How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 9

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Chapter 15 – Shards


Leoni's POV


4 movies later and my Mom has FINALLY crashed out beside me on the sofa…this means that I can actually go back up to my room now!


I mean, yes… it’s the first quiet night I've had in a while and I was thankful for that but it still doesn't hide the fact that I'm marrying Carter tomorrow… nobody can change that fact.


I slowly got up from my place on the sofa trying not to wake her as I pulled one of the bigger blankets up and over my Mom.


I headed back up to the room I had showered in earlier and just as my hand was about to brush against the door handle I heard a thump come from the inside of the room making me jolt back in fear.


Oh God.


What was that? What could have possibly made that noise?


It then happened again, louder this time though, causing me to gasp and inhale a sharp breath.


The next sound was of shattering as if something large had just been smashed… then there was numerous loud thumps, tares and bangs coming from the other side of the door.


My body began to tremble as I stood there still, staring into the hard wood of the door. My breathing was coming out in quick pants and I wasn't sure of what to do so I just stood there, defenseless, like I usually do in these situations.


Should I wake up my Mom? Maybe it's a burglar? Wait how the fuck would someone even get this close to the house… there are guards everywhere outside since the Luna and the Alpha’s daughter are in here duh!


You would need to be of some importance to get in here so it's probably an animal, right?


I shakily twisted the handle of the door and pushed it forward with little strength.


My thoughts had won me over this time. It could only be an animal, nothing else. Only an animal… nothing else… I repeated quietly as the door slowly creaked open.


"Well, well, well, if it isn't the jail bird herself…"








From the moment I heard his shallow voice my heart sank. My breath was almost knocked out of my lungs and I instantly regretted opening up that door.




"W-W-Why are you h-here… it's b-bad luck." I choked out, still standing in the door way taking in the scene in front of me.


Every inch of this room was destroyed. The mirrors smashed, the wardrobes demolished, the mattress of the bed was even on the floor leaving the bed frame in large pieces. Everything was either smashed up or parted.


"Who gives a shit about bad luck Leoni? It's not like any of us actually want to get married is it?" He jokes out whilst turning his hand a little to let me see the shining shard of glass he was holding firmly.


I swallow the lump in my throat and take a step back, nearing myself back out into the hallway.


"Th-Then w-why?" I ask him in a whisper.


To say I was terrified would be an understatement.


Why go through with this wedding if it's not what you want?




"You know why! Don't be so fucking dumb! How many times do I have to tell you? I want your fathers title… and you are the key." He says angrily as if he's fed up with repeating himself to me.


But how could he be willing to marry someone he didn't love for some stupid title?


"But-" He began to speak again making me wince at his tone.


"I want everyone to hate you and in return I want them to love me… I want them to think that you've gone insane and that your unfit to run this pack." He tells me proudly, whilst taking slow steps towards me showing off the glass that he still held in his hand.


He knows just how easily he can scare me and he's using it to his advantage.


It wasn't until he was inches away from my face that I even realized he had been approaching me as I was so engrossed in his every word.


My brain was racking itself, trying to figure out why he couldn't just let me go. Why he couldn't just let me marry him tomorrow, give him his title and then leave?


He can run this pack alone. I will stay away from everything as long as he doesn't hurt me? But no.


Carter is deadly set on ruining my life completely. Why? I have no clue. 


"P-Please Carter… l-leave me a-alone" I was very close to sobbing now. Obviously I was. I was terrified of him. Terrified of the glass he held in his hand and terrified of what he plans to do with it.


"I don't like when people beg… it's a sign of weakness and it's disgusting!" He snaps out, just inches away from my face, making me squeeze my eyes tightly shut.


I'll be really shocked if he doesn't kill me right now. Why else would he have that glass?


I waited for a slash or stab to puncture my skin but it didn't happen… I still refused to open my eyes though. I knew that he was staring at me still, I could feel his breath fan against my cheeks causing me to shiver.


He was taunting me, waiting to see if I'd make a move or if I would lose it. But I didn't. I couldn't move even if I had wanted to. The fear was almost strapping my feet to the floor.


I waited for what seemed like ages, still holding my eyes firmly shut until Carter finally made the first move by grabbing me by my fore arm and yanking me into the smashed-up bedroom.


It's funny how the thing that I was most excited for has been all smashed up. All I wanted was to have a warm, good night’s sleep. Just for one night but he just had to come up here and ruin that for me too.


I'm even more shocked at how my Mom hasn't woke up, especially from all of the noise Carter made in the process of wrecking this place.


I felt his grip on my arm loosen which caused me to squeeze my eyes shut even tighter, if that's possible.


I then felt his hands press roughly against my shoulders, sending me tumbling down towards the hard wood floor beneath me.


I yelped out in pain as I hit the ground which only caused Carter to laugh hysterically at my state. He was enjoying this a lot more than I had hoped.


"Crying already? How pathetic. I've barely touched you." He taunted me making me realize that I had in fact started to cry uncontrollably.




"Maybe if you weren't so fat then your fall wouldn't have been so hard…" He mocks me further, making my face burn from embarrassment. He's right. The deafening sound from me falling was horrific.








