How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 6

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Chapter 9 – The Border Line


I avoided my father and mother for the most part when me and James got back from the run.


I told everyone that I wished to not be disturbed tonight and that I wanted time to myself to recover.


In reality I just didn't want Carter to come into my room and I needed time to plan my escape.


When I reached my bedroom I instantly spotted my iPhone sitting on my dresser.


Crap I have to text Adam!


Me: "You don't know how sorry I am Adam, I tried to tell my father about Carter and nobody believed me, I hope you don't hate me."


My eyes began to sting as I sent the text and a single tear fell from my eye remembering that Adam is gone now.


You have to get yourself out of here!


I begin to pack a bag of clothes, a toothbrush, hairbrush, water and some snacks I kept in my room. The thought of eating made me feel sick though. I really didn't like my weight and every time I ate I was only adding fuel to the fire in my own mind.


I can't remember the last time I ate actually? The morning of my party maybe? Who cares. I was fat and it needed to go away!


I sat on my bed and was trying to work out the best time and route to take on my escape when my phone suddenly beeps.


I literally run across the room in hopes that Adam is safe and that he has replied.


Adam: "Hey Lee, it's totally fine, I just hope you’re doing okay? I’m at my cousin’s pack now and hopefully he will help me, I'm going to try and convince him to go to your wedding and maybe stop it before it's too late, he's the Alpha King and he has a lot of power, hang tight."


His words only made me break down completely. I know that he will do anything he can to help me. He's the only one I can rely on at the moment.


If only I had let him tell my father like he wanted to the other day then maybe it would have been Carter that was banished and not him.


Me: "Thanks Adam I appreciate that so much but I'm going to try and run away tonight… don't worry about me, I'm sorry for everything, you were happy here and it's all my fault."


I send the text quickly so that I can go back to sorting my plan. It's true. It was all my fault, I ruined Adams chances of being in our pack and with that I ruined our friendship.


I know that I only met him at my party, but it's very rare for me to meet someone and be able to call them a genuine friend. I’ve always just had Willow and then she left me here and I was over the moon to find Adam and now he's gone too.


"Get back to the plan!" I hear Leah huff out, breaking me away from my thoughts. She's clearly more than desperate to escape all of this.


The lake is always empty at night because me and Willow used to always go there and never get caught.


The pack border is only a ten-minute run from there so I could probably make it out if I run fast enough.




I pack my UGG boots that Willow got me lastly and I decide to sneak out at midnight. It's 11:39 PM just now so it's not too long a wait.


My phone beeps yet again and I can't help but check it curiously.


Adam: "No you can't run Lee! You won't be able to protect yourself against rogues and other packs, please don't do that, just wait there until I come, please Leoni."




I read his message about four times thinking over what he said about rogues…


But what if I do stay and he doesn't come and help me? After all his cousin is the cruelest Alpha there is, why would he want to help me?


How many times will Carter beat me up before they come? I’m too scared to stay with him. I'm too scared to even look that man in the eye.


I don't know a lot about mates but he's a lot different from Willows… I only hope that Mason wasn't acting nice around everyone else with Willow… but I suppose if she was being abused then she wouldn't be so happy to see him.


She tried to text me a lot and I pretended that I was happy and stuff. I don't want to ruin her life. She deserves to be happy and I guess I don't.


Me: "I'm sorry but I have to, anything is better than here Adam, your cousin is the king… he doesn't have time to save people like me, I'll be okay I promise."


I reassure him and tuck the phone into my bag. It's 11:50 PM and I'm getting extremely impatient.


What is 10 minutes of waiting going to change? I may as well leave right now.


With that thought I hop up from my bed, grab my hoodie and begin to walk down the halls. The house is fairly silent which is a good sign.


I make it all the way to the front door without being caught and I mentally high five myself.


I open the front door and check to make sure that nobody is outside.




The coast is clear so I don't miss a second and I shift into my white wolf instantly. I grab my bag and hoodie in my mouth and take off sprinting into the forest.


It's extremely dark and extremely creepy. I jump at every little noise I hear and half the time it's me that's making them. I wish I wasn't such a wimp.


I feel a lot weaker than I did earlier when I was running but it's probably because I haven't run this much in a while.


I ignore it and push through for an extra 40 minutes before reaching the lake. I'm actually surprised that I made it this far without being spotted and sensed by any guards.


I'm way too tired now though so I stop for a drink. I don't feel at all myself but I know that there's no turning back now.


I stand up shakily and begin to jog slowly in wolf form further away from the lake. I don't want to push Leah into running too much.


I sniff the air to double check that there's nobody nearby and to my relief I don't detect anyone.


I continue to jog for a further ten minutes before I exit the woodlands.


I am brought to a clearing and I can see the pack border line painted further up.


This is it.


I'll never see my family again. Never see Carter again. My life could get better or even worse but It's a risk that I'm willing to take at this point.


