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Chapter 33 – Battle of the Alphas


It's 6 AM and Kane is pacing the bedroom like a maniac ready to explode… he's actually really terrifying like this to be honest.


"Kane it's too early…" I whine from the bed.


"Exactly… early enough for them to catch us off guard and attack! You can go back to sleep, ill protect you." He huffs out in frustration as he looks out of the window for the tenth time.


"Did Adam get an army ready?" I question, suddenly becoming nervous in case they didn't get here.


"There are 12 thousand wolves on standby surrounding both packs… I figured that all in there should be about 5 thousand of them and I plan to wipe them out completely…" He explains gruffly.


"But what about the kids? Like that boy we met at the pack house? He must have only been around the age of 15 Kane… and he was clearly terrified of you when he seen you… he means no harm." I plead, not wanting any innocent people to get hurt.


"I wouldn't just kill children Leoni! Who do you think I am!" He snaps out at me, but I understand that he's just stressed.


"You’re the cruelest Alpha there is…" I mutter, reminding him of his known title.


"Yes… only cruel when I need to be babe… I don't just kill people for the fun… all children will be kept safe and if they are old enough, they will be given the chance to join my pack… all women will also be kept safe unless they try to fight… if they try to fight against us then we will kill them." He explains, slightly calmer this time.


I nod in approval before slumping back down on the pillow.


This is going to be a long day…




"LEONI GET UP NOW!!" I hear Kane's deafening voice thunder in the room, causing me to jump hysterically out of bed.


"Get dressed immediately! I've been given word that the bastards are closing in!" Kane shouts at me whilst throwing me clothes.


I look at the clock to see that it's now 8:15 AM and as I see Kane storm around the room, the realization hits me that he could potentially die today… I mean so could I but who cares about me? I'm not important… I would be nothing without him.


"Kane…" I choke back a sob.


"Babe now’s not the time to get upset…" He tries to say as calmly as possible.


"W-What if you die… I can't lose you…" I release a sob before he hugs me close to his chest.


"It takes more than 5 thousand wolves to kill me princess… I promise I'll be back for you before you know it." He tells me soothingly, and I know we only have little time.


I release him and wipe my eyes from any tears before he kisses me quickly and continues making calls.


"Adam start closing in! I want this house guarded by the time they get here!" Kane snaps down the phone before hanging up.


"Okay so you and Willow are going to hide in the basement until I come back to get you is that clear? You don't come out for anyone other than me!" He says sternly, leading me downstairs to where a frantic Willow is stood.


"We have information on your mate’s whereabouts so we should have him with us when we get back… until then, you both should stay down stairs and stay silent! I'll lock the door." He says to both Willow and I as Willows face lights up with hope of seeing Mason.




I pray that Kane doesn't get hurt… please don't get hurt…




Kane's POV


Once I had gotten Leoni and her friend hidden away, I waited patiently on the rebels to arrive to chop off my head.


Hah jokes! As if.


I knew Adam had the place surrounded. Everyone had come to fight and show their loyalty to their King.


After a brief ten minutes of chilling on the sofa, I eventually heard the shouts and roars of angry men outside and decided I best go greet them before the fight.


I get up and stroll out onto the porch to see many men surrounding the house… or so they thought, surrounding the house.


"Good evening gentlemen, and thanks for coming to this special event today. Now I am going to give you two options here… the first option is that you can join me in this battle and keep your lives… Or…  you could always choose my personal favorite… and let me rip out your throat with my teeth." I say confidently, showing off a wicked grin to the crowds of growling men.


Moments later I see Leoni's father and the other Alpha appear through the crowd making my grin widen.


This is why they hate me… I'm a cocky little bastard and I love it.


"It took you two old men long enough to get here…" I say sarcastically, earning a growl from them both.


"It's quite humorous… King… that your standing there all smug whilst we have you surrounded… you thought you could embarrass me? You thought you could take away my pride and everything that my pack had left? It was Leoni's duty to take over the pack and you left us with nothing! But I don't blame her for leaving… she was too weak anyway, since after all, she is a runt!" Leoni's father, Dean Stone, spits out with so much fury that it causes me to let out a laugh.


