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Chapter 30 – Date Night


4 days later…




Leoni's POV


I heard the shower running and knew immediately that Kane was awake.


I stretched out on the bed with a yawn before hearing the man himself laugh from the bathroom door that was now open.


I look up to see his grinning face leaning against the door frame in only a towel.


"Morning angel." He grins at me excitedly.


"Morning… uh why are you so happy?" I question him softly, not understanding why he was in such a good mood.


"Well first of all we have gone four days now without any hassle… secondly your here with me and your safe… thirdly, nothing like that will ever happen to you again over my dead body and last of all… I'm taking you on a date today…" He says grinning at me happily.


"I've never been on a date before… where are we going?" I ask excitedly as he approaches me on the bed.


It had been four days since the whole dinner assault incident and Kane had been doing everything possible to make things up to me…


"You've never been on a date? Well I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that… if it makes you feel any better, it's my first date too, and It's a surprise angel…" He says kissing my cheeks.


"Okay… so what should I wear?" I question him curiously.


"Something pretty…" He trails off making me smile.


"Uhh Kane… what about my cuts and bruises…." I suddenly say, feeling extremely self-conscious about my face after the attack…


"I think your still beautiful… but I'm sure you can cover them with some makeup if you really want to princess." Kane reassures me, making me feel slightly better.


"Okay so I've got a meeting soon and then after that we can leave so be ready…" He tells me before jogging off to put his clothes on.


Wow my first ever date… that's cheering me up even more after the other night… but what should I wear?




I spent the next few hours picking out a black skirt and a light pink glittery top along with some light pink heels. I put on some jewelry and put my hair up in a long curly pony tail.


I put on enough makeup to hide my bruises and waited patiently for Kane to get back from the meeting.


After a while he eventually turned up, dressed in a black dress shirt with black jeans and black trainers. This boy sure loves wearing black… but I can't deny that he looks amazing in it.


"You look stunning!" He says as he approaches me, giving me a soft, loving kiss.


Bear barks during our kiss, causing us both to chuckle at him since he hates not getting enough attention.


"Whose taking care of Bear?" I ask, picking up the small dog and cuddling him close to me.


I swear he's like our baby…


"Adam and Claire are going to watch him don't worry… let's get going then, shall we?" Kane says, as he leads me out of the room to drop off Bear.


After giving Bear to Adam, we both head to Kane's matte black sports car and drive off to wherever he's planning to take me.


After about 20 minutes in the car, we pull up outside a large gold building that looks extremely fancy.


I come to realize that we are at a restaurant and probably the most expensive one there is for that matter. The place was stunning.




As I stare at all of the rich people walking in being greeted by the smartly dressed guards I don't even notice that Kane has gotten out of the car until he opens my door and helps me out.


"Thanks." I say briefly, suddenly becoming shy in case I don't fit in here.


"What are you worried about? We could eat somewhere else if you don't like it here angel?" Kane starts to panic, noticing my reaction.


"No Kane it's perfect, in fact it's more than perfect… it's just that, I'm watching the people walk in and I'm scared that I don't fit in here." I tell him truthfully and he smiles kindly at me.


"You fit in here more than anyone Leoni, you’re the soon to be Queen…" He encourages me, making me feel slightly better but still nervous.


"You don't have to worry… I've arranged something special…" He says with a wink, whilst taking my hand softly and leading me towards the doors.


I wonder what he has planned?


"Good evening your highness, and good evening to you, beautiful lady…" One of the guards by the door says to us as we approach them, causing Kane to tighten his grip on my small hand.


Before Kane can speak and threaten the man, I hurry us in doors after smiling kindly at the guards.


"I know what you did there, babe… you should have let me handle it…" Kane mutters angrily from beside me making me giggle.


"You don't have to go all crazy before we even get inside…" I tell him, joking as he rolls his eyes.


"I can't help it… your mine." He states firmly with a smile as we enter into the main hall.


"Hi there how can I help you?" A smaller man approaches us with a guest book.


