How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 8

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Chapter 13 – The Big Bad Alpha


3 days later.




Adam's POV


Words cannot describe how happy I was when she replied to my texts… although her reply wasn't very long and enthusiastic, I'm glad she at least sent something.


I've been trying for days to come up with a plan in order to get my cousins help and I eventually think I have something good enough that will work.


I'm going to make up a bullshit story that Alpha Dean called him weak and stuff whilst I was at his pack… hopefully he will get so furious that I can convince him to turn up to the wedding and crash it! 


It's been driving me crazy not knowing what they are doing to her back there… just remembering the stuff that I allowed to happen to her when I could have done something about it makes me feel awful.


She trusted me and all that I managed to do for her was to get myself banished from the pack- leaving her with nobody.


I'm surprised she doesn't hate me. I would hate me if I was her. I let her down but I won't go down without a pretty good fight.


I'm going to visit his office right now and I'm going to try out my plan. If I remember correctly there should only be 3 days left until her wedding day…


I head down the large stone halls heading straight for the "king’s" office. I mean he even makes me call him "sir" now how pathetic.


I thought he was joking when he told me- his own cousin- to call him sir… turns out he wasn't joking at all. I laughed at him and he went ballistic.


He demanded that I respect him or he will make me a rogue. So since he's such a mother freaking douche I guess I have no choice!


Nobody is allowed to call him by his first name. Unless he likes you that is. I take it I haven't grown on him enough yet since I've been here but that can be arranged.


Anyway, that was yesterday, and today is a new day so here's hoping this plan works. It has to work… because I don't exactly have any other great ideas.


I approach the two large office doors that I've become very familiar with during my time here… I think I must have paid him a visit at least twice a day since I got here. Annoying I know but whatever it takes.


If he wasn't so damn stubborn then maybe I would lay off his back a little, but he always has to make everything so difficult… that's just how he is.


I glance at the one guard standing at the door before knocking on it briefly.


I don't hear him call out for me to come in but I didn't just walk all the way up here for nothing.


I twist the handle and enter anyway and the guard doesn't bother to stop me since the last time he did I just stood there and annoyed him until he let me in, immature I know.


His. Office. Was. A. Riot.


It was a bomb site.


There he stood. On all fours in his huge… and I mean gigantic… black wolf form, snarling and growling at me deeply.


He was baring his sharp long teeth at me as if he was ready to kill.


Oh great.




The puppy is in a bad mood.


How perfect. Couldn't have picked a better time Adam, WELL DONE!


This plan is definitely going to work with him being in such a cheerful mood like this one…




What hope have I got now?


"Sir… why have you destroyed your office? It is now giving me severe OCD." I ask him, muttering out the "sir" part to show him that I don't approve of me having to call him that.


He just growls loudly at me and glares.


I swear if he wasn't my cousin then I would have run for the hills right now but I know that he won't hurt me. He's the biggest Alpha wolf there is, much bigger than Alpha Dean- Leoni's father but he doesn't scare me.


As nasty as he can be, he won't hurt me. I know he won't, or he would have done it long before now. He would banish me from the pack maybe, but never physically hurt me.


I step over and around all of the broken pieces of furniture, heading for the one seat in the room that is still intact after his rampage.


The muscular wolf just watches me, still growling, as I do so. I wonder what managed to piss him off this much…


I take a seat in the leather chair ignoring him as I make myself comfy. I begin to flick through some stuff on my phone to pass the time.


This is going to take a while so why not make myself at home?


After about twenty minutes of me playing color switch on my phone he eventually stops growling at me which causes me to look up at him.


Yes, he has actually been sitting in the corner growling at me this whole time. Dumb ass. He should know that I won't just leave that easily.


I watch as he moves to a drawer and pulls it open with his teeth, retrieving a pair of Nike shorts.


I shield my eyes knowing that he is about to shift back into his human form and believe me, the last thing I want to see is him as bare as he was at birth!


"You can look." He says moments later, meaning that he's done putting on the shorts.


I turn back around to look at his tall, tattoo covered figure standing beside the broken desk with his arms folded across his chest in a bored manner.


Such a cranky pants.


"So, SIR, why did you destroy all of the lovely furniture you had in here?" I question him, yet again spitting out the word "sir" making him roll his eyes.


"Because pathetic little wolfs actually believe that they can order me around and tell me what to do!" He barks out whilst letting out a cold snigger.


I'm actually surprised that he's telling me why he's angry. I thought it would have been a lot harder to get him to talk.


"And who has tried to tell you what to do… sir." I hate calling him sir. I feel like a dumb child.


"Alpha Dean, actually." I hear him say sarcastically and I almost fall off my chair.


"What? Why?" I question, not calling him sir this time since I'm too interested in why he was speaking to Alpha Dean.


