How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 15

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Chapter 26 – Whore


Leoni's POV


"B-But I can't be…" I stutter out in complete disbelief.


"You are… but there's nothing wrong with that at all angel! You have me to protect you!" Kane tries to tell me assuringly but I'm still completely stunned at what he just said.


"But I'm Alpha blood… my wolf isn't even that small!" I say hastily and he shakes his head.


"Leoni, your mother was a runt… that's why both of you are more quiet and shy compared to the others… and regardless of your wolf’s height, you are still weaker." He explains sadly and I gasp.


That makes sense…


"My mother?" I breathe out, trying my best to take it all in.


Why didn't they ever tell me?


"Yeah, I guess they didn't want you to think that you were too weak to run the pack but that's probably the main reason for your father being so desperate to find your mate…" He explains and it all began to make sense now.


Why else would my father back up Carter so much? He knew I was too weak and that people would take advantage of me for being a "runt".


But let's not forget that my own father did abuse me, knowing I was weak, he used it against me which is horrible!


I feel helpless now. It's in my blood to be weak. Great.


"Oh my! Kane we can't even have any children!" I suddenly yell, causing his mouth to fall open in shock.


"Whys that angel?" He asks, raising a curious eyebrow at me.


"There's a chance that they could be runts and that's not fair if they have to live a life like I did!" I say, my eyes beginning to tear up at the thought of my children being abused and picked on.


"Over my dead body would they be abused! They have me, I wouldn't let anyone hurt them and they have a high chance of being strong since I'm the King angel… but runt or not I can promise you that nothing bad will happen to them!" He assures me and I nod. I still do feel a bit worried about it though.


"So does that mean you want to have children with me then babe?" He suddenly asks cheekily making me blush a deep red.


"I never meant it that way! So uh… anyway does that mean that Claire gets to live here with us?" I ask excitedly causing him to roll his eyes at my attempt to change the topic of children.


Let's just say that Kane doesn't like new people. In fact, he doesn't like anyone that much.


"Well If she's Adams mate then I guess we have no choice…" He huffs out and I grin.


"Stop being so grumpy and let people in!" I remark and he rolls his eyes.


"You’re the only person that I care about." He states and I smile at him.


"You also care about Adam…" I say smugly, earning a groan.


"Maybe…" He huffs out.


"…And little Bear…" I grin wider.


"Yeah, yeah… fine." He jokily rolls his eyes at me again causing me to laugh.


"Leoni… I love you." Those words made my heart swell with joy. He loves me. The Alpha King- my true mate- loves me.


It felt like time had just stopped for a brief moment as I looked into his eyes seeing the sincerity of what he had just said.




"I love you too Kane." I tell him confidently causing him to grab my two cheeks and kiss me directly on the lips.


Butterfly's and fireworks erupted inside my stomach and I felt my body temperature rise feverishly.


When he finally pulled back for air he grinned at me seeing the flustered state I had gotten into over my first proper kiss.


There was a sudden knock at the door breaking us away from our perfect moment and Kane quickly pecked my cheek one last time before going to answer it.


"Sir you are needed in your office by the security head." I hear one of the guards tell Kane before he looks back at me apologetically.


I smile at him to assure him that I don't mind him going and he smiles back sadly. "Your phone is in that bag over there if you want to set it up." He tells me and I grow excited remembering that I got a new phone today!


He rushes out of the room to his office leaving me to sit and set up the iPhone myself.


I remember I used to have an Instagram account before my life took an unexpected turn for the worst…


I quite liked my Instagram since I could post pictures of myself pretending to be this confident girl with the perfect life. The complete opposite of how I actually felt on the inside.


I had quite a lot of followers too since I was the Alphas daughter despite the fact that I only had Willow as a true friend.


I logged back into my account to see that nothing had changed which made me laugh. I've been gone for weeks and nobody on here even noticed either.


I decided to send Willow a message since she's probably been worried sick about me this whole time-


Me- "Hey Will, hope you’re doing good, I'm sorry that I left so soon at the ceremony… as you saw, things got a bit complicated but I'd love to catch up sometime… I'm missing you."


I sent the message, suddenly missing Willow a lot more now since I only have Kane and Adam these days… not that I'm complaining because I love them both so much but It's nice having a girl to talk to sometimes.


I look at her recent pictures on her Instagram page and see a lot of pictures with her and Mason. It's really cute and I'm happy for her actually. I wonder if Kane would take pictures with me for my page?


I look at more pictures and can't help but feel an ache in my stomach when I see pictures of her with groups of friends who I'm assuming she met at Masons pack.