"I booked a special table for 7:30, the names Kane Blood…" Kane tells the man, causing his eyes to widen at the realization of who Kane actually is.


Did Kane just say that his second name was Blood? Wow I never knew that. Guess I've never asked before…


"I'm so sorry King, right this way…" The man bows his head and leads us off in a different direction from the main restaurant that is seating most of the other guests.


We take an elevator with the short man, going to the fourth and final floor in the building.


As the elevator doors open, it reveals a large room filled with glass walls showing us everything including the starry night sky above.


The room was stunning, and the best part was that it was empty… there was one fancy table set up in the center of the room with candles lit everywhere.


Once we had taken our seats, the man took our drink orders and left back in the elevator, leaving both Kane and I in the stunning room alone.


"Surprise…" Kane states proudly, making me laugh.


"And to think I was scared about sitting with all of the rich people downstairs…" I laugh, making him chuckle too.


"I knew that you would like it better if we were alone." He tells me smiling.


"Good job Mr. Blood." I say sarcastically causing him to roll his eyes at me using his last name.




"Didn't you know that Adam and I's last name was Blood?" He states oddly.


"Nope, I've never really asked what your last names were…" I explain and he smiles and nods.


"Well… Leoni… I think it's suitable to do this now… unless of course you don't like the last name Blood…" Kane suddenly starts to ramble, confusing me as he stands from his seat.


"Kane what are yo-" I begin to say but cut myself off when I see him getting down on one knee next to me.


"Leoni… I know that we have only known each other for a short while but I'm more than certain that I want to be with you forever… you’re the best mate that I could have ever wished for and I love you more than I love myself and anyone for that matter… if anything were to happen to you I wouldn't be able to survive… there is no other girl suitable to be my queen and lastly my wife… Leoni Stone, would you please do me the honors of marrying me…?" He suddenly asks as he pulls out a stunning diamond ring from his pocket and for a moment, the world around us stops.


"I… I… Kane…" I begin to spit out words, unable to form a sentence, which I see starts to freak him out as he stares into my eyes waiting for my answer.


"Listen… uh, I understand if this is all too much or too soon for you… I just can't wait for you to be my queen and I just thought tha-" He starts to ramble dumbly, causing me laugh.


"Kane of course I will marry you! I love you so much regardless of not knowing you for long… it's been long enough for me to know that I trust you and that I know you’re a good person despite your bad temper… I'm so happy that I'll get to have the wedding of my dreams this time… with my real mate…" I suddenly squeal, leaping to my feet and into his arms.


He grins wildly at me before placing the ring on my finger and smashing his lips against my own in a passionate kiss.


"For a second there I thought you didn't want to…" He says pulling away from the kiss after a few minutes, as we both take our seats just in time for the waiter to arrive with our drinks.


I can't believe that Kane just proposed! He wants me to be his wife! And let's not mention how stunning this ring is!


But am I good enough to be his Queen? I am a runt after all.




After an amazing meal and some great conversations, Kane and I are finally finished and are ready to leave the restaurant.


"So how much did this cost you?" I question him as we exit the building on the way to the car.


"It doesn't matter about the cost angel…" He replies smoothly, obviously meaning that it was extremely expensive.


"Thank you so much for taking me on this date Kane… or should I say fiancé…" I joke and he smiles at me adoringly.


"Who said that the date was over babe?" He suddenly says before putting the car into drive and speeding us off.


What does he have in store now?


We pull up the car ten minutes later outside a cute little home in the middle of nowhere beside a lake.




"Do you own this?" I ask him in adoration.


"Yeah… I like coming here sometimes to get away from everything." He explains as he gets out of the car with me following behind him.


"It's stunning… I just wish it wasn't freezing so we could go in the lake…" I joke and he laughs too, unlocking the door.


"We can come back in the summer and even bring Claire and Adam with us." He says as we enter the small house, making me smile at the thought of spending our summer here.


"Don't forget Bear!" I complain, glaring at him playfully as he laughs.


