How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 13

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Chapter 22 – Bear


Adam's POV


Awwww my beautiful best friend looks so cute when she's unconscious!


My dick rod of a cousin put me on babysitting duties whilst he went out to get Leoni a "surprise".


Since when did he become so lovey dovey?


I was extremely excited to spend time with Leoni because I've not seen her since we got here but my dumb ass cousin forgot to mention that she would be unconscious for hours!


She got put under last night so that the doctor could give her stitches and tend to her nose without her feeling anything.


So here she is. Still lifeless. And here I am. Staring at her like some freak.


The royal highness better be bringing me back a surprise too if he knows what's good for him!


I reckon that if I turn the speakers on extremely loud then she might wake up?


It's worth a try.


I connect my phone to the speakers in the room and begin to play Rihanna, Take Care.


This is my anthem!


I just can't handle sitting still whilst this song is playing so I take it upon myself to dance my heart out around the room.


"If you'd let meeeee, here's what I'll dooooo, I'll take care of youuuuu!!"


Then I hear a giggle. Stopping me in my twerking routine and causing me to turn towards a giggling Leoni who is now awake.


I grin at her and run to her but just before I embrace her in a massive deathly hug guess who decides to turn up?


You guessed right.


It's the king.




I'm super excited right now. Not disappointed at all. You know since I was told to babysit a corpse and when the corpse finally wakes up I'm getting kicked out!


So. Fun.


"If you hurt her Adam I'll kick your ass!" He barks at me like the mean little puppy he always is.


"Yeah, totally SIR, because my plans were to hurt my only friend after she has just woken up… I was only going to hug her." I mutter and he growls at me.


"I don't want you hugging my mate either!" He snarls and I sigh out in frustration.


"She's my best friend, therefore I can hug her if I wish!" I defend.


"She's my mate!" He detests making me snort.


"I've known her longer!" I snap back.


"Guys, Guys! Please stop fighting over me!" Leoni speaks up and we both turn to see that's she has tears rolling down her face.


"Oh my god, Leoni are you okay? What's wrong?" We both yell out at the exact same time, causing us to growl at each other.


Leoni stares at us briefly making us both stare back in worry and confusion before she bursts into a fit of laughter. She's crying from laughing? Oh.




Well now we both look like dumb shits.


"You… are both… so funny…" She blurts out, between laughs making us both laugh along with her.


"I have a surprise for my beautiful mate…" My cousin suddenly tells her and she smiles back at him shyly.


"Bring it in!" He suddenly bellows towards the door and me and Leoni watch as the door soon opens revealing one of the guards who is now holding a puppy in his arms.


Leoni's eyes light up in pure excitement but I, on the other hand, frown.


"What's your problem." My cousin mutters, catching my frown as the guard hands Leoni the chocolate colored puppy.


"My problem SIR, is that there is only one puppy here, you didn't even consider getting your favorite cousin one!" I snap at him, pretending to tear up.


"You are not my favorite cousin for a start!" He says coldly making me roll my eyes.


"I'm your only cousin!" I protest.


"And you’re a shit cousin!" He barks back at me.


"I love him soooo much Kane! Thank you!" We hear Leoni squeal, cutting us off as she plays with her new puppy.


"HOLD ON A MOMENT!" I bellow loudly, causing them both to turn their attention to me now.


"What crawled up your ass and died?" The SIR asks me.


"KANE! You let her call you KANE! But me, your only family member, has to call you sir! This is an outrage!" I yell dramatically, causing Leoni to gasp.


"Why don't you let him call you Kane?" She asks him accusingly.


"Yeah, KANE! Why can't I call you KANE? Huh KANE?" I question him annoyingly.


"Would it make you both happy if I let you call me Kane!!" He suddenly yells, causing me to grin.


"That would make me very happy Kane." I tease.


"Me too." Leoni states, backing me up like a true friend.


He rolls his eyes at us both and we smile in victory.


"What's the dog called?" Leoni asks him gently as she strokes his soft fur.


"Whatever you want to call him angel." He replies making me stare at him in utter shock.




Like what the fuck?!


Little old Leoni has actually managed to turn the big bad wolf soft? I'm shook.


"I want to call him Bear." She says happily, causing me and Kane to look at each other and burst into fits of laughter.


This is the most me and Kane have ever bonded and it's all thanks to Lee.


"What's so funny?" She asks shyly as the both of us continue to roar with laughter.


"Bear…" I repeat, making us laugh harder.




"Your calling that little tiny thing… Bear!" Kane says, causing us both to die with laughter to the point that we are beginning to cough.


She frowns at us both before slapping Kane on the arm making him freeze along with myself.


She just hit him. Even if it wasn't a hard slap she still hit him. Nobody has ever hit him and lived.


