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Chapter 32 – Get Talking


"Do you have a meeting scheduled sir?" A man asks as we approach the gates.


"Do I really need a fucking meeting? I'm the King!" Kane rages at the guard, scaring him half to death as he immediately opens the gates to let us into the pack house.


I've been shaking all morning since we got here and Kane has gone into protective mode since he knows how scared I feel.


My biggest fear is that Mason isn't treating Willow good. I always thought that they were perfect together but I guess nobody figured Carter out due to how well he covered things up so maybe Mason is doing the same?


The thought of Willow being abused made me feel sick. I couldn't just sit back and not check things out. So here we are, standing at the front door of the pack house, waiting for someone to let us in.


"Fuck this…" I hear Kane mutter before he opens the door for himself, letting us both into the house uninvited.


Kane really doesn't like visiting other packs or being around other Alphas… he feels they always challenge his power. In his opinion, he is the King and every other Alpha is beneath him.


Which is true…


Kane could kill every Alpha there is due to how powerful he is.


"Oh shit… uhh… your highness… sorry I wasn't expecting to see you here… do you wish to see our Alpha sir?" A younger boy, probably about 15, asks us as we enter the house.


Since I know that Kane isn't in a very happy mood, I take it upon myself to answer the younger boy since I can evidently see that he is already scared to death.


"Yes, that would be perfect thanks…" I cut in quickly, giving the boy a kind smile which causes him to relax slightly before he runs off.


"Your being too nice!" Kane huffs out causing me to shake my head at him.


"Kane he was only a young boy, stop scaring everybody so much!" I say sternly causing him to sigh at my tone.


"Fine… I'll try my best." He mutters and I smile approvingly at him.


Just then, the boy returns- "Please follow me, the Alpha will see you straight away sir." The boy says politely as we follow him down the halls towards two large doors.


The boy knocks twice and waits for a reply, but of course the impatient Kane takes it upon himself to just barge through the door without warning.


I follow him, giving the young boy an apologetic smile before I follow Kane towards the sofa he is now sitting on.


"So Alpha… what do I owe the pleasure of this surprise visit?" The Alpha says, taking his seat behind the desk.


"My mate here wishes to see your son and his mate Willow." Kane demands staring intently at the other Alpha.


"Ahh yes… the famous Leoni…" The Alpha drags out in a terrifying tone causing me to look at the floor.


"What is that supposed to mean?!" Kane barks, noticing that he's scared me.


"No, No, nothing your highness… I'll ask for a guard to drive you both to my sons home close by… Willow should be there; however, my son is away at the moment." The Alpha says slowly.


"Away where?" Kane questions, whilst I still stare at my feet in shame.


I'm so easily scared it's unreal… I mean you'd think I would be the bravest person ever knowing that I have Kane on my side…


"He's on pack duties sir." The Alpha explains briefly.


Something feels odd about him… his tone is just chilling and weird.




"Have us both taken to Willow immediately." Kane demands, standing from the sofa.


"Certainly, and if you require to stay the night then you are both more than welcome… dinner is served at 6 here." The Alpha says briefly before we exit the room following one of his guards.


We get into Kane's car and follow the guard’s truck that is driving in front of us for a brief five minutes.


We pull up to a stunning house in the middle of the trees… but the only problem is that it seems deserted here.


Is Willow here most of the time alone? That must suck.


We knock on the door and before Kane can rudely barge in again, Willow thankfully opens up within seconds.


"Willow!" I squeal with joy but stop myself when I realize that she doesn't seem excited to see me…


"W-What's wrong?" I question shakily as I notice her watching the guard behind us carefully.


"Are you going to invite us in or have we to just stand out here in the cold?" Kane butts in suddenly, causing me to elbow him in the side as an indication for him to shut up and stop being rude.


"You better watch it…" He grumbles warningly at me but I ignore him since I know he won't hurt me.


"Sure… uh sorry… come on in…" Willow suddenly speaks up nervously whilst opening the door further allowing us to enter.


The guard begins to follow us into her house but is soon thankfully stopped by Kane…


"We don't need your assistance any further… we know our way back to the pack house for dinner so you may leave… and tell your Alpha that I wish to stay the night so to prepare us a room immediately." Kane orders as the guard nods awkwardly before backing away from the house.


That was weird… why would he want to follow us into the house like that?


Willow closes the door and clears her throat awkwardly as she leads us into the living area.


"I'm going to look around… I'll leave you both to talk." Kane states before exiting the room.


He's far too comfortable in other people's homes I swear… but I know that he's just trying to give us some time alone.