"Well you see… I want to go on one last search around the packs to try and find my mate, I'm 23 and I'm beginning to give up hope." He begins to say and I raise my eyebrows in confusion at him before he continues…


"I gave Dean a call first and told him that I wished to attend his daughter’s wedding… not to help you out of course, but because it will be a very big gathering with very many wolfs there…" He explains and I can't help but want to punch him.


He doesn't want to help me but if it benefits him then he will go to the wedding? Such a selfish prick!


Keep your cool Adam…


"So why did this lead to you going on a rampage?" I question further and he takes a seat on top of the one half of his desk that is still standing.


"He tried to tell me that I wasn't invited and that the ceremony was too full already… My wolf lost control since someone was actually daring to tell me no… little does that fucking stupid Alpha know that I WILL be attending his daughter’s wedding… just to prove to everyone that I do whatever the fuck I want, when I want!" He bellows out in complete rage again.


So he is actually going to go to this wedding! YES! Talk about a free pass… no more having to make up plans to trick him…


"Great I can't wait!" I say grinning and he just throws me a glare.


What now?


"You’re not coming with me." He says sternly. What the fuck does he mean I'm not coming? Of course I am! It was my idea!


"Why not?" I spit out at him making him raise an eyebrow.


"Because you’re a pain in the ass that's why!" He barks back.


"Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, plea-" I begin to beg him in the most annoying tone ever and he soon cuts me off.


"Just fuck off and don't speak to me until we are leaving! Why are you such an annoying little brat!" He barks and I grin wildly before getting up and strutting out of his office.


He actually just gave in to me, and a lot quicker than I thought he would!


Here I come Leoni my friend!


Chapter 14 – The Nameless King


Leoni's POV


The last five days of my prison sentence are now complete.


11 slices in my thigh to prove so.


My mother should be coming for me soon. The only good thing about getting let out a day early is that I don't actually have to see Carter until the ceremony tomorrow.


It's 'bad luck' to see him before the wedding according to the rules.


Suits me fine.


Adam sent me a text not long ago saying that he was on his way here to help me escape. At first I felt the slightest bit of hope sprout from within me but it was soon replaced when I realized that he won't even be allowed in the territory even if he makes it all the way here.


Adam may make it to the border line but the guards won't let him through so what's the point in hoping? My life's over. He's banished.


I hear the rattling of keys jingle from down the hall and before I know it the door is being opened, making me flinch back incase it's a threat.


The door opens and my mother runs to me, embracing me in another bone crushing hug like the last time I had seen her.


She looks as if she hasn't slept in days. Maybe she cares? Or maybe not. Who knows. I'm drained at this point so I don't really care about what she thinks of me.


My life sucks.


"Come on sweet heart you can finally leave." She tells me softly as she begins to help me to my feet, guiding me out of the cell.


"I like it here." I say tiredly and she freezes in her tracks to give me a short stare.


"You w-what?" She asks me curiously and I shake my head at her slightly in disbelief.


"I mean, eleven days in a freezing cold cell does start to grow on people, and the deadly murderers down the hall are great company…" I mutter out- more to myself, my voice still barely above a whisper.


I guess I'm just angry with everyone and how they have treated me recently.


I know that my Mom and James tried to help me whilst I was in here but at the same time there's no reason for why I got treated like this.


I shouldn't have been put in here in the first place and surely my mother had some sort of power that could have helped me to escape, I mean being the Luna and all.


My mother didn't reply this time. I guess she knew better.


We got in a car outside to drive us to the guest house that was about 15 minutes away from here. Although the car heaters were up on full, my body was refusing to warm up. I guess I've caught a cold from being in that damp freezing cell for days.


The bonus is that I'm not allowed to go back to the pack house because firstly I think everyone still hates me and secondly Carter and my father will be there and I can't see either one of them until the wedding tomorrow.


It's just me and my Mom tonight before the big day, so this should be fun…


After the short drive I was thankful to escape the awkward silence that had developed between my mother and I.


I could tell that she felt guilty about my current state. Especially since I sat uncontrollably shivering beside her throughout the entire car journey. It was almost as if the heat was making me colder.


Once we pulled up outside, I swung open the car door and practically sprinted towards the entrance with the little energy I could conjure.


Why am I so god damn weak!




My mother was getting stuff from the car but I ignored her and went ahead inside and up to one of the bedrooms for comfort.


To my delight I seen some underwear and light pink pajamas laid out on a clean bed waiting for me. I'm guessing this was my mother’s way of saying sorry. Nobody else cares in the slightest to treat me like a human anymore.


I didn't hesitate before grabbing the things from the bed and heading straight for the bathroom. Words can't explain how excited I am to shower- sad, I know.


I catch a glance at myself in the large mirror and had to do a double take.


I can't believe that this is actually me. The Alphas daughter. The daughter who wouldn't hurt a fly. This is proof to everyone that being kind and shy only gets you bullied and killed in this world.


