How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 14

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Chapter 24 – She's Like Me


Leoni's POV


Since being taken back up to my room, all I've managed to do was cry. My life was a mess. I was happy for one whole day here with Adam and Kane before someone had to come along and hurt me.




Ian was the reason I was so shy, scared and naive. Ian scarred me when I was only young and here he was, trying to kill me.


I hear the bedroom door open and I'm relieved the see a decently calm looking Kane.


He immediately approaches me and embraces me into a warm hug. "You don't need to worry about him, I’m going to deal with it." He states assuringly causing my sobs to quieten down.


"D-Did you kill him?" I ask warily.


"Not yet, I have better plans for him… but first why don't you tell me what that was all about?" He asks as he sits us both down on the bed.


"He… I uh… saw him hurting his mate years ago when I was only young… he used to be a member of my pack… my father found out about it and threatened to kick him out of the pack if he hurt her again… and as you can probably guess- he did." I tell him truthfully.


"Your fathers one to talk." I hear him mutter and I nod knowing he has a point.


My father was all for protecting Ian's mate but when it came to his own daughter being abused he ignored it, and eventually even joined it.


"I found him as a rogue and he offered to fight in my army if I spared his life… I regret that decision now." Kane states angrily and I take his hand in mine to calm him slightly.


"You didn't know, it's not your fault." I tell him, causing him to sigh.


"From now on you won't be going anywhere alone." He states firmly and I nod in understanding.


I'm not disappointed by that, I just hope that he lets Adam come everywhere with me and not one of those scary guards.


"So on the bright side… I have the rest of the day off, what do you want to do?" He asks and I grin excitedly.


"Go on… I can tell you have an idea…" He pushes me, raising an eyebrow playfully.


"Can we take Bear a walk into town?" I ask excitedly and he smiles and nods.


I clap my hands in excitement as he goes off to get changed. I put on Bears collar and get his leash and giggle as he spins excitedly in circles knowing that we are going out.


He is the best present anyone has ever given me. It was hilarious last night because Bear decided to crawl in between Kane and I, separating us from cuddling.


I found it extremely funny but Kane however was outraged.


"Okay let’s go… I'll drive us into town and then we can walk around, the stores should still be open since it's only 3 in the afternoon." He says as he takes my free hand that isn't holding Bear and leads us out.


I'm excited to be going out somewhere since the last place I went to was the mall with Willow… I really miss Willow.


I'll have to save up for a phone to text her with since I lost my other one before the ceremony the other day. I know that it would be a lot easier to ask Kane for a phone but he's bought me so much already and it would be selfish of me.


We got into his car and it only took us about fifteen minutes before we arrived in the town center. As we park in a private zone, everyone watches and bows their heads in respect when seeing Kane emerge from the car.




However, when seeing me, I was given looks of curiosity, interest and of course disgust from a few females clearly interested in Kane.


But he didn't acknowledge them at all which was nice. Instead he put a protective arm around me as we began to walk the streets with Bear.


We got about half way along the busy street before Kane had stopped to talk to a guy that we had bumped into. Jay, I think he said his name was…

I eventually got bored of their catching up and I couldn't help but wonder over to the Apple Store that was a bit further up from where we stood. 


I knew that Kane was watching me, despite the fact that he didn't make a move to follow me, as long as he knew where I was he wouldn't mind.


I went inside the store and began pricing the latest iPhone 8 and some other phones and I frowned when seeing that the prices where nearly $500. Great.


I don't even know how I would save up for one? I would have to get myself a job. But how? I doubt Kane would want me working anywhere.


"Want one?" I hear a voice from behind me say, making me jump at the volume. Luckily it was just Kane though.


"Uhh, no I'm good thanks." I say kindly as I try to take Bear from his arms and leave the store.


He stops me on my way out and drags me back to the iPhone 8 plus I had been staring at and I gulp knowing that he is going to want to buy me it.


"Color do you want?" He asks plainly and I shake my head.