"Of course… how could I forget…" He rolls his eyes as I grin and look around.


"This place is beautiful…" I say, as I take in the cozy home around us.


Once we enter the living area I see movies, wine, and sweets laid across the table along with many pillows and bed covers to keep us cozy.


"This is perfect." I tell him as I take in my surroundings.


Yet again he smiles brightly at me, proud of himself for impressing me for the second time today.


He heads off before returning with some baggy, comfy clothes for us both and we get changed quickly before getting curled up on the sofa.


We watch movies, have a laugh, eat lots of sweets and drink our wine… all In, having a perfect day together.


Today, this boy managed to make me forget about all of my fears and worries and he showed me that I can be happy with him.


I upload a photo to my Instagram page of my engagement ring, receiving a lot of messages and likes afterwards.


I'm glad that for the most part, people approve of our relationship, however I can't help but remember that there are still many people out there that hate runts…


"Kane?" I ask him, as he lays his head on my shoulder.


"Mhm?" He mutters before placing another sweet in his mouth.


"What are we going to do about this runt problem?" I ask him, causing him to sit up straight and look at me.


"I'm going to set up new laws at the end of this month… that was what my meeting was for this morning… once we get married, more people will come to accept runts since their Queen will be one herself… and if anyone has a problem with my new changes then they will be signing their own death certificate sweet heart." He states assuringly, satisfying me with his answer.


"Thank you for doing all of this for me Kane… I don't know where I would be if I didn't have you as my mate." I say, kissing his cheek softly.


"Don't thank me… you are the only person who has managed to make me happy in years." He says truthfully before he kisses me passionately yet again.


The kiss was intense, full of love and power as it lasted for even longer this time than the previous one.


He moved me gently, not breaking the kiss, so that I was now sat on his knee before he deepened the kiss further.


Strangely enough, I wasn't nervous or scared but I enjoyed being this close to him, I trusted him more than I trusted myself these days.


"Leoni… I want to be mated to you fully…" He suddenly blurts out, breaking the kiss as we both pant.


He wants to go all the way with me… he wants our wolves to be fully connected… we would be able to mind link, and overall our bond will be as strong as possible and let's not forget that he will leave his mark on me.


A mark on my neck that proudly shows every other male that I am his.


"I'm ready." I tell him confidently and within a split second he has me lifted up from the sofa, heading into the bedroom.


And let's just say, that today was one of the best days of my life… I trusted him. Despite the bad temper and stubbornness… I knew deep down that he would never hurt me again…


Chapter 31 – Emergency Visit


After the perfect day and night that Kane and I had yesterday, we now sadly had to head back home back to reality.


"I want him sentenced to death! I want him cooked for my dinner and I want him to be locked in a cold cell with killer cats everywhere!" Adam screams, charging at us both the minute we enter the house.


He looks like he didn't sleep very well…


"Your little Bear dog, or should I say little monster dog, which by the way I think his name should be permanently changed to monster since Bear is just too cute for an evil dog like him! didn't let me sleep in my own bed last night and every single time that I tried to get close to Claire the monster tried to bite and attack me! I had to sleep on the cold fucking floor whilst he lay beside my mate!" He outrages dramatically whilst me and Kane try our bests to hold in our laughs.


The next thing you know Bear himself appears in the hall, running towards us more excited than ever. He leaps into my arms licking my face uncontrollably causing Adam to roll his eyes.


When he settles down, he immediately turns to Adam and growls threateningly at him causing Kane and I to just burst out laughing at Adams enraged state.


"Oh, is that how you want to play this pup?" Adam says to Bear angrily before we hear bones cracking and watch as Adam shifts into his wolf- which might I add is twice the size of Bear.


Bear leaps out of my arms barking at Adams wolf whilst Adam, this time, growls and barks right back in Bears face twice as loud.


Yes… Adam just actually shifted into his wolf just to scare away a tiny dog… and then he barked in Bears face… childish we know…


Bear runs off clearly scared before Adam runs into a nearby room to shift back and put on some shorts.