"Dean… pup… let's face it… you’re an old man… you could have easily turned your pack over to me and went to live in a retirement home… but instead you've grown some balls and you actually want to stand here dropping off empty threats." I chuckle darkly.


"Empty threats? I would love to hear you say that when I murder your precious little mate… who btw, I know is inside that house somewhere… so daughter or not, if it will destroy you then so be it!" He rages at me, clearly, he has gone insane.


He hates me that much that he is willing to murder his own daughter… Hah! Over my dead body.


"Half of your men are standing here quivering… shaking in fear just from being in my presence… your men don't want to fight against me… they know what their fate will be if they do… but I suppose they must follow their sweet Alphas orders…" I annoyingly mock the Alphas as I stroll down onto the grass, being watched carefully by everyone.


"So… before things get out of hand here, if any man wishes to join my army in this fight then step forward now or forever enjoy your early death." I say grinning like a maniac to the men.


To my complete shock, I see a few of the men walk forward, heads bowed in shame as they approach me. I nod at them approvingly, gaining 16 men in total from the thousands here.




"Cowards! You are all cowards!" I hear Leoni's father shout in rage at the men that now stand with me.


"Smart men actually." I say with a wink, only earning more rage from them both.


Before I can speak again, I am shocked to see the young boy from the pack house step forward shakily.


He approaches me slowly, cautious of getting hurt and It sickens me to think that there are children here at this fight.


"Son… I want you to go inside that house… go to the basement and you'll find the girl I was with yesterday… hide in there until I come back." I whisper to the boy once he is close enough as I push him towards the house.


With tears in his eyes, he does as he's told and walks steadily towards the house behind us, being watched by the thousands.


"You’re fighting with children!" I spit out in rage causing the Alphas to shrug and smirk.


The sick bastards are forcing young boys to fight! I mind link the whole of my pack informing them to not kill or hurt any children and instead to capture them for questioning.


"You men are stupid for joining your King! There are 17 of you all in, and thousands of us! You will all die!" The other Alpha chuckles which causes me to laugh too.


I know that my army are watching us right now from the trees and I can't help but notice their confused faces as to why I'm laughing.


"Hmm… 17 against thousands? Now that seems slightly uneven doesn't it? Hold on a moment and I'll fix that." I say smugly, before I let out a deafening wolf whistle, causing my men to emerge from the trees.


I laugh as every man’s face falls flat in terror and realization that they are now about to die.


Both Alphas, after being shocked by my surprise, stand with determination written across their faces before getting into a battle stance.


I take this as my sign to shift into my giant wolf, earning many gasps from the men as they probably have never seen how powerful and big I am until now.


I even see some men begin to run from the fight, abandoning their precious Alphas after seeing my size.


I let out a howl, causing my men to all shift and before we know it, the war begins…


About 10 seconds in, I had already ripped out about 18 wolves’ throats in a rage to try and get to the Alphas.


I want to kill them both myself!


I scan my surroundings seeing my army destroying the wolves and I grin. I search for the Alphas but to my frustration they are nowhere to be seen which makes me feel slightly sick.


They wouldn't just run like that…


I mind link my pack asking where they went and one of the men replies saying that they headed straight for the house where Leoni was.


I let out a howl, before charging backwards for the house.


I burst through the door and hear the young boy from earlier yelling for help. Shit!


The yells come from upstairs and I immediately dart up knowing they probably have him cornered.


I see the Alpha, Masons Dad, towering over the young boy threateningly about to rip him apart with his teeth.


As he raises a paw to slash at the boy, I tackle him to the floor and begin fighting with the smaller Alpha.


He manages to successfully bight down on my shoulder, only causing me to become even angrier as I decide that it's now time to finish him off completely.


I hold him down with ease and snap his neck, wanting to laugh at how easy it was to kill the pathetic old man.


I shift back for a brief second in order to communicate with the sobbing young teenager in the corner.


"Son, where did the other wolf go?" I question, helping him up.


"H-He… King… I'm so sorry…" The boy mutters in terror and shock.


"Listen boy, this is not the time to be scared, I'm not going to hurt you so just tell me what the fuck happened!" I demand, causing the boy to choke back sobs.


