How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 7

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Chapter 11 – The Cell


Leoni's POV


I felt beyond drowsy when I woke up this morning. I was in yet another hospital bed again but the only difference this time was that firstly, I was in wolf form which meant that I had to shift back and secondly, the room was empty. No father, no mother, no Carter, no doctor.


Just me.


I failed.


I knew that I didn't make it over the line.


I can smell the scents of my pack all over this room. That was my only chance to escape and my body had to just go and give up on me.


I have this ugly little tube inserted into my stomach and it's making me feel sick to look at. I hope that my father isn't too angry with me or even Carter for that matter. He will surely kill me after what I've done.


I slide on a nearby hospital gown since I'm fully naked right now and I don't really feel at all comfortable.


I hear the door handle twist and I cower back further into the hospital bed instantly.


I glance up as I hear the door shut only to find James standing in front of me.


I hear him sigh and I swear he looks really concerned about me.


"W-where is everyone?" I ask him and he looks away from me sadly.


"They didn't want to stay… I got told to stay here with you… I've to mind link your father to let him know that your awake now." He tells me and my heart breaks a little. Nobody wanted to stay? Not even my mother? Nobody?


Wow. They hate me now. The pack hates me.


"I'm sorry… for whatever you’re going through…" James states next, completely shocking me. He's sorry for what I'm going through? Nobody has said that to me.


I nod at him slightly, unable to speak and I watch him exit the room silently.


My father is on his way here. What's the worst that can happen I guess?


"Leoni dear I'm going to remove your tubes but you must promise me that you will eat something… you are falling underweight extremely fast!" The doctor enters the room now and tells me sternly.


James must have told him that I had woke up.


I nod slightly and watch as he carefully removes my tubes and fixes me. I don't care what they say. I won't eat. I won't stuff my face just so that everyone can mock me and call me fat.


I won't torture myself.


I hate attention and I definitely don't want Carter calling me fat for the rest of my life, it just hurts too bad. Like I said, I hate any kind of attention and I don't want people to notice me because I'm fat.


The doctor takes about twenty minutes sorting out my stomach with the help of the nurse before he eventually finishes up.


"You’re as good as new… your father is waiting outside for you so I'll just go and fetch him." The Doctor states making me shiver.


He's here.


I just hope they don't hurt me. I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings or hurt this pack. I was just scared.


The door swings open moments after the doctor leaves and it goes smashing right into the wall behind it, causing it to dent.


"Father I-I'm sorry." I stutter out, as I watch him rush towards me looking as angry as ever.


His eyes are completely switched which means his wolf is in full control of him right now due to rage.


I don't have any further time to think or speak when I suddenly feel his rough hand connect with my face causing me to inhale a sharp breath.




I feel my cheek start to sizzle and nip as the reality sinks in.


He just slapped me. On the same cheek that was already bruised from Carter. My own father just slapped me.




"D-Dad…" I stutter out feeling my eyes water from the shock as I grip my pained cheek.


"Guards!! Take this selfish little brat to the cells! That is where she will remain until her wedding day!" I hear my father’s orders and my heart sinks.


W-what? The cells? Where the criminals go? He can't mean those cells, can he?


"Alpha… Sir… are you sure?" I hear James ask in complete and utter disbelief as I just sit there and begin to cry violently.


"Take her now!" He barks and I flinch at his volume. The venom lacing his words is unbearable. Each word he shouts out stings my heart.


He loved me last week.


James then takes me by my arm gently and guides me past my father who doesn't look at me and out of the house.


I am made to walk bare footed outside with no jacket or jumper on, just the thin hospital gown.


The cells aren't far from here, probably a ten-minute walk but the grass is frosty and scrapes at my feet as I take each step. The cold air doesn't help much either as it's numbing my skin horribly too. I would kill to have my little boots willow bought me on my bare feet right now.


Once we enter the woods out of sight, James picks me up bridal style to my surprise and carry's me to the cells.


I don't protest against him carrying me considering that it's too cold, I'm extremely terrified, and lastly speechless from what my father has just done.


James doesn't dare speak to me but I can tell by the look on his face that he is not amused with my father's actions.


The walk seems shorter due to how fast James carried me and before we exit the woods he places me down.


I'm guessing he doesn't want to be caught carrying me as it might be seen as him going against the Alphas instructions.


I walk the last few meters to the cells seeing three tall guards standing outside of the building.


It is literally a prison. There's a wired fence surrounding the building along with guards who are heavily armed.


"The Alpha wishes for his daughter to be held here until her wedding… in a closed off cell" James states to the guards and at first, they look horrified at having to lock up the Alphas daughter but then one man steps forward and takes me from James and nods.


A closed off cell is one that I get on my own. It means I get kept away from other prisoners and it's supposed to be better than the other cells.


He leads me away from James making me feel extremely vulnerable as the other guard opens the gates to allow us entry.


The place is terrifying and holds some of the deadliest threats to our pack…


I'm shaking with complete fear as he leads me inside the building and down many dark halls passing numerous, large doors.


I can hear the voices of gruff men calling out to me as I pass by.


Many of the comments were vulgar and not worth thinking about and I still couldn't believe that my father had actually sent me here.