He comes back out smiling victoriously whilst me and Kane give him death glares shaking our heads.


"Did you really have to traumatize our dog like that…" Kane huffs out at him causing Adam to roll his eyes.


"Why does Bear hate you? He was fine with you before?" I question him, knowing that there's more to this story than what Adam has said.


"Well uh… I was just trying to have a little joke with him…" He starts to say nervously.


"Spit it out." Kane demands causing him to cough and continue-


"I pretended to eat one of his treats yesterday and I guess Bear took it personal and now he hates me…" Adam suddenly rushes out feeling guilty for his trick.


"You probably did eat it… your more of a dog than he is." Kane suddenly blurts out, causing me to laugh hysterically and for Adam to storm off like a child.


"I hate you all!" He yells dramatically, leaving us both still laughing in the hall.


"Except you Claire… I love you." We hear him yell in the distance causing Kane and I to snort more with laughter.


What a wimp he is.


We continue into the house, receiving many 'congratulations' and 'good lucks' from the guards on our marriage proposal.


We enter the living area to see both Adam and Claire snuggled up on the sofa.


When Claire notices us, she squeals with excitement before leaping to her feet and rushing at me.




At first, I flinch at her sudden movements but I soon relax realizing she means no harm and that she's just excited.


"Congratulations guys! This is just so cute!" She squeals, whilst Adam sits huffing like a child.


"Why the hell are you congratulating them? So what if they had sex last night… it's about time!" Adam says sarcastically causing me to gasp and my cheeks to blush red.


How does he know? Is Kane telling everyone? Oh, sweet lord why would he do that to me!


"H-How do you know?" I whisper out in embarrassment.


"Leoni don't worry… everyone can tell since your scents have mixed together now and there's no hiding the large crown mark that Kane has left on your neck…" Claire explains nervously with a laugh.


Oh… I haven't looked at my mark yet, I hope it's not too embarrassing.


"And anyway Adam! Quit being so rude and congratulate them on their engagement!" Claire huffs out angrily at him.


Adams eyes grow huge with shock at her words as he looks between the three of us to see if we are joking around or not. Since we all stare at him waiting for his reaction, he soon processes what Claire just said and he jumps to his feet in excitement and rushes at us.


"My babies! This is just far too exciting! I can't wait to be your best man, cuz!" Adam squeals like a little girl as he hugs the both of us to him.


"Best man? You'll be lucky to get an invite!" Kane mutters out and I scowl at him in warning.


He just hates everyone other than me.


Adams face falls completely at Kane's words before he says- "Wait… so you aren't choosing me to be your best man?" He speaks sadly and I scowl at Kane some more for upsetting him.


"Jeez… it was a joke, I don't have anybody else that I like enough to fit the role, do I? So yes Adam, that means you can be the best man." Kane mutters out, whilst Adam jumps excitedly on the spot.


"Yeah Claire you can be my maid of honor too!" I squeal happily as I watch her become extremely excited.


"Thank you so much Leoni!" She sequels along with Adam.


I mean I would have chosen Willow… but I guess she hates me now and the only other girlfriend that I have now is Claire. Not that Claire is bad or anything it's just I can't understand why Willow hates me…


Kane notices my change in mood as I think back to all the good times that I spent with Willow.


"Babe what's wrong?" He questions me quietly, whilst Claire and Adam discuss the wedding.


"I uh… it's nothing Kane really." I say, deciding not to tell him since he will probably think I'm being silly for caring.


"Come with me." He says, as he leads us up to our room in silence away from everyone.


"Now speak. You don't have to hide how you are feeling around me… if it's about the wedding, or the attack, or the runt situation, I'll fix it so please just tell me what it is…" Kane encourages me softly, as I feel the tears build up in my eyes.




Why am I suddenly so damn emotional!


"It's just Willow… Kane I don't understand why she hates me all of a sudden!" I blurt out, as he holds me in his arms whilst I let the tears roll down my face.