At least she's happy there…


My phone finally lit up with a reply from Willow and I frantically clicked on the chat… but let's just say it wasn't really the reply I had hoped for or expected.


Willow- "I don't need you or your drama in my life anymore… you've caused so much trouble for your family and pack and I don't want to be friends with someone who would just run off with some random guy without saying anything… the whole pack thinks you’re a whore and I agree! You fucked up Leoni and you better leave me out of it! Don't contact me again and I mean that…"


That broke me.


What else was I supposed to do after reading that?




That wasn't my best friend. It couldn't be!


A whore? Everyone thinks that I'm a whore? Does nobody see that Carter abused me! I was being forced to marry my abuser!


My best friend doesn't even want to be involved with me anymore… I wonder what's changed her.


"Angel I'm back… sorry I wa- Why the fuck are you crying? What's happened? I'll kill whoever did this!" I suddenly hear Kane enter the room, Bear now following in behind him.


I can't speak though so I just let him hold me whilst I cry.


"Talk to me Leoni, what's happened?" He asks gently and I choke back a sob feeling Bear cuddle up beside me as if attempting to help too.


"I-It's Willow…" I state and he raises an eyebrow in confusion.


Instead of saying anything else I hand him my phone and let him read the conversation for himself.


I watch as he concentrates for a brief moment, his face becoming angrier as he proceeds to read the whole message…


"What's that bitches problem?" He remarks angrily causing me to sob again.


"I don't know what I've did wrong Kane…" I choke out and he hugs me close.


"They are all just messed up! You have us now though and maybe you and Claire will become good friends? How about you spend some time with her tomorrow whilst Adam and I work?" He suggests warmly and I nod and wipe my tears.


I can't let Willow get to me. All I ever do is let people ruin my happiness so not anymore.


"Kane?" I ask him softly, trying my best to still calm down.


"What princess?"


"Can we take pictures together for my Instagram?" I ask curiously, causing him to burst out laughing.


"You want to post cute pictures of the big bad Alpha King up on your page?" He jokes and I just nod back shyly.


I know that he has a bad ass reputation but I'm sure his kingdom would love to see a softer side to him…


I stare at him for a further couple of minutes, giving him my best pleading look, looking deeply into his eyes with my own large brown ones…


"Yeah Okay! Fine… since it's for you princess… give me the phone." He states and I hand him my iPhone excitedly.


He begins to take a couple pictures of us on the front camera and I must admit that they are pretty decent pictures considering I was just crying my heart out five minutes ago…


I look at one of the pictures and see that I'm smiling widely whilst Kane is as straight faced as ever with one arm around me… clearly trying to look as intimidating as possible still.


I upload that picture to my Instagram feeling like one of those cringe couples- in a good way though- and when I see the very first comment, it startles me majorly.


"What is it?" Kane asks instantly, seeing that my face has dropped from a huge grin down in to a frown.


"She commented on our post." I say with a sigh.


This isn't Willow. She's not this mean.


"Whore." Kane reads aloud as he checks my phone.


A single tear falls down my cheek silently as I feel fed up with all the hate in my life.


"You are not, and never will be a whore! You haven't slept with anyone and your first kiss was with your true mate less than an hour ago! That does not make you a whore it makes you as pure as ever angel! I'll deal with this don't worry." He states assuringly and I shake my head.


"Leave it I'm okay… delete the comment and block her on Instagram…" I say and he nods and does so.


"It's been a long day angel let’s get you in to bed." Now that's probably one of the best sentences I've heard all day.


I nod and allow Kane to fix the covers and pillows and smile when I see Bear sprinting up the bed trying to take Kane's spot.


"Not tonight pup!" Kane huffs out as he moves Bear to the other side of me.


"On the bright side you can see Claire tomorrow angel…" He trails off as he turns out the light.


"Yeah I guess… goodnight Kane."


"Night my pretty angel." He states back and I realize my life isn't all bad. I'm in a warm cozy bed with the boy I love and my little Bear…


I just wish I could work Willow out… something is off…


Chapter 27 – Claire


I get to spend some time with Claire today. I haven't seen her since yesterday before Adam carried her off into the house.


"Babe you need to remember that she was abused just like you and that she will have to heal for a bit… maybe watching a movie or something today would be a better idea." Kane tells me as he finishes lacing up his black trainers.


"I was planning to do that already." I tell him assuringly and he kisses my cheek before heading for the door with me following closely behind him.


We walk hand in hand down the halls towards Adams bedroom with Bear of course trotting behind us closely.