"I don't want one, I can save up for it myself you've bought me too much already." I plead with him and he laughs me off.


"I don't care, I asked what color you want?" He states again and I sigh.


"Uhh the gold is really pretty… but could we not get one of the cheaper ones at least Kane?" I try to persuade him to at least save some money but of course he ignores me and goes to pay for the phone.


Don't get me wrong I was extremely excited about having a phone, especially the latest one but I felt bad that he was always buying me everything and I couldn't even get him one gift.


"Thank you… you didn't have to…" I trail off as we leave the store.


He looks extremely pleased with himself however, as if he has just done the world’s greatest thing by buying me a phone.


"I did have to, you owe me nothing, my money is your money angel." He states and I nod. He won't change his mind on anything so I may as well let it go.


We walk further along the street talking about some random stuff like our favorite foods, etc. when I notice a rough looking alley way across the street which seems to lead down towards some kind of club.


"What's that?" I ask curiously and I feel Kane's hand tighten in mine.


"Nothing." He states blankly making me raise an eyebrow at him.


As we get closer to the lane I see a girl about my age being hauled out onto the open street by two larger men.


She struggles under their grips but doesn't seem to have much strength to fight them off which causes me to freeze in horror.




She begs them to stop pulling her but that only seems to land her a beating from both men as they begin to punch and kick her on the street in front of everyone.


"Kane! Stop them Kane! Why is nobody helping her!" I yell out in horror as I watch the girl cry out in pain.


"Okay angel just calm down… I'll help her if you promise to stay here!" He demands and I nod frantically wanting him to hurry up.


I watch as Kane rushes across the road shouting for them to stop hitting the girl, which they do instantly when noticing his presence.


I can't hear much of the conversation but I can still hear the girl’s loud sobs from across the road as she lays on the street shaking.


Since Kane is too busy discussing things with the two men, I can't stand to see the girl lying beside them bloody and bruised so I decide to take Bear with me and cross the road to help her, despite Kane telling me not to.


I appear beside the girl and begin to help her up whilst receiving a death glare from Kane in the process.


"I’m making this practice illegal as of next week so don't let it happen again!" Kane states to both men and it's all I manage to catch of their conversation before the men scurry away fearfully.


Kane glares at me one last time before picking up the girl and carrying her back towards our car at the other side of town.


He will kill me for doing this but it's worth it. She reminds me of the suffering I went through and if I can help her in any way possible then I will.


We get back to the car and the girl just sobs the whole drive home in the back. I mean I would speak to her and comfort her but the daggers that Kane is throwing me right now are making me too scared to breathe let alone speak.


"Stay here until I fetch Adam! And I mean it Leoni if you move I won't be happy!" He states coldly making me nod and lower my gaze.


Once he disappears into the large castle building I turn to see the girl hugging her knees to her chest and sobbing.


"Uhh hey… are you alright?" I ask her gently, not knowing what else to say.


She shakes her head indicating that she isn't okay and I sigh.


"Well you can stay here with us for as long as you want and I promise that nobody will hurt you again, I won't let them!" I tell her assuringly, trying to sound strong for the first time in my life.


"W-Who are you?" She stutters and I gulp. She's just like me. Maybe she's even had it worse. I can't help but feel guilty somehow, like I could have helped her sooner…


"My names Leoni. I'm uhh… the Alpha Kings mate." I state quietly and she gasps.


"T-That guy… was the K-King…" She looks terrified now. I probably shouldn't have told her that.


"He will kill me! You have to let me go!" She begins to panic and attempt to unbuckle her belt.


"No! He won't hurt you I promise, I was abused before he found me a few days ago and he isn't like everyone says he is… he's not cruel at all, please trust me!" I plead with her and she seems to relax slightly.


"We will get you cleaned up and seen to by a pack doctor… we are trying to help you not hurt you… what's your name?" I suddenly ask her out of curiosity as I see both Kane and Adam emerge from the house.