"H-He… He made me tell him where the girl was sir… he went to the basement…" The boy says before I tell him to lock himself in the bathroom until I return.


I dart off downstairs back in wolf form, terrified incase I'm too late to protect my precious mate when suddenly I hear her scream out one deafening word-




Chapter 34 – New Ruling


Kane's POV


I heard Leoni's scream and thankfully when I reached the basement door, the big fat Alpha hadn't managed to get inside yet…


Instead, there was a huge hole in the door from him trying to break it down, and for a split second, I seen Leoni's terrified face through the gap.


Seeing how terrified she is only made me angrier as I began to slash at her father with rage…




Leoni's POV


I watched as Kane attacked my father mercilessly, causing me to whimper.


I don't know what came over me in that moment but I suddenly felt a beating heart in my stomach and my heart sank. I need Kane to stop this before I lose him.


"Kane… Stop Kane! He's my father!" I scream out, needing Kane to listen to me.


He suddenly stopped, taken aback from how loud I had screamed since I'm normally too scared to do anything…


As his large wolf stared at me worriedly, searching for any signs of hurt or danger, I suddenly seen my father’s wolf leap through the air, successfully landing on Kane's back.


I let out a deafening scream as I heard my mate yelp out in pain for the first time ever.


I try my best to climb out to somehow help him but the door blocks me from reaching the fighting wolves.


Kane struggles to get out from underneath my father, as my father swipes and snarls at him, baring his teeth.


"Kane get up!" I scream out for him to fight back but he still struggles to get out from under my father.


His yelps become louder as my father scratches at him yet again, and my heart breaks knowing this is the first time that he's ever been helpless in a fight.


"Please get up! I can't lose you! KANE IM PREGNANT!" I suddenly scream at the top of my lungs, knowing that the beating heart I can feel inside my stomach is a child.


I can feel its movement and growth happening so quickly, and I know that pups only take a couple of weeks to develop…


But my baby needs its father… I need my Kane!


I watch as Kane processes my words, and with his hind legs he pushes my father forcefully off of him before he limps to his feet.


My heart breaks seeing him in pain. He's always so strong and confident.


I watch as my father prepares his attack and I know that this time, my father wants to end him for good.


I close my eyes, unable to watch the outcome between the two and I hear loud snarling and ripping sounds followed by complete silence.


I can't look.


I can't look.


I can't look.


"Leoni open your eyes." I hear Kane's weak voice say from the other side of the door, causing my heart to speed up and for my tears to stop falling.


"K-Kane…" I say groggily as I open my eyes to find his human form, laying on the ground covered in blood.


He gives me a toothy grin causing me to smile weakly, ignoring the fact that he is lying there in all his naked glory.


"Like what you see princess…" He jokes out, wiggling his eyebrows at me causing me to laugh slightly at how daft he is.


He's literally just fought in a war and he's making jokes already.




I look to my right to see my now dead father lying in a pool of his own blood with his throat tore out…


Ten minutes ago, I would have felt guilt, or sadness but now… now I just feel ashamed to call him my father… all the good memories we had together went down the drain due to his pride.


He let go of his family to get back his pride. He tried to kill my mate in front of my own eyes without mercy and I know for certain that I was his next victim… daughter or not.


I let a silent tear fall from my eyes before I felt warm hands reach through the door, holding my face.


Kane had healed quickly due to his Alpha Royal blood and already he was back on his feet as good as new.


"I'll be right back." He states, before getting up and jogging off away from the door.


I look back to see Willow, a crying mess in the corner worrying about Mason as I help her up the steps encouraging her that he's safe.


Kane appears back within minutes holding the key to the door and I'm shocked to see the young boy from the pack house beside him.


"K-Kane… what happened?" I question, looking at the young boy praying he wasn't involved in the war.


"They forced the boys to fight… I offered for people to join my side and this smart boy came to me." Kane explains and I smile at the boy who is looking down nervously.


"Y-You saved my life sir… thank you." The boy says nervously, unable to look Kane in the eye.


"Don't thank me… it was an honor…" Kane says, and I'm actually proud of him for being nice to someone other than me for once.


"Where are your parents?" I suddenly ask him.