"Shhh… angel it will be okay… something must be going on… why don't you give her a call?" He asks me softly.


"I-I can't call her… I don't think I can handle hearing her be mean to me… it's just too much to deal with since she used to be my only friend…" I cry out as Kane rubs my back soothingly.


"You need to be brave Leoni… I'll be right by your side when you call her and if things get out of hand then I'll handle it from there…but would you rather give it a shot or lose her forever princess?" Kane questions, making me realize that I don't just want to walk away from our friendship, we have been together for way too long!


"…Okay… I think I'll try and call her… but please stay with me…" I ask him sniffling and he nods.


"Let's call her from my office, that way I can keep the call recorded incase things get out of hand…" He explains whilst lifting me up and carrying me out of the room.


He always makes me feel so calm, I don't know how he does it really.


Once we arrive at his large office, he takes his seat behind the desk before placing me on his knee in front of the phone.


I dial in Willows phone number from my iPhone and wait for it to ring…


"Sorry… Your call cannot be taken at the moment…"


I hear the words say immediately, not even giving the phone a chance to ring once.


That must mean that her phone is switched off?


I begin to sob slightly, knowing that I've lost all hope of contacting her before Kane soon dials in a number and picks up the phone…


"Yes… Hello… it's the Alpha King… I demand to speak to Willow your sons mate immediately… thanks…"


Kane demands down the phone making me jump from his tone, I'm guessing he called the packs Alpha.


After about 5 minutes of waiting, the phone is passed to me by Kane and I nervously place it to my ear.


"Hello…" I say nervously into the phone.


"Leoni… uh hey… how have you been?" I hear Willows voice say suddenly. She's sounding rather strange… almost as if she's frightened.


"Yeah uh… I've been good… listen I just wanted to call to ask if we were still friends? Kane and I are planning to get married soon and I would love for you to be there… I… I just don't understand why you sent me that message but I'm sorry for whatever I've done to make you hate me…" I say down the phone, holding back my tears as much as I can.


"Don't apologize to her… you've done nothing wrong!" Kane mutters from beside me angrily whilst I beg him to quieten down incase Willow hears him.


"Look… uh… Leoni… I just don't think we can be… friends anymore… I… I just have stuff going on at the moment and… I'm so sorry." Willow speaks out shakily, breaking my heart before the phone line goes dead.


Something isn't right here… This isn't Willow…


"Kane something's not right, Willow isn't acting like herself!" I suddenly yell out in a panic.


What if she's in trouble.


"Babe calm down… listen if you’re so sure that something isn't right then why don't we pay her pack a little visit? We can even leave tonight if it makes you feel any better?" Kane offers making me nod and calm down slightly.


"Y-Yeah… thanks Kane that would mean a lot." I say kindly as we head back to our room.


I head straight for Kane's closet as we get to our room and I change into one of his oversized tops and sweat pants to wear in the car since it will be a long drive.


"Okay Leoni, I've just packed a couple of outfits and stuff for you to take, nothing major since we shouldn't be there long… we can drive there tonight and stay at a hotel nearby and then be at the pack first thing in the morning." Kane explains and I smile kindly at him.


"Go fetch our toothbrushes and some shower stuff please whilst I pack a few other things." Kane asks and I happily slip on my last converse trainer before running into the bathroom to get the stuff.


I freeze on the way back out when I notice in the mirror, for the first time, the mark that Kane has left on my neck.


It was huge… but I didn't mind since it was actually really pretty!


It wasn't just an average brown mark but it was in the shape of a crown since Kane is royal blood and it had gold flakes through it which made it sparkle slightly.


"Do you like it?" I hear Kane question, as I turn around to see him leaning against the door with a smirk.


"It's perfect!" I grin at him before taking his hand and heading out to the car with our bags.


After packing up the car and assigning some guards to come with us we set off on the road to the hotel and the closer we get to Willow, the more nervous I become.


Something's not right… I'm trusting my instincts here and I'm going to put a stop to whatever is happening… with the help of my big bad Alpha of course!


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