Once we get to Adams room, Kane goes to enter without notice but I stop him abruptly and knock on the door to be polite whilst earning a glare from him in the process. I'm going to have to teach this boy some manners!


Adam opens the door with a huge grin covering his face before he hugs me.


"Adam there's no time for hugs, I'm late enough to this meeting as it is." Kane says gruffly, clearly not liking Adam being so close to me.


"Okay grumpy pants… Claire is in bed Leoni but I've left some sweets and stuff for you both, we will be back In a few hours and if there's any problems then call one of the guards." Adam says sternly and I nod.


Kane kisses my head and urges me into the bedroom and I close the door behind me suddenly becoming nervous.


I've never met anyone that's just like me before. The people I normally have in my life are always more confident and outgoing.


"Uhhh, hey Claire." I say as I approach the bed that she was sitting on.


"Hey, I'm glad you’re here! I would hate to sit alone for hours!" She giggles rather excitedly causing me to laugh too. I'm glad she seems happier.


I notice the dark purple bruises across her face and neck along with many bandages dressing her body.


"How are you feeling?" I ask her, suddenly concerned.


She gives me a weak smile and gestures for me to sit down beside her.


"Yeah, I'm doing better, I've been truly blessed by angels to be here in this cozy bed receiving medical treatment. Let's not even mention how lucky I was to have found both you and the King yesterday… Leoni you saved my life, those men wanted me dead." She explains and my heart aches for her.


How could someone want an innocent girl like her dead?


She truly was thankful for the little favor that me and Kane had done for her. But I totally understand how grateful she is as I feel the exact same way towards Kane and Adam for saving me.


"How is Adam treating you?" I suddenly ask, watching as her cheeks flush red.


"Yeah… I mean… he's so nice… I never ever thought I would find my mate." She says shyly and I grin.


"Adam will treat you amazingly I promise, he is the one that saved my life after all." I say and I watch her smile at the thought of Adam.


"He told me all about what happened with you… I'm so sorry." She suddenly says catching me off guard.


"Oh no, you don't have to apologize, I'm doing so much better now that I get to live here with Kane." I smile and she smiles back at me.


"I'm glad I found you, I've never had a friend." Claire says sadly and I feel awful for what she just said.


I only had one friend for most of my life- being Willow- before I found Adam but I can't imagine not having any friends at all. Even though Willow clearly hates me now… I still have to thank her for having my back for all these years.




"I'm glad to be your first ever friend, it's nice to have a girl to talk to. If you don't mind me asking, what happened to you in that place?" I ask warily and she sighs at my question.


"I was first sent to that place when I turned 14 by my old pack. They couldn't stand the sight of me being in the pack anymore so they traded me into slavery. I spent 4 years sleeping in a cage like an animal with only two small meals a day. They would beat me up and try each week to sell me as a pet to rich wolves but nobody wanted me." She explains as my eyes tear up listening to her story.


Carter abused me for basically a month and this girl had spent her whole life being abused and unwanted for simply being a weaker wolf.


"Why did those guys want you dead yesterday?" I suddenly ask her and she gulps.


"Well uh… I'm still a virgin and when one of those guys found out, they wanted to ruin me and sleep with me… but when he tried it, I kicked him in his privates and he dragged me outside along with the other man in order to publicly humiliate me before killing me…" She trails off with her eyes watering from the thought of yesterday.


"How cruel… I'm so sorry that you went through that but I promise that from now on, Adam and everyone else in this place will protect you for as long as you live." I assure her and she smiles weakly at me.


"I'm blessed to be here Leoni, I can't thank you enough." She tells me and I smile kindly at her.


"How about we watch a movie to lighten the mood?" I suggest and she nods her head excitedly.


I'm guessing she never got to do a lot of normal teenage things so this must be more exciting for her than it would be for me.


I'm just glad I have someone to spend some girl time with!




Kane's POV


1 more minute spent with Adam is seriously going to turn me insane!


"Why can't we just cancel this stupid dinner and have a big cuddle party in your elephant sized bed? You, me, Leoni and Claire? Movie night? What do you say?" Adam rambles from behind me as he literally follows me around the kitchen.


"Adam… fuck off." I say calmly, as I continue to instruct people on what to prepare for tonight's dinner whilst I fix up something for Bear to eat.


Leoni was right… the damn dog was starting to grow on me… since I'm currently cutting up steak to put in his bowl…


I had forgotten that many important people were coming tonight for dinner as I've been so caught up with Leoni. I couldn't just cancel since people had already travelled half way across the country just to make it.