"Claire…" She whispers out and I smile at her assuringly.


"They won't hurt you Claire, I promise!" I tell her one last time before the car doors are opened and I hear Adam mutter one single word causing my heart to stop.




Chapter 25 – Runt


The only thing I can think to do right now would be to shift. Maybe since his wolf is in control right now, that my wolf could calm him down…


But am I strong enough to shift yet? I remember Leah saying that she was healing…


I need to try.


I think of my wolf. The stunning Snow White fur she's covered in and her dark brown eyes that compliment her color.


I hear cracking and I scream out in pain as I feel my bones snap into different positions.


Since my wolf is healing this will be extremely painful and the fact that I haven't shifted in a while doesn't help either!


I feel tears stream down my face as the shift continues, never seeming to end.


I yell and scream out for help until after what seems like forever, I flop to the floor seeing little white paws in front of me.


I open my heavy eyes and realize that I don't think I am able to walk since my wolf is badly injured and weak.


If Kane's wolf wants to kill me then I have no chance in defending myself. All I can do is wait.


I look around the room before spotting the large black wolf who has now stopped growling to my surprise. He was just staring over at me.


I let out a long sigh and close my eyes back over, feeling Leah's pain since I caused her to shift too soon.


I wait for a moment or two before I suddenly feel a wet texture against my face.


I open my eyes back up to see Kane's wolf licking me like a lost puppy and I give him a weak grin.


Thank the moon Goddess that he never killed us.


I hear the cracking of bones and before I know it Kane is back in front of me now in all his naked glory.


My wolf blushes as I watch him go off and fetch a shirt and boxers.


He puts the boxers on himself and holds out the top for me. "Shift back angel, I know you’re in a lot of pain." He says softly whilst running a hand through my soft fur and I do as I'm told.


I think of my human form which is followed by the cracking and breaking of my bones which were still a bit sore but not as bad as the first shift.


Once I'm back to myself, Kane places the shirt over my head and then embraces me into his arms in a death grip.


"I'm so so sorry Leoni! My wolf took over cause I've never had anyone shout at me like that before… I forgot where I was for a second." He mutters into my hair and I can tell he is genuinely worried about what just happened.


"It's okay… I just wish I hadn't made Leah shift so soon…" I trail off, feeling sad for the pain she was still in.


"I know… but your wolf was stunning." He says sincerely causing me to blush.


"Yours was beautiful Kane… giant and scary, but beautiful." I tell him and he gives me a genuine smile.


I can't stay mad at him. Even if I tried.


"So what was that place that Claire was in?" I ask curiously.


"Ohh uh… well you know what a runt is right?" He asks me warily and I shake my head.


I know that a runt is usually a lot smaller and not as strong as average wolves… but other than that I'm not really sure, I've never seen one in person…


"It's basically the weakest member of a pack… the one who can't protect themselves and who isn't very strong…" He trails off carefully and I can't quite understand why he's being so soft spoken about this topic.


"Okay I kinda knew that already… so what was that place?" I ask again, now that he has explained what a runt is.


"Basically, it's like a slave trade for the runts… they are abused and sold off to people to be used for different things… they are basically treated like pets to rich folk since people believe they don't have much purpose in a pack." He explains and I gasp in shock.


How cruel! Despite them being the weakest, they are still a wolf! Still a person!


"That is so horrible Kane! Why isn't that against the law?!" I question him and he sighs.


"I never really thought about them much before since I didn't care about anyone until I met you…" He explains guiltily.


He is the King and therefore can put a stop to this sort of stuff!


"So… Claire is a runt?" I ask warily and he nods.


So she was abused just for being weak. That is pitiful.


"Are you going to stop this Kane!" I exclaim in horror and he nods slowly.


"I'm putting a stop to it immediately next week cause I know it upsets you… but Leoni… that's not the worst news…" He sighs out again, avoiding eye contact with me.


"What is it Kane?" I ask him worriedly.


"You’re a runt too Leoni…"


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