The guard takes me up a lot of sets of stairs to what I'm assuming is the top of the prison and he leads me to the last room which is empty.


He unlocks it with two keys and shows me inside. The room contains a thin mattress which is placed on the floor, another small room leading to a bathroom and a little window that was barred up.


Oh jeez.


I look around the room horrified and I don't even notice the guard leave until I hear the door slam shut behind me and the rattling of keys.


I'm being kept in here for 11 days. My father has gone insane. I didn't mean for this to happen. I even apologized and all he did was slap me. Everyone just keeps hurting me… I'm not a violent person and yet they just keep hurting me. It's not like I can fight back.


I couldn't look anyone in the eye, not my father, not James, not the guard… not anybody. I'm a wimp.


I went over to look out of my small room window and I could see the guards outside all standing chatting.


Probably trying to work out why I've been put in here.


I sigh and slump down onto the dirty mattress below me and pull my legs up to my chest.


I hug myself to try and stay warm and I let myself cry into my knees. Nobody wants me here anymore.


I wish that some rogues would have caught me last night and killed me instead of this. Anything but this.


It hurts me so much more to know that they all hate me, to know that I have a shitty mate, to know that I have no friends… I just wish they killed me or sentenced me to death instead of keeping me alive in here to make me into some joke of a Luna.


Now I have to count down the days until my release… and not that I'm excited about being released… oh no.


I was terrified of what was to come when Carter gets full control over this pack… and me.


I'll never escape from prison. My life in general is a prison. To think that last week I was at the mall enjoying shopping with my best friend and now she's off living a perfect, happy life and I'm stuck being tortured just for being alive.


It's fair to say I'm jealous. Jealous of everyone around me who is happy.


11 days… 11 days until the wedding and the end of my life.


Chapter 12 – The Visit


It's been five very cold, bitter days since I first came to this prison.


I've counted each day by slicing a very deep line across my thigh with the use of a sharp stone I found lying around.


The pain calms me I guess…. Self-harming? Let's not call it that.


It's everyone else who harms me not myself and what more is there to do in an empty cell?


James stopped by a couple of days ago to give me a fluffy blanket but other than that I have nothing else here.


Nothing to pass my time, nothing to wear, nothing to clean myself with. I was a mess and my life was a mess.


They came by with food a lot. But that was forever being flushed down the toilet. I wasn't going to eat like I said. I had some crackers two days ago but that was all.


I haven't seen anyone other than the guards and James since I've been in here. Five days feels like five years and it's turning me insane.


At night I can hear the prisoners whistling creepy songs along with shouting many vulgar things down the halls throughout the night. I'm stuck in here with the insane and my father hasn't even given me a second thought.


6 more days until my wedding. The only thing I'm hoping for is that my wedding dress is black. Black to represent that every ounce of happiness has left my body and black to remind them of the dark, cold cell they left me to rot in.


I'm terrified of the dark. I always slept with a night light- childish I know- but the only times I’ve ever slept in complete darkness was when Willow slept in my room or that one night I slept with Adam.


This place is truly a nightmare. Every noise I hear, every rattle of chains or key sounds make me nervous. I quiver into the corner of the room whenever I hear footsteps anywhere.


My biggest fear whilst being locked away in here is that my father or Carter might come pay me a visit. They make quite the duo these days.


"Where is she?" I hear a very familiar female voice say from outside of my cell making me sit up slightly.




I hear the rattling of keys from outside and I freeze and hide myself as much as possible like I always do now.


The door is swung open to reveal my mother who is thankfully here alone.


"Oh, my angel! Oh, my poor angel!" She cries out as she rushes over to me and embraces me in a hug.


It only took her five days.


I don't make any move to hug her back and I just sit there still, my body shaking violently both from fear and from being cold.


"Are you hurt Leoni? Please don't tell me your hurt?" She asks pulling away from the hug. I shake my head no and don't bother to answer her verbally


Of course I'm freaking hurt!


"Your father wouldn't let me come see you any sooner, I'm so sorry, I begged him to at least let me come up here to take your dress measurements and he eventually gave in… I can't believe he did this to you… I tried begging him to change his mind but him and Carter were adamant that you needed punished…" I watch as my mother breaks down into tears as she blurts out her apology.


I know that she is a lot shyer than my father and that she has no chance when it comes to arguing with him.


"I-It's ok…" I squeak out but I only seem to make her cry more.


"Look at you… my poor daughter… look at what they have done to you…" She sobs out as I grab her and hug her this time.


She hugs me back as tight as ever and I let her cry on my shoulder for a little while.




She pulls away eventually and wipes her swollen, teary eyes. "I snuck some stuff out here with me… it's the least I could do…" She says quietly as she retrieves her large hand bag.


I watch her in hopes that she brought me some stuff to keep me warm.


She pulls out some cozy socks from the bag and my heart warms slightly at the sight of them.


My mother loves me still. Maybe not my father or my mate but my mother definitely loves me.


She hands me the socks with a weak smile and I immediately place them over my numb bare feet.


"Who brought you this fluffy blanket?" She asks me quietly. "James." I say simply and she gasps.


