am I too scared to tell him about what he's doing to me? Better yet why is Carter doing it to begin with?


He even called me fat earlier… I mean I'm not the most confident person in the world and that didn't help at all… the thought of eating tonight made me sick since I keep remembering him calling me a "fat ass."


I've known this guy for two days and he's beat me up twice. I've never been hit before until now and I can honestly say it's terrifying.


Willow would know what to do right now but I don't want to pile all of this bad news on her, especially when she's happy with her new mate at his pack.


I showered again shortly after Carter left because for some reason he made me feel dirty after he hit me. As soon as I came up from Adam’s room this morning I had showered quickly to cover my tracks of being out too.


I noticed that my back was severely bruised and I'm guessing those are the results of last night’s attack.


I've been glaring at myself in the mirror for about two hours now, wondering what I did to deserve this… why did my mate have to be so cruel?


I was startled when the door knocked slightly. Oh shit!


I jumped to my feet and backed away from the door. I felt the hot tears start to fall down my cheeks already just from hearing such a simple knock…


Wait? Why would Carter even knock?


"H-Hello?" I stutter out, taking one slow step forward hoping it's not him…


"Hey, Lee. It's me, Adam!" I sigh in relief at hearing his voice and also grin to myself slightly at his new nickname for me.


"I’m coming in." He says suddenly and I whip myself around so that he's facing my back when he enters.


"Hey? What are you doing?" I hear him ask and I begin to shake. "Lee? You’re shaking. Are you alright?" I hear his voice get closer. He's going to see it.


"Y-Yes…" I stutter out. "No, you’re not… your stuttering which means your nervous about something… let me look at you?" He asks as I feel him place his strong hands on my shoulders from behind.


"No!" I suddenly yell. "What why?" He asks me and I just shake my head. I am unable to speak. What will I tell him when he sees it?


"She doesn't want you here, pup!" I hear the vile voice that I hate, echo throughout my room causing my body to tense up majorly.




"Why are you touching my beautiful mate when she doesn't want you to touch her, pup? If I find out you've hurt her I'll snap your neck…" Carter trails off slowly.






Beautiful mate? If ADAM has hurt me? He was so freaking contradicting! I wish I could yell at him right now but I just couldn't. All I did was stand there shaking with fear.


"A-Adam, I'll text you later… I'll b-be okay…" I trail off and I hear Adam sigh before releasing my shoulders and leaving the room.


I hear the door slam and moments later I am being twisted around on my heels to look into Carter’s cold, heartless eyes.


"Did he see your big ugly bruise?" He snapped while holding me centimeters away from his face. "N-No…" I trailed off hoping that he believes me.


"Fat whore…" He breathed out, so close to my face that my skin paled completely. I must have looked like a ghost. The tone of his voice was deadly, cruel and sick making me want to curl up into a ball and die on the spot.


He left straight after those shattering words. Surprising me completely since he never hurt me this time… well at least not physically.


"Fat whore… fat whore… fat whore…”


Those words were so small yet so sickening. I wasn't a whore, was I? Just because I slept beside my friend? Nothing even happened? We never even cuddled? But am I still a whore?


I gulped harshly before slowly setting myself down on the bed. I really want Adam right now. He's my only friend.



(Me): "Hey, Adam?"


(Adam): "Sup, Lee?"


(Me): "Can you sneak back up here?"


(Adam): "Is Carter gone?"


(Me): "Yeah… I uh… I just need help"


(Adam): "Be there in five."



I'm going to show Adam my bruises. He might be able to help. I can't feel scared and worthless like this. It's only been two days and yet I feel so scared and depressed with my mate already.


I hear a knock from behind me and I swear my heart nearly fell out of my chest due to the fright it gave me.


I turn around to see Adam knock my balcony door, signaling to let him in. How the heck did he get all the way up here?


As I walk toward the door I see his expression drop into a look of worry. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion while I unlock the doors to let him enter the room.


"Leoni! Oh god, Lee! Did he fucking hit you after I left! I'm so sorry! I should have stayed with you!" He whines as he embraces me into a tight hug.


Crap! I completely forgot about my eye when he knocked on the window. Oh well I guess I was planning to tell him anyway…


"No… he didn't hit me after you left…" I say calmly, looking at the floor. "Oh, thank the moon goddess he never hit you when I left…" Adam says as he releases me.


