How can a weak, vulnerable girl live up to a father’s game of finding her one true love? 16

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Chapter 29 – Nightmare


Leoni's POV








It's dark everywhere and all I can hear is the winter sound of crunching leaves beneath me.


My head aches a lot but I can't exactly remember why…I try to move around a bit but freeze when I hear a man’s gruff voice-


"Stop moving slave!" He barks out and I start to shiver from the sudden icy coldness I can feel around me.


I'm outside that's for sure… but with who?


I suddenly remember running from that man in the dining room, the things he was saying about how to treat runts was just too much to bare… he wanted both Claire and I dead.


"Kane?" I ask shakily, unable to speak clearly due to how cold it is.


"Dumb bitch. I'm not Kane." Is all the person says before laughing to himself. Well if it isn't Kane carrying me right now then the chances are it's not going to end very well for me.


I wonder where Kane is? He must be going mad looking for me and I'm beginning to grow more scared with each step that this man takes further away from the home.


After the man walks for a further ten minutes he suddenly launches me to the ground like a sack of vegetables, allowing me to land against some hard rocks with a thud.


I groan from the impact, coming to terms with the head injury that I have from earlier and the severe pain that it's causing me.


"Let's have a little fun with you then, shall we?" The man speaks out as he approaches me darkly, allowing me to see his full face for the first time under the moonlight.


The man that was with Alpha Peterson… his Beta I think? He was now stood towering over my small, quivering frame in a dominating stance.


At first, I prepare myself for the hits and attacks that are to come but when I hear the shattering sound of his pant zipper being pulled down that's when I lose my sanity.


He's going to rape me.


I only had my first kiss recently and this man right here is willing to take away everything I have left.


"P-Please…" I beg as he pulls his jeans down to his knees and approaches me further.


"You are nothing more than a slave… your only purpose on this earth is to take orders slut!" The man barks out at me with so much hatred flashing through his eyes that it frightens me to death.


What have I ever done to him? What have I ever done to anybody?


"You c-can't do this… please…" I beg him further as he pulls down his boxers, scaring me even more if possible.


"I can do what I want! You’re going to let me fuck you and your going to enjoy it! Your begging makes me sick! Your so fucking weak!" He shouts into my face harshly, causing me to shake violently beneath him.


"Ohh let me guess… you’re still a virgin? Even better…" He then says satanically as he smirks down at my fear-stricken state.


His next reaction to my pleas is to punch me on the mouth, successfully bursting my lip. I cry out in pain and realize that my last hope at this point is to scream for help.


So that's what I do… I begin to scream and shout as loud as possible… even in my mind I scream for Kane, remembering that he could hear me back when Ian had attacked…




"KANE! HELP, SOMEBODY HELP ME! PLEASE IM OVER HERE!" I successfully let out a few high pitch screams before the man stuffs a piece of fabric in to my mouth to shut me up.


Tears begin to stream down my cheeks as I lose hope at this point. This man is going to ruin my life right here, and worst of all… he's going to enjoy doing it.


I feel his grubby hand tugging at my underwear beneath my dress, whilst his other hand holds my two arms above my head securely.


I continue to attempt to scream but of course it is no use with the fabric blocking my vocals.


I begin to try and kick and move as I feel him slide my underwear down my legs and off my body.


Due to my kicks and thrashes, this only earns me another punch to the face causing me to whimper and quieten down in a surrender to this man. I'm now in too much pain to fight.


I gave up. Just like that, I let my runt title get the better of me and I gave up.


I lay there still, awaiting the impact of this man taking my virginity. All of my happy memories with Kane and Adam were about to be lost, my fresh start in life was about to be trashed and it truly sickened me to lie here unable to defend myself.


I feel him position himself, ready to attack, but to my great surprise, a split second before he was about to go in, a deafening howl was released from behind us that would cause any wolf to run for the hills.


The man on top of me shot to his feet in a panic whilst I just lay on the ground, both numb from fear and from the cold.


I heard many growls and tearing sounds before I soon felt Adams warm hands shaking my body begging for me to speak to him or to react to his touch. But I couldn't. I felt dirty. I felt useless. I felt tired.


I turned my head to the left just in time to see Kane's wolf breaking the neck of the much smaller attacker.


Even after Kane killing the wolf, I could still feel the enraged heat radiating from his body as he approached my numb state that still lay on the frosty floor.


Kane didn't bother to shift back, I'm guessing he was too angry so Adam hauled my limp body up and helped lay me across Kane's large, warm back.


I instinctively gripped onto Kane's fur with the little strength I had left as I allowed him to sprint us both back to the house with Adams wolf following closely beside.


As we reached home about thirty minutes later, Kane still refused to shift back into his human form as he carried me all the way to the pack doctor’s office on his back.


Once we got there, I was seen to immediately as the doctor hurried me into a room and had me put on the bed.


I was still shivering uncontrollably from the fear and from being outside but I couldn't help but notice that Kane was nowhere to be seen.


He had literally taken me here and then left again. I'm not going to lie and say that him leaving me here didn't hurt because it hurt me greatly.


I needed him to be here with me. Him and Adam are the only two people that I trust and Adam of course has to check up on Claire so where is my loving mate when I need him?


After a few hours of checkups, tests, and medication, I eventually was left here and was told to rest for the night with still no sign of Kane.


I even asked if I could go up to Kane's room to sleep and to my disbelief they told me that he didn't want to see me.


I was broken. I was too much of a burden in everybody's lives and now Kane even hates me for all of the trouble that I seem to attract.




He will probably reject me as his mate sooner or later as much as it pains me to admit it.