I was shamefully abusing myself in my mind before I suddenly felt his solid boot colliding with my nose, sending me further across the room floor from the force of his kick.


I soon felt a cold, runny liquid trickle down from my nose as I felt it touch my lips making me grimace as the metallic taste fell into my parted mouth.


I forced my watery eyes to open for only a mere second to see that Carter was now towering over me. He was wearing his signature smirk whilst he twirled the sharp piece of glass around in his fingers playfully.


The sight was purely terrifying, forcing my eyes to close back over on their own accord. I heard him chuckle yet again making me sob louder.


At this point I just wish he would kill me already.


I heard him shuffle around the room on his feet until I heard him move behind me, making my body tense up with fear.


Seconds later I felt my hair being roughly tugged at to sit my body upright which I didn't fight against since I knew better.


He was crouched down directly behind me from what I'm guessing since I can feel his breath leaning into my neck.


I then feel the sharp object gently press against the right side of my neck before he traces it down slowly causing me to gasp in fright.


He then begins to draw an imaginary cut around the front of my throat, only to taunt me further as I shake violently beneath him waiting for the real impact of the glass.


My breathing was completely unsteady and I'm almost certain that I'm close to taking a panic attack. I try to calm myself but I possibly can't as I feel the glass run up the side of my face slowly.


Chapter 16 – Today's the End


Leoni's POV


I groan quietly as I start to feel a prickly texture hit against my face… I can't remember falling asleep but this was for sure a weird way to wake up.


I crank open my eyes, suddenly coming to terms with the sharp pains that are coursing throughout my entire body when I move.


"Mrs. Stone, she's awake" A woman with curly blonde hair calls out just as my eyes had fully adjusted to the surroundings.


She began tapping a large brush around on my face again making me jump slightly from the impact.


I just sat there, staring at the very concentrated woman who looked like she was around her mid-thirties.


My eyebrows knitted together in total confusion as to what was going on…  before it soon clicked!




I get married to Carter in less than a few hours and my life will truly be over!


This woman was doing my makeup currently and I could tell that my hair had already been done as it felt too neat for someone who had just woken up…


My Mom came sauntering into the room seconds later with evident disappointment written across her face.


She looked beyond pissed off. I mean my mother rarely got angry but right now she looked beyond it and her glares were being directly shot my way which made me gulp and look to the ground.


I guess this was sort of expected anyway? Everyone had turned on me other than my Mother and James and now she's even lost hope for me.


"Leoni Stone!" She barked out whilst pointing her finger accusingly at me causing me to flinch under the makeup artist's touch.


"I cannot come to terms with the maniacal lengths you had gone to last night just to prevent this wedding from happening today!" She continued, making my mouth hang open in complete and total shock…


What on earth was she talking about?


"Here I was…thinking that you had actually enjoyed the girl’s night I had set up for us yesterday! It was all a kind attempt to prepare you for this wedding today yet you take my kindness and repay me by waiting until I was asleep before coming up here and trashing one of the nicest bedrooms! And to top it all off you even harmed yourself just for attention! Words cannot describe how disappointed I am with you Leoni! You should be ashamed!" She spat out at me in a rant.


My eyes were filling with tears but I knew that if I let them loose it would only cause issues with my makeup for today.


Once she had finished her rant, the memories of what really happened last night came rushing back into my mind and just as I was about to tell her that it was all Carters fault I stopped myself.


Why you might wonder?


Because what's the point.


Every time I tried to tell someone of what was going on with Carter, things just got worse. Telling my Mom wouldn't make things any better so I have no choice, as sad as it is, than to let it go and live with it.


This was my life. As of today, when we make things official. My life is going to be filled with ongoing abuse.


I don't have the strength anymore to defend myself so I let out a croaky "sorry" to my Mom and she just nods back at me simply.


Did I just apologize for Carters doing? Yes.


He had won. He will always win.


"Okay Mrs. Stone I'm all finished, all she needs to do now is get into her dress, I've tried my best to cover up the nasty cut on her face but it's still slightly visible if you look closely and as for her arm, I wrapped it in a bandage." The makeup artist tells my Mother after glancing disgustedly at the deep slice Carter left on my cheek.


The tears stream down from my eyes just like the blood streams from my nose as I wait for what seems like forever on him to finish off his work.


He eventually presses down hard on the object like I was expecting when it reached the top of my cheek bone. He begins to drag a deep, squelching cut into my skin, stopping just down at my jaw.


I cry out in pain, suddenly remembering that I have a voice and I decide to use it for the first time ever by letting out a deafening scream taking Carter off guard completely as he jumps from behind me.


"You little fucking bitch!" I hear him mutter through his teeth before he slashes my arm deeply, trying to create one last cut on me before anyone shows up to catch him.


I scream louder this time from the great pain my body is experiencing which only causes Carter to move away from me.


This pain is incomparable. I've never felt anything like the pain I feel now, I'm pretty sure my nose is broke and both cuts are even deeper than the ones covering my thighs.