Spoke too soon.


"He hit me this morning after he came out of your room…" I finish quietly and I watch as Adam grits his teeth tightly together.


"He what." Adam breathes out slowly, sending a chill down my spine.


"P-Please… he's my mate and you can't tell anyone, Adam… my father… h-he will kill him." I suddenly ramble on, realizing I don't want to cause too much drama for the pack.


After all everyone thinks I've found my mate and their future Alpha and even if Adam wanted to help me, he has no chance against Carter. I mean Carter is one of the strongest men I've ever seen.


"Leoni, he can't just beat you up! You only met him yesterday for crying out loud!" Adam exclaims as he begins to pace around my room. I fight back the tears more than ever this time. All I've done so far is cry!


"C-Can you just help me out? I-It hurts and I don't know what to do?" I ask him gently, unable to look him in the eye.


I hear him release a deep breath and I'm too scared to look up. "I'll go get you some ice and cream for the swelling… but if this happens again, Leoni, then we need to tell someone, is that clear?" He says sternly and I manage to look up at him now.


His eyes are filled with sadness and concern and I know that he's the only person I think I can trust with this since Willow is gone… but what will I do when It happens next time?


I give him a tight hug, catching him off guard at first but he soon recovers and hugs me back. Nothing flirty but just a nice friendly hug.


"Thanks, Adam… again." I say, releasing him from my grip.


"I'll be back up with the stuff soon, Lee. Get yourself ready for bed in the meantime." He tells me and I nod at him before he exits the room.


All I can think about now is…


What does Carter have in store for me tomorrow? I can't go running to Adam for help anymore… he wants to tell my father next time so I'll have to hide it from everyone.


Chapter 7 – Acting Innocent


I woke up with my body feeling stiff and sore. Adam had brought me up the stuff last night like he said and it helped me a bit, especially with my back.


As werewolves, we are able to heal a lot quicker than humans unless it's silver or wolfsbane that is used against us. My back was close to being fully healed; however, my muscles still ached and so did my swollen eye.


I guess I'm not like an average wolf as I've never been hurt physically before, everyone was too scared to hurt me because of my father so therefore my wolf isn't used to having to heal itself.


I sat up and headed straight to my bathroom to study the shining glory that was now residing under my eye. A stunning purple and brown bruise spreading wildly across my cheek.


I sigh in disbelief at my appearance and moments later I hear the sound of my door opening and slamming shut.


There is only one person who comes in here unannounced.


"Leoni!" I heard Carter call from outside my bathroom. I wish he would at least give me ten minutes of alone time after I've just woken up.


"I-I'll be o-out in a s-second." I stutter out, suddenly becoming a nervous wreck knowing that he is on the other side of the door.


"Hurry up!" He snapped back making me flinch. "S-sorry." I called out as I quickly did my business and washed my hands.


Yes, I did just apologize to him for going to the bathroom. Dumb I know.


I unlocked the door to see him sitting on the edge of my bed with a blank expression on his face. He made no move to hurt me yet but I just stood there in complete terror as he stared at me.


After very long minutes had passed, he finally stood from my bed and I instinctively prepared myself for the hits that were to come.


I squeezed my eyes shut and kept my head down but to my surprise the only impact that came was from his thumb trailing down my face softly and over my bruise, making me wince slightly.


Was he trying to be nice to me? Gentle for the first time? This can't be right.


"We wouldn't want your father to see that ugly bruise today, now would we? Cover it well with some makeup and text me when you’re done! I added my number to your phone." He said emotionlessly before leaving me alone YET AGAIN.


To think I actually thought he was being nice… reality is he just can't leave another mark on me just yet or someone will catch him out.


I don't wear a lot of makeup so I'm pretty sure that people will notice a change when I suddenly cake my face with it to cover up his abuse.


Oh well, I guess it's Carter’s orders…


I pulled out a tube of concealer and began trying to cover the hideous site on my face. This sucks. Majorly sucks.


I caked on foundation and then added some more concealer and the bruise was barely noticeable. I mean I could still see it but only because I knew it was there.