Look at how much I’ve changed… both physically and mentally and it's only been what? a couple of weeks!


Picture me in a couple of months.


Judging by the look of me currently I can see myself dead in a couple of months. The cause of my death could be down to many things so I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


Carter could kill me with his bare hands… or maybe I'll catch a disease from being locked up in a freezing cold cell for days all over again… or how about when Carter becomes Alpha, he will just reject me and then I'll be banished just like Adam was? And then killed by rogues maybe?


Although something tells me that Carter has already rejected me… maybe that's why we don't feel any sparks? Or why he hates me? Who could blame him though. He's a pack warrior and I'm- Well I'm just a disgrace. Look at me.


My face is smeared with dirt and scratches, my hair is in a dirty, matted clump on my head, my skin is a deathly grey color, my clothes are filthy and my legs are bloody and cut along with the numerous burn marks and bruises painting my skin. All signs of how much of a coward I am.


The alphas daughter or the runt of the pack? Who could tell.


I let out a depressed sigh before heading to switch on the water to a warmer temperature in the shower before stripping and getting in. I wince as the water hits my open cuts on my thigh but the pain soon passes after a moment or two causing me to relax slightly.


I wash my hair a couple of times with shampoo and conditioner and I clean my body over until my skin is completely red.


I hop out, eventually satisfied with feeling clean again and I put on the clothes my Mom left me. I then use a spare toothbrush that had been left for me to clean my teeth.


This is the cleanest I've looked in days…


I wrap my hair up in a messy bun and exit the bathroom to see my mother sitting on the bed patiently waiting for me.


"Oh good, you’re finished, let’s go down stairs we have to run over the plans for tomorrow." She says half excitedly whilst taking my hand and leading me down stairs.

What is there to discuss? I walk down the aisle, say "I do" to the monster named Carter, make everyone happy and then probably get taken away and tortured by him later on. Maybe my father will even join in on abusing me since he just loves his new son in law.


We reach the living area moments later and I see two glasses of wine, chocolate covered strawberry's, popcorn, pizza and movies laid out across a small table in front of a sofa.


"I… I thought we could have a girl’s night before tomorrow… my way of saying sorry for what your father done to you and so that you can prepare yourself." My mother tells me sincerely as I take in the set up.


I can't help but feel slightly happy at her attempt to cheer me up but nothing can fully fix what this pack has done to me the past couple of weeks.


I nod at her and she gives me a small smile before taking her seat on the sofa. She puts in the movie "Bridal Wars" making me roll my eyes at the choice. Surely, she must know that I’m not excited at all for this wedding tomorrow…


I let out a small sigh, forcing myself to try and relax since this is my last night of freedom before facing Carter and my father tomorrow…


There is no escaping now.




Adam's POV


"Whose idea was it to fucking let you come in my car!" The big bad wolf snarls out at me from the driver seat.


I'm not allowed to say his name remember. Since he's the almighty king. The last girl to ask him his name got her neck snapped for disrespect. But I don't care who he is… I ain't calling him sir anymore.


"Chill out cousin." I reply before switching the radio back on loud and continuing to sing my heart out. He's not ruining this family road trip for me.


It's currently 8 at night and we should be arriving at the pack for 10 PM. Of course, we aren't actually going straight to the pack until the wedding tomorrow morning to avoid any drama tonight. We will be staying at a nearby hotel so that the king can get his precious little beauty sleep.


I'm just excited since we are going to save Leoni. I'd love to see Carter stand up to my new two-man army.


"Adam… and the Alpha King cousin… has arrived! Now hand over Leoni and we won't cause a scene! How does that sound then?" I announce in a fake authoritative tone only to hear him growl at me lowly from the driver seat.


Truthfully, I don't know how he manages to refrain from snapping my neck. If this was anybody else he would have kicked them out of his car and then ran them over. Repeatedly.


But I'm his only family left. My parents were killed in battle and his parents left him years ago and nobody knows where they went so he wouldn't kill me. We were too close as kids.


"I'm not going to back you up runt, you’re on your own and if you even THINK about telling everyone that you’re my cousin I'll rip out your heart in front of everyone." He states bluntly. Making me blink a few times to register his threat.


I give it about ten seconds before I can't hold it any longer.


My cheeks are puffed out to the max from holding my breath and I think I'm literally about to turn blue.


I can't do it. I eventually gasp for air and go into fits of uncontrollable laughter only to see his glare harden.


Who is he trying to kid? If big scary dudes like Carter get all up in my grill then I'll be waving a big flag saying that the Alpha King is my cousin.


Try bully me now bitches when my cousins the king of your sorry ass.


Not that I'm scared or anything but why should I get myself into a pickle when I can just use him?


He throws me a glare as I continue to laugh. He loves me. I know it. Of course he loves me.


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