Willow sits awkwardly with me sitting on the opposite sofa. She stares at the ground and I can't help but sense that something serious has happened…


Willow was always so brave and confident and now… now she's acting like… me.


"Willow what's wrong? I can tell that something is wrong that's why I came all the way here, just let me help you." I suddenly speak, I can't just let her live in fear like this.


"L-Leoni… you shouldn't have come here…" She speaks ever so quietly, sending chills down my spine. Why is she acting so afraid?


"Willow just please let me help you… Kane can help you… he's the King… he can put a stop to whatever the problem is, just please tell me what's wrong." I beg her, feeling my eyes water harshly from seeing her like this.


"Leoni… I-I… I just can't… Mason… he… I can't tell you I'm so sorry!" She begins to say but suddenly bursts out in tears.




I immediately rush to her from my seat and to my surprise, the second I embrace her in a warm hug, she whispers in my ear-


"They are watching us here Leoni… follow me to the bathroom." She whispers before I release her and follow her out of the room.


Once we get to the nearest bathroom she closes and locks the door and begins to breathe heavily.


"Willow your scaring me… please tell me what's going on." I beg her, watching the panicked state she's getting herself into.


"He's watching everything I do here Leoni… this is the only room without a camera in it…" She explains nervously causing me to tense.


"Whose watching you? Is it Mason?" I whisper to her and she chokes back a sob at the mention of his name.


"No… he's… he's using him against me Leoni… he took Mason from me!" She sobs loudly and I gasp.


"Who took Mason? Tell me who?" I rush out at her, desperately wanting to help her.


She goes to speak but is stopped by the sound of Kane banging on the door.


She tenses at his voice and shakes nervously.


"Leoni is everything alright? Open this door!" He demands and I do as he says and unlock it.


He walks into the bathroom and I can't help but be thankful for how big the room is to hold the three of us inside it.


"What's happened?" He questions, taking in our shocked states.


"Willow… we have to tell him… he can help, you have to tell us everything." I encourage her and she stares between Kane and I nervously, not knowing if she can trust us.


"I promise we can help you but you have to tell us what's wrong…" I beg further and she gulps.


"O-Okay… h-he took Mason from me Leoni… he said that if I didn't help him to get you both here then I would never see Mason again… it's driving me insane being away from him… I need him back… I'm so sorry!" She sobs out loudly as the tears roll down her face.


"Whose doing this? And why do they want us here? We can help you find Mason Willow don't worry!" I encourage her whilst Kane glares angrily at the wall.


"He wanted to… He wanted to murder the King… He wanted to murder you both Leoni…" She cries and suddenly Kane smashes his fist into the wall in a rage.


"Who! Tell us who!" Kane suddenly yells out, becoming impatient with her, whilst she just sobs.


I take his hand in attempts to calm him but he only crushes it completely with rage causing me to whimper.


When he notices my whimper, he loosens his grip instantly however, but I can still feel the rage radiating from him.


"It's your father Leoni…" She suddenly whispers causing my heart to stop.


What? My father? Wants to kill us both? But why?


"W-What? Why?" I suddenly question, feeling the hot tears coming on.


"He… He wanted me to lead you both here since your father and Masons father are allies…  He knew that the King would never let you return to your old pack so his next best plan was to lead you here… they plan to attack in the morning Leoni… I'm so sorry but they locked me here with cameras and took Mason away!" She blurts out in frustration as she cries more.


"B-But why?" I ask, the silent tears trickling down my face.


It's not every day that your own father seeks to have you dead. He used Willow against me… knowing that I would come here if I thought that she was in danger… 


"He claims you left him and your mother with nothing, he claims you took away his Alpha pride by humiliating him at the wedding… he says that the King embarrassed him by showing that he's weak in front of his own pack and that he wants to strip you both of everything… Mason of course tried to stop his father but let's face it… Masons father doesn't care about him either, he just wouldn't listen." She blurts out nervously and I look over to Kane who now looks beyond furious.


"K-Kane… what will we do…" I cry out in fear as his silent glares frighten me.


They are coming to attack us in the morning! And Kane only brought about 20 guards here with him! That's not enough to fight against two whole packs! Despite how strong Kane is!


"He doesn't answer me however but instead pulls out his phone and dials a number.


Willow and I both watch him intensely, scared of who he might be calling…


"Get every single man that I own to be surrounding my location on standby in the morning! We are going to war with two packs and I want them DEAD!" Kane yells through the phone to Adam I'm assuming, causing me and Willow to gulp nervously.


"We will be staying in this house until morning! I'll have my best tracker find your mates location and I WILL be destroying these packs before sun down tomorrow!" Kane barks harshly before exiting the bathroom in rage leaving Willow and I in tears.


He just declared a war.


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