I went into my closet and put on a baggy sweater and some jeans. I guess I need to text Carter now because if I don't soon then he might get pissed off.


I sent a brief text saying "I'm done." Nothing too extreme and moments later I heard the thumping of feet on the steps leading up to my room.


The door was swung open and there stood Carter. He studied my face and snarled at me. Why can't he just give me a break? I already feel close to having a breakdown and it's been 3 days.




"It will have to do… We are going to see your father and you will tell him that we are engaged… If he finds out about your eye then consider your fat self to be dead!" He told me sternly, glaring deeply into my eyes.


I gulp harshly at his threat and nod my head in understanding. He wastes no time in taking my hand roughly and leading me out of the room in a rush.


Oh crap!! Now I will have to act all excited and happy about the engagement or else Carter will carry out his threats.


The thought of lying to my father terrifies me…


"Remember what I said!" Carter grits out as we approach the large doors leading into my father's office.


I freeze as Carter waits for me to enter first. I can't do this… this isn't right…


"Move it!" He snaps lowly, causing me to knock on the door suddenly without hesitation.


"Come in!" I hear my father's voice boom from the opposite side of the door.


I place my small hand on the handle as I twist it carefully to enter.


As my father sees that it's me his face lights up into a grin and he instantly stands up from his chair and rushes at me.


"Leoni! I haven't seen you since your party… is everything alright?" He asks me warily and I can't help but notice the heavy presence of Carter who is behind me.


"Y-Yes I'm fine Dad… just wasn't feeling so great recently… but I'm better… ugh… the good news is that C-Carter and I are…engaged…" I slur out, trying desperately to sound excited about it.


I stuttered quite a lot which I know Carter won't be happy about but I couldn't help it. I feel terrible for having to go along with this.


"Oh, my beautiful daughter! This is amazing! I'm so happy that this is working out! So when will the wedding be?" My father asks excitedly, completely ignoring the fact that I was a stuttering mess.


He has probably just assumed that I'm nervous because I have a new mate but boy was he soooo wrong.


"2 weeks." I hear this sudden unfamiliar chirpy voice say from behind me. Of course, he's putting on the 'luckiest man in the world' act right now. Well played, Carter.


"Excellent my boy, wait till I tell your mother about this, Leoni!" My father exclaims.


Did he just call Carter his "boy"? Oh god my life couldn't get any worse right now could it?


I look up at my father, realizing that I had in fact been looking at the ground since the minute I got in here.


I look up to see his excited, overwhelmed facial expression and it breaks my heart that he is supporting this monster behind me.


His face suddenly falls from a smile, down into a thin line as he glares at me dangerously. I flinch slightly at his glare as it reminds me of Carter’s and I just stare back at him unable to move.


"Leoni." He breathes out sternly as if he is about to explode with rage. He takes his thumb and places it on my bruised cheek just like Carter did earlier.


Shit he's noticed it!!


"What the fuck is that on your face!" He barks, now taking his eyes from me and moving them to Carter.


"What is it? what's happened?" I hear Carter say as he grabs me by my shoulders turning me to face him now.


I study his face which looks sad and worried, obviously an act in attempt to fool my father and save his own ass. What a great actor this man is.


"Leoni, you better tell me right now who the fuck did this to you!" I hear my father bark from beside me making me flinch again.


I feel Carter’s hands tighten slightly around my shoulders as a warning and I squeak out "I can't tell you," as quietly as possible but I know that they both would still catch what I said.


"What do you mean you cannot fucking tell me!" My father bellows and I feel the room grow increasingly hotter.


"You better tell us who hurt you, Leoni! I will not have someone abuse my mate!" Carter now shouts at me too joining in with my father. Little did my father know that he was just taunting me.


"All the makeup in the world can't hide that disgusting bruise from me, Leoni! I'm giving you one last chance to tell me!" My father bellows and I can see his eyes turning darker which means his wolf is about to take control.


This is all becoming way too much to handle and I feel my body start to shake. The room around me spins violently and I look to Carter who looks as if he has now grown four extra heads.


I feel my eyes glaze over and my body go limp as I hear the faint echoes of my name being called.


I try to fight to stay awake but it's too late as I feel my body hit the floor and the room falls into complete, painful silence.


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