"I mean, what are the girls supposed to do whilst we sit down here with all of the snobs?" Adam continues to irritate me as per usual.


"Adam they are both obviously invited to come to dinner! Don't be so stupid!" I say a little louder this time.


"So did you text them and tell them to start getting ready?" He questions AGAIN.


"YES! For the love of the moon goddess Adam would you PLEASE shut up! They are both getting ready as we speak!" I bellow now, not seeming to faze Adam at all however as he just smiles.


"You do know I can hear you perfectly fine without you yelling like that…" I hear Adam mutter and I swear the boy has a death wish…




Leoni's POV


"I have lots of clothes so you can borrow one of my dresses!" I say excitedly as I help Claire up from the bed in order to head to my room.


The movie had finished and just as we had put in another one, I received a text from Kane telling us that we had an important dinner to go to tonight and that we were both to get dressed up.


She groans with pain as she stands to her feet and I immediately feel sorry for her.


"Listen Claire, if you don't want to go to this dinner thing tonight then you don't have to." I say gently as we begin to head for the door.


"I'll be fine, thanks though. Its only down stairs anyway and I'll take some more pain relief medication." She smiles assuringly as we begin to walk down the halls towards my room.


A guard instinctively follows closely behind us in order to make sure we get there okay… stupid I know but after my run in with Ian the other day, Kane has become even more protective.


We reach the room and I begin to look out dresses for us to wear. I remember just how exciting it is to get dressed up for events, I love it. The last event though didn't turn out so good as it was my 18th birthday and I had met Carter that night…


Shaking away the negative thoughts, I doubt that anything bad can happen tonight with Kane being around.


"Okay so I have a red dress in here that would look amazing on you since you have blonde hair?" I take the dress out and show Claire and she smiles adoringly at the short dress.


"I uhh… are you sure? I've never worn anything as fancy as this in my life." She says shyly and I nod my head excitedly.


"Of course I'm sure! I'm going to do your hair and makeup and you will look like a queen trust me!" I say confidently making her laugh.


I pick out a short black dress for myself to wear before I head out and begin doing Claire's makeup.


We have about an hour and a half to both get ready since Kane told us so last minute that we were having a special dinner tonight.


I finish Claire's subtle makeup quickly before I begin curling her thick blonde hair. Her hair was a lot shorter than mine and I could tell that it wasn't well looked after which was a shame for her.


After I had done both her hair and makeup she looked stunning however which was amazing! I handed her a mirror and watched as her eyes sparkled at seeing her reflection.


"I… oh my god Leoni… I can't believe that this is me… I can't thank you enough!" She was basically speechless as her eyes began to tear up with joy.


"Oh, Claire don't cry! It will ruin your makeup! And you don't have to thank me, it's all you." I say happily before I head off to fix my own makeup and to straighten my hair.


I'm glad I managed to cover up most of her bruises since I know how defeating it is for people to see them.


She's probably never had any of these privileges before in her life and it makes me sad to think that she barely had any freedom or fun growing up…


Well that all changes tonight! We will make up for that lost time!


Chapter 28 – Dinner


Kane's POV


She was breath taking.


Adam and I had gone to fetch Leoni and Claire for the dinner and when I took a look at Leoni I nearly collapsed.


I mostly nearly collapsed because of how short the dress was but I managed to control myself and let it go just for tonight since she did look beautiful in it.


Her hair was silky straight and her makeup was natural and perfect.


As for Claire, I think we were all shocked to see her transformation since when we found her yesterday she was a beat up, messy girl who wasn't looked after at all but now, she was clear of any bruising and her hair and skin looked clean and hydrated allowing us to see the real her.


I could tell that Adam was speechless like myself as we stood there staring like school kids at both of the girls, however we were beginning to make them feel evidently uncomfortable.


I watched as Leoni began to hobble from foot to foot nervously under my gaze whilst Claire stared directly at the floor and tried to hide behind her.


"You both look perfect." I decided to speak up, feeling that we had tortured the two just enough with our staring.


"Yeah, you both look amazing!" Adam eventually shouts before he rushes over to Claire and hugs her comfortably.


I take this as my time to grab a hold of Leoni to hug her too in order to remind myself that she is mine.


"You are beautiful, you know that, right?" I say down to her as she blushes at my compliment unable to reply.


"You better not leave my sight tonight though, especially in a short dress like that…" I warn her, not being harsh about it though as she just giggles at me.


We lead the two out of the room and towards the dining hall where most guests are already seated.