I slowly walk up to the line feeling my legs give in more and more. Why am I so weak!


I push myself further but my surroundings begin to blur. Oh damn! I'm passing out again! No!!




Two more steps and I will be over that border line…


One more step come on. They can't get me if I'm over this damn line! Nobody will dare cross it to get me back as they will instantly be considered a rogue.


I lift my paw to take the very last step but my body fails me and slumps to the ground. I don't know if I made it over or not but I can't make any further movements.


My body slowly drains itself and my eyes close over yet again just like before. Please moon goddess let me be free…




James' POV


I was on night patrol tonight. Just great. I went a run earlier with Leoni and the Alpha’s way of repaying me is by putting me on patrol…


I was on my way to the clearing to patrol the border line. Boring I know.


I couldn't help but feel that everyone was being a bit tough on Leoni earlier too. It was as if everyone was fed up with her. Even her father.


Of course it's not my place to say; however, she is my daughter’s friend and still my future Luna and I do care for her safety a lot.


When we had gone for that run earlier she was incredibly weak and I mean extremely weak. I don't know if it was maybe because of her wolf isn't used to running so much but I had to slow down in order for her to think that she was doing well.


She thought she was outrunning me and that she was going really fast but compared to an average wolf who is smaller than her she was still going so slow…


It took us 40 minutes to get to the lake… let's just say that I could get there on my own in 25.


I knew she wanted to run to clear her head about things and I couldn't let her go alone. I'm glad I never let her go alone, especially when seeing how weak her wolf was.


If a rogue had attacked her then she would have had no chance. Maybe that's why the Alpha is angry with her.


He knows that his own daughter is weak. He even told me so himself.


He can also sense that she's not happy with her mate… anybody would be able to tell…


Her father thinks that she is just being stubborn and that Carter is the best thing that has ever happened to Leoni but me on the other hand… I think something's off.


I eventually reach the clearing and it's empty just like I had expected. Waste of my time.


I begin to walk along the border wishing I was back home sleeping when I spot a lump of fur lying on the ground.


Is that a wolf?


I'm not totally sure if it's a rogue or not so I shift into my wolf form to be on guard in case of an attack.


I mind-link two nearby guards and tell them to get to my location ASAP.


I steadily walk toward the heap and smell the familiar scent of Leoni.


Shit, Leoni!


After recognizing her I shift back into my human form and run to her.


Her head lies over the border line but the rest of her body remains in the territory. Why was she this close to the line?


I grab her waist and slide her back slightly so that she is completely back on our territory.


That was a close one!


She would have been considered a rogue if she was a slight inch further over that line.


I place my hand up to her mouth and to my relief she is still breathing.


I mind-link the Alpha explaining that I found her passed out here with a bag and he ordered me to get her back immediately. He sounds so pissed off…


Maybe she was trying to run away? Why else would she have a packed bag and hoodie?


How could she… she's way too weak to leave, she would just get killed.


I soon smell the scent of two of the other guards approaching and once they arrive we lift her wolf form (which is extremely light) and carry her to the pack doctor.


She won't be happy tomorrow when she wakes up in the doctor’s room again…


I wonder what it is she's running from? Maybe what she said back in the hospital room was true?


Chapter 10 – Attention Seeker


James' POV


We carried Leoni's wolf through the woods and since we were in human form it took us about an hour to walk back.


When we reached the pack doctors home the Alpha, her mother and Carter were all waiting outside on the porch for us.


Hate to admit it but by the looks of things right now, you would think that Carter was their son and that Leoni was some random girl who was marrying him and causing a lot of trouble.


He has totally taken over her life.


Both men looked enraged whilst her mother looked genuinely worried. Yeah Alpha your daughter is unconscious but just stand there all angry and shit.


"Where was she exactly?" The Alpha asks me as soon as we reach the porch and I can hear the rage ripple through his tone.


"Her face was lying over the border line Alpha, and the rest of her body was still in our territory." I explain as I help the men carry her into the house.


"And did you mention a bag?" He asks me again and I gulp. Leoni is surely in for it when she wakes up.


"Yes Alpha." I reply briefly.


"Give me it." He says slowly and one of the other guards hands him Leoni's back pack.


Whatever is inside will possibly determine what she was up to. It was obvious to me though that she was trying to run away.


We take Leoni to the nearest hospital room and exit in order to let the doctor help her.


We all wait in the living area and I watch as the Alpha unzips the bag slowly.


Everyone stares intensely waiting to see what was inside and his face frowns even further when he sees some clothes, a toothbrush, some snacks and water and a few other things…


"Selfish bitch." The Alpha- who once loved his daughter more than anything- mutters.


"Dean!" His wife scolds him softly and he just throws her a glare.


Carter on the other hand is sitting in the corner of the room looking as smug and as comfortable as ever. Douche bag.


