How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 12

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Chapter 21 – K Stands For?


The King's POV


Well last night was pretty hectic.


Let's just say I had lost my temper a little bit after seeing Leoni's face.


I ended up killing Carter… well it's not much of a shock since I had planned to kill him anyway, just not so soon.


I just couldn't control myself after seeing my mates scarring face. It hurt me to think of the pain that she went through whilst being at her old pack.


If people want to hurt her then I’ll hurt them.


When I had gotten back from the cell, luckily my angel was asleep. She was sleeping on the floor however, which angered me because I didn't understand why she had chosen to sleep there. Especially since there is a huge bed in here.


Maybe she doesn't like my bed? I'll have to order a new one if that's the case…


I went for a shower to clean the blood from my body before getting myself into bed, taking Leoni with me, whether she likes my bed or not I'm pretty sure she can deal with it for one night.


I fell asleep quite quickly and let's just say it's the best sleep I've ever had for the simple fact that I had her beside me and I felt complete.


Currently I am lying beside her waiting for her to wake up.


She must be exhausted. I don't actually know when the last time she got a proper sleep was. It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon and the doctor is downstairs waiting for her.


I don't really care though. He can wait. If she's happy sleeping then so be it.


I lie there for a further ten minutes before she begins to stir in her sleep. I smile at the thought of my mate waking up now after so long.


Spoke too soon.


A frown soon replaces my face when tears begin to fall from her closed eyes as she begins to mumble words like "don't hurt me" and "please stop".


My heart swells at the sight and I immediately begin to shake her shoulders to waken her.


"Leoni angel, it's only a dream wake up." I say loudly over and over until eventually her beautiful dark eyes open up to stare back at me.


I wipe the tears from her face and she cuddles close to me making my heart beat faster. She's just so cute. I don't understand why people would want to hurt her.


I let out a low growl, thinking of how even her own family managed to hurt her but my growl only seems to cause Leoni to become alarmed and scoot away from me as quickly as possible, thinking she's done something wrong.


"No Leoni, that growl wasn't because of you, I got angry remembering that people hurt you." I tell her and she nods slightly.


I pull her back over to me, causing her to whimper in pain at my touch. She needs to see the doctor right now.


"I'm going to fetch the doctor for you… but Leoni?" I ask her curiously, stopping in my tracks as I'm mid-way out of bed.


"Yeah?" She asks me quietly.


"Why were you asleep on the floor last night when I got back?" I ask her softly not wanting her to think that I'm annoyed because she did that.


"I-I- didn't think that I was allowed to sleep in your bed sir." She tells me and my eyes widen.


She didn't think she was allowed to sleep in my bed? Is she honestly that scared that I'm going to hurt her that she needs to be so careful with everything she does?




"Of course you allowed Leoni? Your allowed to do anything you want when your here… I'm not Carter you know." I tell her, seeing her face fall sadly.


"I know that you’re not like C-Carter sir… I'm sorry, I just don't want any trouble." She tells me sadly as her eyes well up with tears.


"I'm never going to hurt you… I might get angry if you make a mistake but I'll never hurt you Leoni, and stop calling me sir." I tell her firmly, causing her to look up at me wide eyed.


"What's wrong?" I ask her worriedly.


"W-What's your name?" She asks me curiously and I smile.


"I don't let people call me by my name angel…" I tell her cheekily.


"Oh. Sorry… What do people call you then?" She asks me, and I can't help but find her to be the cutest thing ever.


"They call me King or Sir." I say again, grinning at her, probably confusing the life out of her.


"S-So I can't call you sir? So, I'll call you King?" She asks me and I shake my head no, making her eyebrows furrow in confusion.


"You… my sweet little princess… can call me Kane." I tell her and her eyes widen more in surprise.


She's the only person that I have permitted to use my first name. Not even Adam can call me Kane. Simply because he's a pain in the ass though.


"Kane…" she whispers, more to herself, causing me to grin even wider.


She said my name! She made my name sound like gold rolling from her tongue!


"I'm going to get the doctor I'll be back up in a minute." I tell her and she smiles back at me.


"Okay Kane." She replies and I abruptly stop at the bedroom door, turning around to run back to her.


She looks startled at my sudden change of action but I just couldn't help myself.