As we enter the large room, I feel Leoni's grip tighten on my hand as she takes in the 40 other people that are filling the room.


I rub my thumb across her knuckles to comfort her slightly as I lead my way past everyone to the top seat of the table, Leoni seated in the one beside me.


Many guests offer Leoni kind smiles as she passes which I respect but as for the ones who look disgusted, I will deal with them later.


As I take my seat beside Leoni, with Adam and Claire close by, everyone begins chattering and talking amongst themselves until the dinner is served.


"Leoni love, you don't have to be scared. Nobody can hurt you here." I whisper to her, noticing that she has been staring down at her lap the whole time since she sat down.


She stares over to me with sad eyes and I immediately become alarmed as to what the problem is.


"What's wrong?" I question her softly and I visually see her gulp before replying.


"I… I don't think that some of these people want me here Kane…" She whispers sadly making my blood boil.


I look around at all of my guests and notice that two men in particular have extremely disgusted looks on their faces as they stare from down the table.


When they catch my gaze they both look away abruptly, but instead of letting it go, they divert their disgusted glares towards Claire who, like Leoni, is staring at her lap in fear.




Adam however doesn't notice a thing since he is clearly too busy trying to butter a bread slice on the table…


I mind link Adam telling him to check on Claire and within seconds he does so which makes me relax slightly.


"I'll sort them out later princess… just enjoy dinner… there are many people who want you here and I for one can't be here without you." I reassure Leoni and she offers me a weak smile in return and nods.


Who even are those two men? One is Alpha Peterson I know that… I think the other one must be his Beta…


But by the looks of things, they aren't too fond of runt wolves…


"So Alpha King… who is this precious young girl you have here with you tonight?" An older Luna called Harper speaks up from across Leoni.


I see Leoni smile kindly at the woman as the woman smiles adoringly back over at her.


"Well Harper, this is the soon to be Queen… meet Leoni Stone, my mate." I announce proudly, loud enough for all to hear and my announcement is followed with applause and cheers from everyone at the table.


Everyone except from Alpha Peterson and his Beta however…


"Peterson…" I bark out harshly, bringing the cheers to a silence, gaining everyone's attention before continuing-


"Is there some sort of issue that you would like to discuss because both you and your Beta have been evidently disgusted by something since the moment I arrived at dinner tonight?" I say loudly, causing everyone's eyes to avert over to Alpha Peterson.


"No sir, we are both just curious as to how you treat your slaves here…" He trails off confidently.


I don't like confident people.


"Can you explain what you mean… Peterson." I drag out his name in a threatening tone causing everyone in the room to hesitate slightly, knowing that I'm not happy.


"Well sir… back at my pack, we don't allow our runt slaves to get dressed up for dinner… hell, they are even lucky if they get dinner… but I must say that the joke you are playing on that poor girl beside you is rather humorous to us so I admire you for that…" He trails off smugly again.


I'm going to snap his fucking neck.


"Joke?" I question, wanting to know what he means by the joke I'm playing on Leoni.


"Yes sir, I love that you are pretending to like that runt girl enough to make her queen… I'm excited to see what you really have in store for her…" He explains and as he finishes, I hear a silent sob come from Leoni who is beside me.


He has made my fucking mate upset!


"What I really have in store for her? Do you have any suggestions that you would like to share with me about how I should treat her?" I say in a calm tone which was deadly.


"Well if I were you… I would abuse her and lock her in a cage… maybe starve or rape her? There's many options here your highness but I'd be more than honored to show you…" Peterson trails off jokily as he glares at both Leoni and Claire.


Before I know it however, Leoni is up and out of her seat running out of the room with tears spilling down her face…




I allow myself to become fully submerged into the dark side of my wolf as I hear the distant screams and panics of the guests around me.


Within seconds I feel the sinking feeling of my wolf’s teeth ripping into the neck of Alpha Peterson before he even has time to shift into his wolf. Killing him in a heartbeat.


As I turn to end the life of the Beta however, the prick is nowhere to be seen.


All I can think about now is… where the fuck did Leoni run off to and is she safe?


I shift back quickly in a rage, seeing that most people are trembling with fear at what just happened.


Not giving a fuck that I am fully naked in front of the guests, I begin to yell out orders around the room.


"For all remaining guests… please continue to enjoy your dinner in the other hall whilst we clean up the mess in here… as for the rest of the guards… FIND LEONI AND THAT BETA NOW!!" I bellow the last part, watching as the guards file out of the room in search of them both.


If he hurts her I'll go insane…


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