I attempted to sleep for hours without Kane but the truth was, I was too used to having him by my side at night that it was now impossible to sleep away from him.


I know he hates me but I can't just let him go, not like this.


I push myself up from the bed with the little strength I could surface, and I begin to walk the halls of the house heading towards our room.


I eventually get to the bedroom door located at the other end of the large house and when I open it up I am pained to see that Kane isn't there.


Just as I'm about to turn around to look for him elsewhere, I hear the bathroom taps running and my heart beat quickens.


He is here!


I close the door behind me and a moment later he exits the bathroom looking rough, stressed and tired.


When he catches sight of me by the door, a look of anger washes over his face and I immediately regret my decision to come up here.


He could kill me. But do I really mind at this point? If he wants to kill me then so be it…


"Why the fuck are you here? I don't want to see you right now! My wolf is too angry still!" He barks as he approaches me stubbornly in large strides causing me to back away from him slightly.


"P-Please Kane… I need you… I don't understand what I've done wrong…" I begin to sob uncontrollably, not liking that he wants me gone.


He approaches me quickly, his eyes dark with rage… something I've seen many times now and I clearly know that his wolf is in control.


"You’re a whore and I want you to leave before I do something I'll regret!" He yells out in my face causing my jaw to drop in horror.


A whore? He called me a whore…


"I'm not a whore! Why did you call me that? what did I do for you to suddenly hate me like this? Please just stop this Kane!" I shout at him now, unable to bare the fact that he's acting like this…


"Get out." Is all he says, sending deafening chills running throughout my body.


"I… I can't… I don't want to leave you… why are you acting this way Kane? Your… Your acting just like Carter!" I suddenly yell louder with frustration, regretting it the second the words left my mouth.


"Do you blame me for acting this way! You lost your virginity to another guy! Of course I would be fucking pissed off! And believe me, I'm a lot fucking worse than Carter sweet heart!" He roars back at me with pure rage before punching the nearest wall.


He thinks that I actually had sex with that man? He thinks that he took my virginity?


"Kane first of all… your fucking nothing like Carter! So that's not true! And secondly you showed up just on time before he raped me! You have to believe me! I'm telling you the truth! so just fucking stop this you’re being a pathetic asshole!" I scream out harshly, which is only followed by silence as he stares at me.


I swore at him…


I barely ever swear… never mind swearing directly at someone…




But I was so mad right now! I couldn't help it!


The only sound that can now be heard is my loud sobs as I curl myself into a small ball on the floor and cry.


"He was so close but I swear he never raped me…" I mumble through my tears, breaking the silence as I wait for him to talk.


After long minutes passed, I hear shuffling of feet moving around before I soon feel myself being lifted to stand by warm, strong hands.


Kane stands me on my feet and wipes my tear stained cheeks before hugging me to him tightly making me calm down almost instantly.


"I'm so sorry." I hear him breathe out into my hair as he continues to hold me close to him.


"I’m so sorry that I didn't fight back! I was just too scared! I'm so sorry Kane!" I sob uncontrollably, hating that I was so weak when it came to violence in order to defend myself.


"I should have put you first before my selfish wolfs jealousy… It just looked awful since you both had no clothes on when we had arrived… and I was just so angry with myself cause I thought that I was too late to save you…" He sighs quietly before continuing-


"Even if something had happened to you, it wasn't your fault so I shouldn't have hated you for nearly being raped. Your right, I am being an asshole… I just got so angry at the thought of another man touching you Leoni! I just needed some time to calm down and I'm so so sorry…" He explains sadly as he snuggles his face into my neck in shame, his voice cracking with guilt as he spoke.


"You called me a whore Kane…" I mutter, still sounding slightly frustrated however sad.


"I don't even know what came over me! I just remembered that Willow had called you it on that message earlier and it just slipped out… your most definitely not a whore Leoni… your beautiful and pure and I love you so so much and I'm so sorry… I really am!" He begs, as I begin to feel a wetness drip on to my neck…


He must be crying? Kane is actually crying…




"It's okay… I… I forgive you Kane… I'm struggling to stay mad since you’re my mate… but it still hurts… you can't just call me a whore like some prick… it's unacceptable and there's only so much abuse that I can take. Don't be like Carter. This has to stop… I've been through too much and your better than him." I say strongly, beginning to finally regain my regular breathing pattern.


"I have to get better at controlling my temper… I promise I'll work on it every day! I'm so sorry that I called you a whore… please know that I don't think you’re a whore at all… I think you’re an angel and you’re the strongest person I've ever met… I just let my temper get the best of me and I hate myself for even acting like Carter for a brief second." He says quietly, still hiding his tear-soaked face in the crook of my neck.


"I couldn't sleep without you…" He mumbles next, causing me to smile slightly at the confession.


"I couldn't sleep without you either Kane, that's why I dragged myself all the way up here." I giggle slightly and he smiles weakly back at me as I try to lighten the mood.


"Can we just forget that this happened and go to sleep… at least for tonight…" I yawn out, feeling the pain medication suddenly taking control.


"Well let's get my queen to bed then, shall we? Forget about tonight and I'll fix it all tomorrow… I promise that I'll make this up to you Leoni." He says as he leads me over to our bed.


"That sounds perfect… thanks Kane." I tell him as I climb under the cozy sheets beside Bear with him following in behind me.


"Don't thank me… it was all my own fault, I shouldn't have treated you like that, but you know that I love you right?" He says, before kissing my lips softly.


"And I love you too Kane, bad temper or not… goodnight." I say shyly as I snuggle close to him.


"Goodnight beautiful queen" are the last words I hear before I drift off into a well desired sleep.


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