"Did you just slap me… princess?" He says coldly causing us both to freeze.


I motion at her from behind Kane's back to follow me so that we can make a run for it away from him. She begins to move her way around, making me nervous for her.


"W-What?" She asks him, as she moves around to my side of the room.


"I said did you just slap me… princess?" He repeats, even darker than the first time.


"I sure did old man!" She yells out once she reaches me as we both make a dash towards the door, carrying bear with us.


"YOU BOTH ARE CONSIDERED DEAD! Leoni get back here now, you are supposed to be on bed rest!" We hear him roar out but it only encourages us to run faster whilst laughing. This castle is huge so we can hide almost anywhere.


We both run into a spare room, closing the door behind us. I head under the bed whilst Leoni jumps into the wardrobe opposite me with Bear.


All is calm for about 10 minutes until we hear Kane's deadly voice from out in the hallway. He must have sniffed out our scents and he knows that we are in one of these rooms.


"Come out, come out, wherever you are…" He shouts, making us both sweat terribly.


We hold our breathes, hoping that he doesn't hear any signs of movement from our room, when suddenly the best thing happens…


The most amazing thing in the world that Leoni and I had hoped for…


Bear decides to bark.


Betraying us completely.


Little devil dog!


The next thing we know the room door is busted open and there stands Kane in all his sweating glory.


He's clearly ran the whole perimeter of the house to find our scents. Sucks to be him.


I turn my head over to look at the wardrobe Leoni is in and when I turn back towards the door I can't see Kane's legs anywhere.


Did he just leave that easily?


"FOUND YOU PUP!" Kane bellows as he appears right in front of my face, hanging off from the edge of the bed. He successfully manages to scare the shit out of me as I yell at the top of my lungs and smack my head on the bed boards above me.


"Tell me where Leoni is." He demands and I shake my head as a no. He couldn't pay me enough to tell him. I will never betray my friend, even in a game.


"Leoni, if you don't come out and come to bed then I'll just have to kill that little puppy of yours, princess…" He calls out, making me gasp at how evil he is.


We hear a whimper come from the wardrobe and I growl at Kane. If he has made Leoni cry then I'm going to kick his ass (although he will probably kill me) I'll still try!


He approaches the wardrobe and opens up the door the reveal Leoni who is in actual fact tearing up and clutching onto Bear with all her might.


"Leoni, angel, I'm not actually going to kill him, I just said that so that I would find you." He states victoriously, since his evil little plan had actually worked.


Leoni's sad expression turns to a frown and she shakes her head at him disapprovingly causing me and Kane to laugh again. She is extremely cute.


"You called me an old man Leoni, I don't think that's very nice." Kane tells her off playfully making her grin at the insult.


"Well you are an old man." She states back and I must say I'm loving the little bit of sass she has towards Kane now.


"And how so?" He questions further, raising an eyebrow.


"Because you’re like thirty years old." When she said that one line I let out a loud snort… before bursting into fits of laughter.


"THIRTY!" I repeat as I continue to laugh making Leoni laugh too. Kane however, is of course scowling at us both.


"Just kidding… but what age are you really?" Leoni asks him curiously.


"I'm 23, angel." He states and she nods, as if satisfied with that number. I guess it's a lot better than a big old fart like Carter who was 27 and trying to claim her. That shit should have been against the law.


"Enough excitement for one day, we need to get you back to bed Leoni but first I'll go fetch you a snack. Follow Adam back up to our room." He tells her and she nods and walks towards me with Bear.


"Kane, wait!" She suddenly calls out and I swear I've never seen Kane turn around so quick in my life.


"Where will Bear sleep?" She asks him, whilst staring adoringly at her new puppy.


"I'm sure he can take Kane's spot in the bed?" I suggest, only to receive a giggle from Lee and a growl from Kane.


"He can sleep at the end of the bed." He states gruffly and we begin to walk away again laughing.


Today was actually pretty fun. Despite Leoni being unconscious for half of it but on the bright side me and Kane even bonded, that's a start!


"Adam…" She says causing me to look at her.


"Thank you for everything… I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you." She states whilst hugging me warmly.


I grin widely. "It's good to have you back as my bestie Lee! Anything for you!" I tell her, feeling accomplished that I actually saved her from Carter and her old pack.


Kane and I won't let anybody hurt her again!


Chapter 23 – Grow a Backbone


Leoni's POV


I woke up without Kane this morning. He left me a note saying that he would be in his office working and if I needed him then I would have to ask a guard to take me there.


The exciting thing however was that all of the things I had ordered the other day had finally been delivered!


Kane said that I could explore the castle once I had some "proper clothes on". He didn't want other males seeing me in his boxers and shirt. Adam was an exception however since he's family.