"But p-please don't tell on him…" I stutter out, realizing I just stuck him in to my Mom.


"I would never tell your father, but I will have to thank James when I see him." She states, as she smiles at me lightly.


She pulls out another blanket from her bag and gives it to me. Knowing that I have two large blankets now makes me feel warmer already.


Lastly, she begins to take off her coat and my eyes widen. "N-No Mom… I can't take your coat." I tell her and she shakes her head at me.


"I had to wear a jumper underneath this coat so that your father wouldn't see it… if I had given you my coat it would have been too obvious, especially when I would return without wearing it." She says smartly and I smile at her thoughtfulness.


She takes off the large, warm jumper and hands it to me making me smile. She is the best Mom ever.


I place the jumper over my head and instantly feel the warmness settle against my skin.


"Now sweet heart… I'll have to take your dress measurements so that your father doesn't go crazy at me when I return." She says defeatedly as she pulls out a measuring tape and note pad from her bag.


I nod in understanding even though the thought of getting married makes me sick. I manage to stand to my feet anyway just for her sake.


My legs feel weak and I realize that I'm probably close to passing out again if I don't eat tonight. Damn it.


She begins placing the measuring tape against me whilst noting down some numbers in her book.


She places it along my arms, down my back, up my leg and lastly around my waist.


She gasps as she reads the extremely low number given from the tape. "You have never been this thin Leoni… you have to eat something." She begs and I look at the ground ashamed. I didn't mean to hurt my mother by not eating. I thought I was doing everyone a favor.


I nod, knowing that I will have to eat a meal tonight anyway so that I don't pass out.


She eventually finishes taking down the numbers when her phone beeps from inside of her bag.


It's probably my father getting impatient.


"Oh, I almost forgot… I tried to charge it fully without your father seeing but I managed to get it up to 88% at least." My mother tells me as she reaches in her bag and lastly pulls out my iPhone.


"I also downloaded a few games on there to keep you occupied, but you mustn't get caught with it because we will both get into some serious trouble." She sighs and I smile at her gently. This visit from her is the closest thing to happiness I've felt in days.


"I love you Mom." I tell her, as tears build up in my eyes. This time not completely from sadness but because I know that someone out there is capable of loving me.



"I love you so much my beautiful girl… but sadly I must go because the last thing you need is for your father to turn up here looking for me." She says and I nod my head in agreement as the fear settles back in at the mention of my father.


"Oh, and your father is letting you out a day early to get cleaned up for your wedding so that means I'll see you in five days sweet heart." She says sadly as she gathers her things and exits the cell.


Only five more days to go then? Five days. I'm honestly dreading it.


"Your food Miss… before I lock your cell door for the night." One of the nicer guards say as he enters my cell just after my mother exits.


He places some sandwiches and biscuits down beside me. I smile at him slightly and he nods before exiting the room and locking it again.


I pick up the ham sandwich shakily and begin to eat it. Although I love the taste, my brain is cursing me for eating and I feel terrible but I know that I have to eat every once in a while to stop myself from passing out.


I finish the plate completely and I gulp down the water I was given. My stomach feels good to be filled in such a long time but my head is ashamed of me.








I sigh in frustration when I suddenly remember that my mother brought me my phone.


I grab it from the mattress and unlock it to see that I have 42 texts from Adam. That poor boy must actually still care about me.


It's surprising because until my mother came I didn't think anybody cared anymore.


It's all texts asking if I'm okay and if I can call him and that he promises to save me.


Reading the texts does cheer me up slightly and I at least owe him a reply I guess.


Me: "Hi, it's Leoni, I'm okay I guess, thanks for still caring about me."


I send the text knowing it's a bit sad sounding but I can't bring myself to write anything else. I have no words for what's happened these past days.


My life has turned into a living hell all because I met my mate.


He's the reason I want to die. He's the reason that I don't want to be here at all. He's the reason everyone hates me now. Why couldn't he just give me a chance? Mates are supposed to give each other a chance?


Not to mention that since I passed out the other day my wolf Leah hasn't spoke to me. It's basically as if she's not there. She must be broken too. We are both broken.


My phone lights up beside me which startles me and I see that it's a text from Adam again.


Adam: "I have an idea Lee, I'm going to try and get there in time to stop your wedding, please have faith in me, I'll work this out!"


Me: "I'll try to stay strong, but you don't have to come Adam, I'm not worth your time."


Who am I kidding? He can't come here. He's banished from this pack which means if he returns my father has the right to kill him.


He's just trying to give me false hope.


Adam: "you are worth it! I'll be there!"


I don't want to reply. I don't know how to.


I click away from the conversation with Adam and a text from Willow catches my eye.


Willow: "I wish you would answer my calls 🙁 Carter invited both me and Mason to the wedding though! I'm soooo happy for you both and I cannot wait!"


I feel horrible that I never call her back or barely text her… but that's the least of my worries right now.


I just want to get some rest before it gets dark out…


I dread sleep every night now since it always results in a nightmare but I also dread being awake when the cell grows extremely dark so I guess I'll have to sleep now or never.


Another twisted day crossed off from my list.


Or should I say… another day engraved into my thigh.


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