"I'm afraid to let you all know that Leoni has in fact passed out from exhaustion… can I ask when she last ate?" The Doctor appears at the door and everyone looks around the room at each other for an answer.


"Well uh… well she hasn't uh… she hasn't been down for a proper meal with the pack since the day before her party last week…" Her mother stutters out, obviously feeling guilty that she didn't encourage her to eat since then.


The pack always eats dinner together every night so when someone is missing from the table it's usually noticed straight away but I guess it must have become a regular thing for her not to be at dinner since everyone forgot all about her.


Carter was there however.


Him being her mate and all, shouldn't he have noticed out of all people that she was missing from the table? But no.


Douche bag again.


"I will have to connect some tubes and put some nutrition into her system… she should wake up at some point tomorrow, good as new." The doctor says before exiting the room again.


The poor girl. Surely I'm not the only one feeling extremely bad for her state.


"The girl has gotten out of hand… she is now craving attention! Just because she isn't ready to be married!" The Alpha snaps once the doctor is gone and I can't help but look at him in complete disbelief.




He surely doesn't think that Leoni has starved herself purely for attention?


She's never done anything as stupid as this in her whole life so why would she start now? In fact, she hates any kind of attention?


"Alpha, maybe something has been bothering her?" I try to suggest but take note of the glares I am given from Carter when I do so.


I'll kick that muts ass if he keeps his dick attitude up.


"I can't have her continuing this nonsense when she has a wedding in less than two weeks!" He says sternly and I know that there is no point in arguing with him.


He's more concerned about having Carter as his new son in law than he is about his daughter’s health.


"I have a pack to attend to! James, I want you to stay here over night and alert me as soon as she wakes up tomorrow!" The Alpha instructs me before he gets up from the couch to leave.


Sure you go home without a care in the world and I'll stay here and look after YOUR daughter.


I nod my head once as I watch both Carter and her mother follow the Alpha out.


If I'm correct a mate would never leave their mates side when they are sick… must just be me.


Oh well I guess I'm sleeping on this couch tonight then… how fun.




Adam's POV


"Please will you just come to the pack with me? They won't let me in their territory unless you come with me!" I argue further with my stubborn ass cousin.


Him being the Alpha king means that he doesn't listen to anyone unless it concerns him. Why would he care about Leoni if he doesn't even know her?


"Listen baby cousin! I only let you join this pack simply because I didn't have any spare time on my schedule to be attending your funeral so I think I've done you enough fucking favors for now." The almighty 'Alpha King' tells me.


What an ass.


I'm not going to let this go. I'll just argue with him again tomorrow until he gives in.


Stubborn child. 


I leave his office in yet another bad mood and I check my phone for the 60th time to see if Leoni has replied yet… and she hasn't.


She told me she was running away 4 hours ago and I haven't been able to sleep worrying about where she might be.


I ended up in my cousin’s office for the third time today begging him to go to the pack to stop her wedding.


He doesn't care though and "doesn't want to travel for four hours to stop a shitty wedding" according to him.


The rumors about him were no lie. He is cruel and heartless but at the end of the day he is my cousin and maybe there's a slight chance that he will fix this, after all he did save my ass.


I get up to my room in his castle… (yes, he actually built himself a castle to live in since he is classed as a royal in the wolf world and wants to show off his money) and I decide to try phoning Leoni one last time.


It rings…


Then rings again…


Then rings some more…


And to my complete and utter shock someone picks up!!


"Hello?" The groggy voice answers on the other end.


"Hi uh, who is this?" I ask nervously. What if a rogue captured her or something? Oh shit.


"It's James, and who is this?" He asks again, he sounds quite tired actually… and why does he have her phone?


Well yeah… it is like 4 in the morning.


"Oh James… uh is Leoni alright?" I ask unsure of whether he will tell the Alpha that I'm calling or not.


"Yeah she's here and she's fine… she passed out and now she's in the pack doctors house… uh wait? Who is this?" James asks and my heart begins to race.


I would hang up right now but then he can just easily check my caller ID… oh well here it goes…


"It's Adam… uh she was texting me earlier saying she wanted to run away and I wanted to make sure she never and that she was safe…" I rush out sounding rather weak.


"She's fine. You could get her into trouble by calling her though so don't do it again…" He warns me and I sigh knowing that he's right.


"Yeah I guess… thanks… but James I'm not the one who beat her up I swear!" I say bravely, someone needs to believe me.


"I know that Adam… goodnight." He says briefly before hanging up the phone.


He knows? He knows it wasn't me! Maybe Leoni told him?


James is an ok guy I guess. He could have gone and cried Alpha the minute I called but instead he didn't… I just hope that Leoni is doing okay with him there. Hopefully he's helping her.


I have no choice. I need to stop this wedding. I promised her that I'd help her!


Even if I have to trick this almighty Alpha king cousin of mine into helping me do so…


She's my friend and she needs me.


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