"I… I don't have parents Miss… I'm a runt so nobody wanted me…" He explains worriedly, taking a step away from Kane, probably scared incase he hates him for being a runt.


I watch as Kane's face falls with sympathy for the boy. I know that Kane grew up mostly without parents too so I think he can relate well to him. However, Kane was powerful growing up and became a King, but this boy is defenseless due to being born a runt.


"I am too!" I say confidently, causing the boy to look up at me in shock.


"R-Really?" He asks warily and I nod.


"So I guess you'll be coming back to live with us then son?" Kane says, causing the boys eyes to light up with hope.


"C-Can I really?" He asks in excitement and we both nod at him.


"Well you don't have anywhere else to go and we would be more than happy to have you in our kingdom." Kane encourages further, clearly feeling sorry for the boy for the first time in his life.


"Thank you both so much… I won't be much trouble I promise!" He says happily, becoming more comfortable around Kane.


"What's your name?" I ask him gently and he smiles.


"Oh yeah sorry…my name is David Miss…" He tells us and we smile, what a nice boy he is and it's a shame that he has no parents to love him.


"Call me Leoni, and this here is Kane… I'm sure he won't mind you calling him Kane since he likes you." I wink at him causing him to laugh.


"Yeah ill allow you to call me Kane son… I'll treat you like the little brother I never had and from now on, you can call us your new family, consider this a thank you for your bravery today." Kane smiles at him genuinely causing me to smile at them both.


"Kane the noise outside has silenced…" I suddenly say, realizing that the war has come to a halt far too soon…


Kane strolls outside with Willow, David and I following closely behind him and I gasp to see thousands of men bowed to him across the grass…


"Kane what's going on?" I ask nervously, looking over the many wolves who have come to a standstill.


"Their Alphas are dead… and since I was the one who killed them… they now belong to me." Kane explains and I'm speechless at the scene before me.


"You may rise!" Kane shouts out demandingly, causing all of the men to rise to their feet.


"You bow to me as your Alpha King… but if you betray me in the future I will show you no mercy! Join my side and be forever powerful, but disobey my rules then you will be killed! I will have a new Alpha for this pack chosen immediately!" Kane shouts to the men, watching as they all bow their heads in fear and respect for him.


After all he just proved his power to the thousands since it's not every day that a someone kills two Alphas who are supposed to be stronger than average.


I watch as men begin to emerge from the trees, causing me to tense beside Kane.


"Calm down babe, they found Mason." Kane tells me softly, noticing my tension allowing me to relax.


"Mason! Oh my god your here! I missed you so much!" I hear Willow scream with joy as she runs to his beaten and bruised body approaching us through the crowd.


Despite Mason looking so broken and bruised, he still continued to carry himself like a strong man as he approached us confidently with Willow now beside him.


"Alpha Sir… I cannot thank you enough for firstly taking care of my mate whilst I was gone and for secondly saving my life… I owe everything to you." Mason says as he bows his head before Kane.


"Why don't you step up and introduce yourself to your new pack." Kane suddenly says, causing most people to gasp.


Did Kane just nominate him as the new Alpha of both packs?


Although Kane is the Alpha King and controls all packs… He still has his own main pack back home and therefore each of his smaller packs still need an Alpha who can be there to keep control constantly since Kane can't watch over all of his packs at once.


"It would be my pleasure sir, thank you." Mason suddenly says, after a minute of shocked silence at Kane's words.


"This man here is worthy of being your Alpha. He has Alpha blood and is stronger than average wolves and has the power to control this new pack. I announce him as the new Alpha of both of the packs that came here for war today and therefore you must follow his new ruling and respect him!" Kane demands out, watching as everyone bows to Mason this time, showing their approval.


I hug Willow and congratulate her on her new role of Luna and she thanks both Kane and I for saving her and Mason.


Today thankfully ended with many positives… "Now my angel, let's head home and discuss our baby…" I hear Kane whisper to me, pulling me close to him in a warm hug.


I breathe in his scent, thankful for him still being here and still being alive.


"Kane you know I love you right?" I whisper to him as the crowds of men file out, following Mason and Willow back to the pack house.


"And I love you my beautiful Queen."


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