I jog over to the bed and quickly kiss both her cheeks and her forehead before jogging out of the room and leaving her completely flustered.


She's my mate and she's perfect. Broken or not…




Leoni's POV


Kane. The King’s name is Kane. My mate’s name is Kane. It was perfect for him!


I smiled to myself after he left, feeling special since I'm the only one who gets to call him Kane.


He must really like me.


I wait for him and like he had promised, he returned with a doctor shortly after he had left.


Kane carried a large bottle of water, a bowl of soup, bread and sweets all in his arms causing me to flinch at the sight.


Is it okay for me to eat? I mean I want him to like me and not think that I'm fat. Although he did ask for me to put on more weight.


"Leoni, I want you to eat and drink all of this stuff whilst the doctor treats your wounds." Kane tells me and I nod at him fearfully.




I don't know why I'm acting so scared to eat in front of them. Especially since they are asking me to.


I take the food and begin to do as I'm told whilst the doctor gets set up.


Kane pulls back the sheets before letting out a growl causing me to jump, nearly knocking the soup all over myself.


"Doctor give us a minute." Kane asks and the doctor soon exits the room.


I become nervous as to what the problem is when Kane goes to his walk-in wardrobe and comes back holding longer shorts.


All I'm wearing is one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers which are extremely baggy on me. He must think I'm revealing too much skin.


He helps me put on the shorts before he hands me back my soup and bread and let the doctor back in the room.


He must be overly protective since he's never had a mate or girl in his life and I'm guessing I'm the first person he really cares about.


The doctor starts attending to my wounds as I just continue to eat silently. Whenever I wince from the pain, Kane looks as if he wants to snap the doctor’s neck for causing it.


He's so protective over everything about me and I don't see the big deal. It's only me.


I finish eating and drinking everything and my stomach feels extremely full which I like. As bad as it sounds, I like eating food regularly and I'm glad that Kane is encouraging me to, unlike Carter.


Once the doctor is done he hands Kane a report without saying anything out loud and hands him some pills before leaving.


"How bad is it?" I ask him curiously when Kane comes back after showing the man out.


"Uhh not too bad." He tells me, scratching the back of his neck.


"Please tell me Kane." I plead with him, overly curious as to what's wrong with me and why I have lots of bandages and other things covering my body.


"Well uh, your nose is broke, your cuts are infected due to a lack of treatment, your arm needs stitches which he is coming back to do tonight and the cut on your face needs stitching… he also told me that your underweight and have to eat regularly which I already know, and lastly you have a cold from being stuck in that cell." He finishes and I frown sadly.


So many things are broken and messed up.


"Don't worry about it Leoni you'll be better in no time. Whilst we are waiting for the doctor why don't we go online and order you some new stuff to put in your closet?" He tells me whilst retrieving his MacBook from a drawer.


"My closet?" I ask him, curious as to what he means by my closet.


"Yeah, that room at the end over there is all yours… it's pretty big and it has a makeup table and shit in it. I figured it would be easier to have it all set up before I met my mate." He tells me happily, as if he's proud of himself for planning ahead.


"Thank you… but I don't need you to buy me anything." I kindly decline, making him frown.


"What do you mean? You don't have any stuff here Leoni so of course I'll buy you anything you want." He tells me firmly. Logging onto the laptop.


"Yeah but… I don't want to waste your money." I tell him sincerely, hoping that he will let it go.


"It’s not a waste! I'm the King Leoni, I'm the richest wolf there is, I could spend 5 million on buying you clothes and shoes and I would make it all back in a week’s work." He tells me, causing my mouth to drop open.


"Is it possible to have that much money?" I ask him in disbelief, causing him to chuckle.


"I told you… I'm the King. I'll even show you my bank figures on my online account." He states as he clicks onto an online banking app on his MacBook.


Once the page opens, my eyes nearly fall out of my head when I see the digits in front of me.


Let's just say that it's a number that I can't even pronounce, there's too many. Millionaire? Try billionaire!


"Wow." I breathe out in shock causing him to laugh.


"So now that I've proven my point, let’s check out stuff to buy you." He says and we spend the next hours ordering me many new items which I'm extremely excited to have delivered.


Why is he being so nice to me? I'm beginning to think that this is a dream…


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