I've spent the whole morning sorting out my wardrobe and I'm shocked at how much stuff and money he has actually spent on me all in. I had everything from forever 21 to Gucci, anything I wanted he paid for.


A lot of the designer stuff he picked though, since I was too shy to ask for anything too expensive. He would just ask me if I liked a certain item and I would say yes or no and that would be it.


I decided to shower before putting on some black ripped jeans, white Adidas trainers and a large white and black hoodie.


Once I was satisfied I sat on the bed and tried to do something that I hadn't tried in a while. Contact my wolf.


"Hey Leah, I know it's been really rough recently, but things are getting so much better, I hope you come back soon and speak to me."


I wait for a few moments in hopes that she can hear me when I finally, after all this time, hear her voice.


"I'm here, just very weak right now but I'm healing, I like our mate." – She states, making me smile in relief.


The doctor had said the other day that once I had begun to heal properly that my contact with her would gradually come back which was good.


I've never even seen Kane's wolf before so that's something to look forward to. I wonder what color he is.


I go to my room door and ask the nearest guard shyly if I can walk around the building to look at things and he tells me that I can, after he mind links Kane first who must have said yes.


I begin to wonder around finding a library, a gym, a games room, a cinema room and eventually the kitchen.


When I enter the kitchen, I see a group of men seated at a large table talking. When they notice me, the conversation stops and they stare me down.


None of them say hi or even smile at me which is kinda rude and not what I was hoping for but whatever.


One man in particular though seems to catch my eye and I just know that I recognize him from somewhere…


I stare at him curiously, like he does with me and I eventually shake it off, heading for the kitchen.


I decide to make myself a sandwich since I'm in the routine of eating small snacks during the day when suddenly a large hand covers my mouth whilst another arm wraps around my waist dragging me into a room.


What is it with people and dragging me into rooms to beat me up! Here I am, making a sandwich and somebody else wants to pick on me.


I'm suddenly released and tossed to the ground when I turn my head up to see the guy from the dining room who I recognize.


"What is your name!" He demands, making me whimper slightly at his tone.


I don't answer and instead I try to call out for Kane in my mind, hoping that by some chance he hears me.


"I SAID WHAT IS YOUR NAME MUT!" He bellows down at me causing me to panic.


"L-Leoni." I try to say boldly but fail drastically.


"I fucking knew it!" The guy curses out, looking beyond pissed off.


"You little brat! You ruined my fucking life!" He suddenly barks out at me, slapping me harshly across the face.


I've not been hit in a while and I was actually starting to get distracted from my past life of abuse.


My cheek stings and tingles and my eyes of course start to well up with tears.


"I don't know why your here but I hope that the King decides to kill you because if he doesn't, then I can promise you that I will!" He says harshly again making me cower away from him.


Who is this guy and why does he hate me so much? I'm miles from my pack and somebody here still wants me dead!


"The King brought her here because she is in fact my mate, I suggest you don't lay another hand on her before I snap your neck right now." I hear a deep shattering voice sound from the room door and I couldn't be any more relieved to see Kane standing there despite the fact that he looks terrifying.


He is shaking with rage and of course his eyes are charcoal.


"K-Kane, help." I manage to stutter out, making the man laugh at my weakness.


I was terrified and I trusted no one other than Kane and Adam so I couldn't help but seem weak in this situation. I needed Kane.


"Come to me angel, he won't hurt you unless he has a death wish." Kane growls out from behind the man, motioning for me to go to him.


Kane would have killed him already if I weren't here. He knows I get scared easily and I would never want to witness a murder or fight.


I begin to move towards him warily, before I hear the man speak, causing me to freeze on the spot and hope for the ground to swallow me whole.


"First you run to your precious Alpha Daddy and now your running to the Alpha King… when will you ever grow a back bone." The man snarls and all soon clicks…


"Ian." I mutter out in a whisper.


"In the flesh cupcake… now you can say goodbye to your life since you managed to ruin mine!" He shouts before lunging towards me.


I let out a deafening shriek but before he can even touch a simple hair on my head, Kane has him pinned to a wall by his throat, punching him mercilessly with his free hand.


"Leoni leave!" I hear Kane yell to me but I don't move. My feet won't listen.


I just met Ian for the first time in years and he's wanted to kill me all this time. He blamed me for ruining his life. It wasn't me who ruined his life it was himself, he abused his mate and that was wrong!


"GUARDS! Take Leoni up to my room now!" Kane yells out in complete and utter rage and before I know it I'm being escorted back up the stairs to Kane and I's room.


I didn't get out for very long did I. The first time I go somewhere myself I nearly get killed again…


I doubt the abuse is ever going to stop…


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