I am however slightly thankful that he only cut the upper side of my arm and not my veins. He could have taken my life right now but why didn't he? Does he still feel the mate bond after all?


I began to hear a lot of smashing sounds from around me causing me to open up my eyes for the first time in a while. I notice that Carter is breaking some stuff a little bit more when his eyes suddenly land on my own.


He rushes over to me in just a few steps, breathing deeply from pure and utter rage when suddenly he slaps my wounded cheek roughly with his free hand making me hiss out in both shock and pain.


He then wastes no time in placing the shard of glass in my hand and before I know it he is shifting into his wolf form and is jumping out of the window to escape the scene.


Just as his paws had hit the outside ground the room door was swung open to reveal my very tired yet now shocked looking mother.


"M-Mom-" I managed to choke out before my body went limp allowing me to fall into unconsciousness yet again.




I'm glad she had managed to cover it well with makeup before I had seen it in the mirror because I probably would have broken down in tears at the sight of my face. It's definitely going to leave me with a nasty large scar that's for sure.


My Mom nodded at her causing her to bow and leave the room. "Stand up" My mother said simply as she went to a closet in order to fetch my dress.


I've not seen my dress yet but to be honest I'm not entirely excited about putting it on. This wedding is a curse for me not a blessing.


I gripped onto the chair sides for support as I attempted to push through the waves of pain swallowing my body. I knew if I had caused a scene about the pain then it would only make my Mom angrier than before and she would just say that it was my own fault.


I can't let anyone know that I'm in pain, simply because nobody wants to listen or help me anymore. How many times have I needed medical help and everyone thinks it was all my fault. I get blamed for the pain I'm in whilst Carter stands back and points the accusing finger.


Once I had managed to stand properly I looked down at the chair I had been sitting in all morning…


Hold on a minute? I must have passed out last night after Carter left. My Mom found me and still decided to sit my unconscious, limp body in a chair and proceed to start fixing my hair and makeup for the wedding without even considering that I needed help and that I wasn't waking up…




My Mom appeared back causing me to look away from the chair and at the long silk dress she now held in her hands.


It was white, of course, even though I had hoped for black… it was long and straight with long sleeves and a few sparkles on top.


It was actually really pretty but I couldn't ignore the sickening feeling I held in my stomach knowing that it was all for Carter and I's wedding.


"Go into the bathroom and put this on, I'll fetch your heels." She said simply again and I could tell she didn't want to speak to me.


I took the dress from her hands and headed for the bathroom. Each step I took felt like my bones were shattering into a million tiny pieces but I had to ignore it.


I stripped out of my blood-soaked pajamas to reveal my bruised, skinny frame in the mirror. I was thinner yes. But not as thin as I had hoped.


Carter will still call me fat no doubt…


My makeup was actually really pretty but I faintly see the deep slice running down my cheek. Without makeup it would for sure be too ugly to look at… nobody will be able to look at my natural face again.


I began to tear up at my appearance but had to fight against it. I soon diverted my attention to the white dress before slipping it on.


It fit perfectly in most areas but was slightly loose at my stomach. I’ve probably lost more weight since my Mom last measured me. That thought caused me to smile a little to myself.


I took one final look at the dress, not feeling satisfied at all before heading back out and allowing my Mom to zip up the back for me.


Like I said… the dress was pretty but it wasn't a nice feeling to know that it was for Carter…


"Put your shoes on and meet me down stairs, the ceremony starts in thirty minutes." My Mom sighs out before leaving my room.


I open the box containing my shoes and find some simple white heels. Nothing too extreme but I didn't care.


I put my heels on and done as I was told. I headed down stairs to see my Mother and James waiting for me by the door, both with looks of boredom.


James gave me a weak smile when he saw me whilst my mother ignored me completely.


"I have a surprise for you Leoni." James spoke as he walked me out onto the porch.


I looked around and my eyes immediately landed on Willow. I let out a small smile at the sight of my friend but noticed her mate also stood by her side.


Maybe I was jealous? But who wouldn't be? She seemed so happy whilst I stood here shaking and in pain on my way to marry a man I don't love.


"Leoni! Ahhh! oh my god!" She squealed as she rushed to me.


I simply put my hand up to stop her, knowing that I'm in too much pain to be squeezed to death right now.


"Oh right… wouldn't want to mess up your dress." She said in a duh tone but I just stared at the ground.


"Okay everyone let's head to the cars." My mother announces and James and Mason both follow. I however go to take a step forward but am stopped by Willow.


"Spill." Is all she says to me making my eyes open wider than ever.


"W-What?" I stutter out making her gasp.


"Leoni something has changed about you and I want to know what it is! You never stutter around me? And how come you look so scared to see me?" She asks me curiously.


I consider telling her the truth but again stop myself. What's the point in telling Willow when she will just pack up and leave me again tomorrow? It's not like she can stay here and help me?


Just as Willow is about to speak again we hear James call for us to hurry up.


"You have a wedding to get to! You better tell me what's wrong with you later." Willow demands as we walk towards the cars.


Little does she know that this wedding is what the problem is…


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